How to Be More Motivated at Work, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Posted on January 26, 2019
Updated on October 13, 2020

Are you in a career slump and looking for ways to motivate yourself to succeed? Look no further than the stars, as astrology provides each sign with a road map to become the best they can be in all aspects of life, including their career. You have to be able to decipher your road map in order to follow your destiny!

Everyone knows it’s easier to go with the flow than to fight the tide, but not everyone realizes they can use their innate strengths and even weaknesses to succeed. Read on to discover how you can harness your zodiac motivation to come out ahead of the pack in any career setting!


Aries are typically the first out of the starting block and are good ‘point people’ at the beginning of any project. Aries natives can lead the charge when enthusiasm needs to be drummed up for marketing campaigns. Aries also love competition. Regardless of their present rank in an organization, April’s sons and daughters bring their A-game whenever they can pit themselves against a worthy opponent. Sales contests provide them with chances to shine to the bosses.


If there is one thing Taurus loves, it’s luxury. Indulging in good food and drink, buying the finest threads and the highest-end clothing their budgets allow let bulls enjoy the fruits of their labours. Capitalize on this by setting career goals, then once they’re checked off, splurge on shopping or a trip to Cancun.


Keeping the Gemini mind occupied and on-task is a real challenge in the workplace, but ruling planet Mercury’s lightning fast communication skills make them natural problem-solvers when somebody has dropped the ball. Twins might seek roles where they can use their silver tongues to get a company out of deep doo-doo. For compensation, think exotic destination trips where they can practice their foreign language skills on the natives.


Cancers are motivated by security. Knowing their jobs are safe and they can support their families relaxes them, letting them knuckle down and complete the tasks at hand. Because crabs love their homes, having the option of telecommuting on some projects is sure to strike a responsive chord.


Drama and attention are what wind up the Lions of the zodiac. Any chance to be the star will likely appeal to their egos. August-born team leaders, upper management and even lowly interns are motivated by the opportunity to stand out from the crowd and shine.


Earth sign Virgos are natural worker bees. They take to hard work like ducks to water, so they never have to scrape too deep into the motivation barrel. Verbal praise and recognition are often enough for Virgo workers, but increased responsibility and commensurate salary work even better.


Librans need balance in their lives or they come undone. A tidy workspace with tasteful decor will make them feel at home in their work environments and allow them to focus on their job duties. Libras should never work or play too hard, so angling for some paid time off (PTO) after working late on a project is a great reward.


To get a Scorpio motivated, just tell them that something can’t be done. Scorpios love to pull a rabbit out of a hat just when all hope is lost. A good crisis can engage a Scorpio until a fix is found. Since they love power, they do well when promoted to leadership positions.


Routines are deadly to sociable Sagittarians. Instead, for motivation, get them out into the field shaking the trees for new leads and working the room at corporate events. Sharing philosophies with others can be both inspirational and motivational for the archers.


Few signs work harder than the Sea Goat. Seeing a clear path ahead to success is of major importance to the Capricorn sign and continuously setting and completing goals will keep them motivated. Promotions, club memberships and showy corner offices are visible trappings of success that provide tangible proof that Capricorn has indeed arrived.


Aquarians love to figure out a better way to get ‘er done. Working out conundrums and puzzles engages the Aquarius mind and fills their soul. When it comes to motivation, finding quirky solutions to challenges is the best way to intrigue Aquarius team members. Give them a lot of rope and you may be surprised at what they do with it.


Dreamy Pisces needs time away from career stress to recharge their batteries. Moving their desk to a quieter area or popping on the headphones to escape into their own music as they work should help to keep you engaged and ready to knock it out of the park. Rewards of time away from the office sitting on a beach facing the sea with an umbrella drink in hand may also be all the motivation needed to coax top results from Pisces employees.

Concluding Thoughts…

As you can see, each sign has a different carrot and stick philosophy when it comes to meeting career goals. What works so well with one sign could be met with a wall of ‘no’ from another. Learning what works to motivate you in your work environment can make all the difference between phoning in a so-so effort and putting on a stellar performance.

What motivates you the most in a career setting? Are you true to your Sun sign or the exception to the rule? Once you figure this out, you can apply these same astrological principles to your bosses, co-workers, and subordinates to enhance workplace productivity for all!

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