How Mercury Retrograde 2015 Taught Me to Conquer 2016

Posted on January 14, 2016

It’s Mercury retrograde season again. Are you feeling the buzz? Or did Mercury retrograde 2015 nearly crush you and it all feels more like a buzz kill at this point? It happens to the best. Everybody from Bethenny Frankel to Taylor Swift is complaining about Mercury retrograde 2016 already. Everybody is having bad days over it. But if you are pursuing answers from astrology in your quest to an enlightened and fabulous day every day, then you can smile even when Bethenny Frankel and Taylor Swift are feeling a little bit crusty. That’s right. You can actually have a better day than Taylor Swift if you want to during Mercury retrograde. And all you need to know is a few handy tips on how to conquer mercury retrograde. And if you do, you can use that energy to conquer 2016. I’ll share a few tips that I have learned over the past few Mercury retrogrades, that have made all of the difference in how I have approached Mercury retrograde 2016.

1. There’s always a lesson before the blessin’.

Mercury retrograde 2015 was no joke. It happened with eclipse season and Mercury retrograde in Libra squashed a lot of relationships and partnerships. But don’t forget, as I said not that long ago when talking about Mercury retrograde and twin flames, breakups that happen during this period never last. And you may have even experienced the rebound and reboot to your relationship already. If not, and you are waiting, it won’t be long.

I know it feels like we have been talking a lot about Mercury retrograde lately and there’s a really good reason for that. It can be a major buzz kill, on the very best of days. But as we say over and over again at Astrology Answers, these buzz kill days come to us for a reason. Or as my grandma says, there is always a lesson before the blessin’. But sometimes experiencing those lessons can be tough. When you remember that every single wrinkle that comes your way during Mercury retrograde 2016 has a Divine purpose, it’s almost exciting to have challenges to go through. Mercury retrograde 2015 wreaked havoc on my technology. And with Mercury retrograde in Libra last year, I lost a lot of Air Sign related stuff, like paperwork, messages, emails, important photos and things of that nature. Holy major buzz kill batman. These are the kinds of days that make you wonder if Mother Teresa ever cursed.

Little did I know that while I was working through all of that stress and crap, with the most professional and positive smile ever, the Universe was going to work on my blessing. All of those technology wrinkles forced major upgrades on my end, and I wound up with better technology than I started out with. This has had a major impact on the work front, in the best possible way. So just remember that when things are getting wrinkly as I’ve said time and again during Mercury retrograde, it’s only a matter of time before they smooth all over again. Now, with this new technology, I am literally much more equipped to conquer 2016. Did you experience any lessons that turned into blessings during Mercury retrograde in Libra, or Mercury retrograde 2015? It’s all about your mindset.

2. Blasts from the pasts actually rock when you use them right.

One thing that Mercury retrograde is famous for is for those blasts from the past. Some of them can be great. Who doesn’t love looking at warm and fuzzy campfires from Summer photos when it is snowing and thirty below normal outside? For some of us though they come at the worst times. Like, who really wants an ex-boyfriend to show up as your server at a 5 star restaurant when you are with a new guy? Nobody. Nobody wants those kinds of things to happen. Ever. Awkies! But guess what kind of gifts Mercury retrograde brings? You got it. Cue the major buzz kill. And when Mercury retrograde is in Libra, the loving sign of peace and partnerships, these little awkward moments happen even more often to more and more people.

It can put a damper on an entire day, or even more if you let it. But as I have said time and time again, when a blast from our past enters the picture, there’s a reason for that. So if Mercury retrograde is sending you one of those awkward moments, pay attention because there is a Divine purpose behind it all. Very rarely does a Mercury retrograde wrinkle ruin your life. We are talking about flight delays, bad traffic, orange juice spilled on the computer, and ex-boyfriends serving you a meal with your “new since him” man.

These wrinkles only change your life if you let them. Just roll with it. Laugh it off, yes you have to laugh it off. And when you do, you will realize that those events happened for a reason, and sometimes a really big one. For one Mercury retrograde 2015 season I got a new computer for myself. Kind of a pain to get there, but nice all the same! For another I dropped my phone on a driveway, during a call with a friend that hadn’t called me in years, and it shattered into pieces in front of me. Not soon after I met iPhone. And reconnected with my awesome friend. Nice! For another one year, a date took an awkward experience and elevated it to a level of a conversation that we both really needed to have, because of a blast from the past. And it was epic. So expect a blast from the past during Mercury retrograde, and even look forward to it. Because it comes to you so that you can see the doors Universe has open for you. And they are usually pretty awesome ones! Entering those doors is the only way you are going to conquer 2016.

3. The perfect excuse to retreat to the cave.

Hey, sometimes we just need to hit the pause button and think things over. And sometimes we don’t need to think about anything, but we just want to stay under the covers and hibernate for another three weeks or so. It happens, it’s called being human. And guess what the purpose of Mercury retrograde is? It is the permission from the Universe to slap that pause button like it’s your job, baby. Like the Huffington Post says, you get mandatory cave time from the Universe, and you don’t have to feel guilty about it. We are getting our first Mercury retrograde 2016 in January, and after being surrounded by dozens of relatives for dozens of holiday days, we are all kind of aching the cave time anyway. Now you have the perfect reason. Mercury retrograde is about just that. It’s about slowing down and reviewing everything you need to review before you move forward again. This could be in anything. It could be love, money, work, relationships, friendships, contracts, a new home, whatever. If it’s not moving forward now, it’s not moving forward for a reason.

Hit the pause button and cue your cave time. Dream content and dreams will often be more present during Mercury retrograde, and again that is all the more reason to hit the cave time if you need to. Mercury retrograde is about going within, and so dreams will come to you in greater intensity and frequency than the dreams you might have when Mercury is direct.And if you are feeling the itch for some cave time but feeling guilty? Put the pause on the guilt and take the cave time. When that itch comes to you, again, it comes to you for a reason.

Last year during Mercury retrograde 2015 I had a really important meeting one day. I woke up with a splitting migraine that day and new my brain was mush. I laid in bed tossing around the options. Go to the meeting and make a fool of myself because I am literally physically unable to put my foot in front of the other, never mind knock it out of the park. Or, reschedule and book some cave time. I actually wrestled with it because I am a bit of a type A that way. I eventually took the cave time but felt so guilty and bad about it. But if I hadn’t, and had gone to the meeting, I wouldn’t have been at home for the very important delivery that came that day. And yes, Mercury rules messages and the delivery of messages, so Mercury definitely had his hand in that delivery that day. And that delivery was information that made me cancel my meeting with that individual all together, as now I had new information for the experience at hand in my life that was even bigger, and better, and information that landed to me later actually knocking something out of the park. And now I know, if I need to book it back under the covers, I do it. Because I might actually miss something important otherwise.

So this year I’m actually looking forward to Mercury retrograde 2016 and all of the wrinkles it is sure to provide. Who knows what will happen this year? Another new phone? Another really awesome delivery? Doesn’t matter that I don’t know what it is now. All that matters is that I do know that although Mercury retrograde 2015 socked me a few punches, those lessons turned into blessin’s very quickly. And yours will too! That’s how I am making sure Mercury retrograde 2015 will help me conquer 2016. And that’s how you can too! Have you had any blessings from Mercury retrograde yet? Did Mercury retrograde in Libra last year or in any zodiac sign cause some wrinkles? What were the blessings at the end of it all?

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