Beneficial Thought: How to Expect and Embrace the Unexpected

Posted on December 29, 2016
Updated on June 26, 2020

This transit has a lot of people in panic mode, but just the word “Uranus” has some fearful, and it’s somewhat warranted. They don’t call it the shock and awe planet for nothing.

Although, you don’t need to be that worried. Think back to last year around this time, were there unexpected events that happened? Rarely were they Earth shattering, right?

Preparing for the eventuality that there are some unexpected events in the forecast is the easiest way to get through what could be a tumultuous time for some people. As I frequently say, it will be all about your mindset.

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Preparing for Uranus Direct is Like Preparing for a Winter Storm

If you think about storms in the weather forecast and compare Uranus events to how you handle weather storms, it will help you ease your mind a little bit about the events that shock and awe planet Uranus tends to bring to us out of the blue.

For some signs (especially the fixed signs of Leo, Taurus, Aquarius, and Scorpio) change and unexpected situations can be very frightening. If you have ever experienced a weather storm in your lifetime, then you know, half the battle is preparation.

A winter blizzard is no big deal if your house is fully stocked with groceries, you’re not expected to shovel out your driveway and be at work, and if all the people that you care about our safe and sound in the home with you. That’s really what we’re talking about when it comes to Uranus activity.

If you look at it like it is nothing more than a possible winter storm, and the culmination of weather that has been brewing for a while, then you can prepare yourself. Stock up on all the supplies that you need and make sure all of your loved ones are ready and safe too.

How to Expect the Unexpected

Uranus turning direct will manifest some emotions and behaviors that have been waiting to come out. People have a tendency to act a little rebellious when Uranus goes direct, and all of the things that have been suppressed and stuffed down inside for a number of months are all going to come out.

You will hear a lot of people saying things for shock value because they’ve been dying to say the words. You might experience human behavior that is way off the charts of normal and out of character. Overall, you’re going to experience a lot of very strange events. We say expect the unexpected for a reason!

This is your reminder to spiritually prepare for when Uranus goes direct. We’ve been talking a lot this month in these Beneficial Thoughts about the Law of Attraction, positive mindset, choosing happy, and making the commitment to having an exceptional life.

If you’ve already decided you’re going to be happy no matter what, and if you’ve already made the commitment to living an exceptional life no matter what, then one little winter storm is merely going to be a blip on the radar of your life.

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Concluding Thoughts

Expect the unexpected when Uranus turns direct. Remember, that every single day in this lifetime, is just one day. It does not define who you are, be happy no matter what. Never stop seeking abundance for you and yours no matter what storm may cross your path.

To everything there is a season, and whatever snow blows your way when Uranus turns direct; this too shall pass, and this too shall melt. If you are embracing every event with the right mindset, then you will see the silver lining, which the Universe always provides.

This is the last Beneficial Thought of 2016 and we hope you will join us in 2017 for more! From all of us here at Astrology Answers, we want to thank you for sharing your year with us, and for sharing every curve in the road with us as well.

We wish you and yours a beautiful and blessed holiday season, with joy and abundance in the year ahead. We look forward to continuing to help you find your inner spectacular, and creating the most abundant life possible for you and the ones that you love. Happy New Year!

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