Use This Tarot Spread to Determine How Someone Feels About You

Posted on April 05, 2022
Updated on May 19, 2022

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We often use the Tarot to unpack grand truths, delve into our wildest curiosities… and of course, unpack our true feelings about someone or something else.

But what about the other side?

Ever wondered, “How do they feel about me?” Your relationship with someone else (whether romantic, platonic, or something else entirely) is a two-way street, and empathizing with another point of view can give you a unique perspective on the situation at hand.

However, rather than pop into someone’s true thoughts and feelings unannounced, you can instead use Tarot to fairly dissect your relationship with someone with both sides of the situation with your Tarot deck as a trusty mediator.

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A 6-Card Tarot Spread to Unpack True Feelings

This Tarot spread can help you figure out if your intentions for a relationship align with someone else’s, as well as understand how your feelings and desires in the general overlap.

Think of someone else you’d like to explore a connection with beforehand and ask your Tarot deck to illuminate the feelings that will best help you proceed with the relationship productively.

Then, lay your cards out in this fashion:

  1. What are my true intentions for the connection?
  2. What are their true intentions for the connection?
  3. What do I want from the connection?
  4. What do they want from the connection?
  5. Where are we most aligned in our feelings?
  6. Where are we least aligned in our feelings?

Need a bit more direction on what to do from here? Let’s see an example of what the spread may look like in practice.


1. What are my true intentions for the connection?— 7 of Cups

Perhaps there are many possibilities and routes of action you wish to take with this connection. You may want to pursue something serious one day, and then think a more casual approach makes sense the next day.

In other words, the 7 of Cups may be interpreted as having potentially inconclusive intentions, or at best, more open-minded intentions towards what the connection could become.

2. What are their true intentions for the connection? — Knight of Pentacles

Practical, level-headed, and slow to make moves, the Knight of Pentacles card indicates that the other person may wish to move at a more day-to-day pace. They like to take things one day at a time and appreciate the smaller bits of progress that others may otherwise overlook in the name of the big picture.

These intentions are positive and pragmatic, but sometimes harder to notice if your vision of affection is more dramatic or larger in scale.

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3. What do I want from the connection? — 8 of Pentacles

You are open to hard work and building a connection from the ground up. The 8 of Pentacles is steady and productive, and in the context of a relationship, would indicate you’re open to working through obstacles as they come with a practical approach.

Thankfully, this would align well with the Knight of Pentacles from earlier, as their intentions match what you’d be looking for in someone else.

4. What do they want from the connection? — 2 of Cups

Fun, lighthearted, and sweet, the 2 of Cups is always a treat! This would indicate that the other person wants happy, compassionate, and loving exchanges.

Love and all the bounty it can bring is overall what this other person wants from the connection. Although their intentions come off as more grounded and practical than the earlier Knight of Pentacles, this card supports the fact that their feelings are also true and more aligned with romance as well.

5. Where are we most aligned in our feelings? — The Hierophant

The Hierophant, serious and traditional, shows that you may be aligned in your values and more practical worldviews.

Additionally, as The Hierophant is the merger between the unseen (emotions, spirituality, and so on) and the practical, and therefore can signify things like contracts and institutions, it may be a good sign for marriage or eventual long-term commitments.

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6. Where are we least aligned in our feelings? — The Magician

Although you may share similar worldviews and desires as seen with The Hierophant, The Magician card in contrast may indicate that you have different ways of pursuing what you want.

The Magician shows us how we create and manifest, and even with similar end goals, you can still go after similar things with different techniques and methods. This part of the spread can help illuminate disagreements or difficulties but isn’t necessarily the “end all be all” of the connection.

Now, you know what to work through and look out for, as well as how you can compromise using the things you have in common as a starting point!

Final Advice to Advance Your Tarot Reading…

If you’re open to hearing out another side of the story, asking your Tarot deck how your feelings align with someone else’s will be a more fruitful experience.

At the end of the day, everyone has different points of view and experiences connections and relationships differently. When we approach a reading with an open heart and mind — and are ready to perceive different perspectives with love and compassion — our Tarot readings prosper as a result too!

Although it can be difficult to approach readings about such deeply-ridden emotions and matters of the heart with objectivity, sometimes the key is compassion and the knowledge that your intuition will guide you to where it needs to go — just like with any other reading!

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