How to Face Your Fears by the Zodiac Sign

Posted on October 27, 2017
Updated on December 10, 2020

It’s spook month and that means our fears are a little closer to the surface than they usually are, whether we realize it or not. A lot of that has to do with Scorpio energy beginning to increase. Scorpio gets a bad rap and that’s because they have a shadow side that brings out some of our biggest fears.

Fears are a stumbling block on your path to success, whether you are looking for success in love, work, money, or just overall sense of well-being. Today we are going to look at identifying those fears, so we can put them all behind us. Here’s how to face your fears by the zodiac sign.

Aries – Fear of Losing

As the cardinal sign of the fire signs, Aries is a born leader and initiator, so their biggest fear is of losing, or losing every challenge they take on. With warrior Mars as Aries ruling planet, Aries plays to win, and fears to lose. Facing that fear of losing is the easiest way for you to win, Aries.

Don’t dwell on the win. Dwell on the journey and you’ll find more competitions are easier than ever.

Taurus – Fear of Unexpected Change

You are the fixed sign of the earth element Taurus, and the one thing you are most fixated on or obsessed over is success. You don’t need mansions, although those are nice. Your biggest fear is any unexpected change in life, mostly financial, that will rock that boat of safety and security you have.

What Taurus needs to realize is that life is not a fixed object. Preparing for change is the greatest way to alleviate those fears, but so is having some extra socked away. Stay on top of that savings plan, Taurus, and your fears won’t be so Scorpio-esque.

Gemini – Fear of Exposure As a Gamer

Gemini is the mutable sign of the air signs, and symbolized by the twins. As such, Gemini gets a little bit of a bad rap sometimes in the Jekyll and Hyde kind of way. Gemini is very skilled at playing as many sides of the angles as they can, and their biggest fear is being exposed as someone that is.

Gemini is very, very clever, and usually thinks what they are doing is with good intentions. What Gemini needs to do to live a life that is far less paranoid is to embrace their intelligence and have confidence in it. When they face their fears of exposure with truth and facts, they lead much more successful, and much less paranoid, lives.

Cancer – Fear of Rejection

Cancer is the cardinal sign of the water signs and considered among the most sensitive sign of the zodiac. On the inside, Cancer is ooey gooey crab like goodness, but on the outside, Cancer is that hard shell that resists rejection. That’s because rejection is Cancer’s biggest fear.

Show more of that ooey gooey goodness from inside, and you won’t have anything to fear at all. You have to give as good as you want to get, Cancer, the love and unconditional acceptance isn’t going to just come to you.

Leo – Fear of Being Considered Invisible

Leo is the fixed sign of the fire signs, ruled by the Sun. Leo really likes it when the Sun is shining, and on them. Leo’s constant need for flattery and attention stems from their fears of rejection as well. Because Leo is ruled by the Sun, they sometimes feel like they are the Sun in everybody’s world. Truth be told, they are.

Leo needs to pull that back a little bit and embrace a more realistic view of their life. Shine like the Sun on the people in your world, and they will give you that glow right back. You’ll never feel this fear again!

Virgo – Fear of Chaos

Virgo is the mutable sign of the earth signs and is the most orderly sign of them all. They like to alphabetize things, make lists, and organize closets by colors. They are fastidious about their appearance, their homes, and even their diets.

When there is the slightest whisper of chaos, Virgo freaks out. Chaos or disorder is their biggest fear. What happens when something is out of sorts? Does the world end? No. Learn to live with just a little more chaos in your life, Virgo, and you will live in less fear.

Libra – Fear of Conflict

Libra is the cardinal air sign noted by the Justice card in Tarot. Libra craves peace and harmony and will do anything to get it, fearing conflict more than anything. Libra just needs to put our more peaceful vibes in their every day to avoid conflict. Even when conflict arises, respond with love. You’ll have nothing to fear.

Scorpio – Fear of Failure

Although many see the fixed sign of the water signs as cool and confident, inside Scorpio is a hot bed of fear, anxiety, and paranoia. Scorpio never thinks they are good enough, and having that discovered about themselves is their biggest fear. They are perfectionists to a fault. Scorpio, learn to let go of this ideal perfection.

It doesn’t exist. You’ll live with a much more peaceful mindset, and just live in more peace. Period. You will be far more successful if you let this go, as opposed to being obsessed about your quest for perfection.

Sagittarius – Fear of Being Controlled

Sagittarius is our freedom lover of the zodiac, and that comes from their mutable sign nature, and from being ruled by lucky, optimistic, and expansive Jupiter. It’s the biggest reason why Sagittarius struggles with relationships, because they don’t want to be tied down, and many of their ideal partners do.

When Sagittarius can find lovers and work situations that offer flexibility and freedom, they do not experience this fear at all. Just be upfront about your expectations, Sag, and you will live with less fear.

Capricorn – Fear of Not Succeeding

Capricorn is the zodiac CEO, and this comes from their cardinal sign traits. Whereas some signs are just afraid to fail, Capricorn sees it differently. Anything less than pure success is a failure. Capricorn doesn’t look at fears from a failure perspective. It is success, or it is nothing.

Capricorn may need to dial those standards down a notch or two if they want to live a fearless life. Capricorn will succeed no matter what. Accepting that you are already successful is a great way to amplify that.

Aquarius – Fear of Losing Independence

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and thus another one of our zodiac freedom fighters. Aquarius loves to do their own thing, and usually likes to do it alone. When they are partnered up, they fear being controlled by their partner. Becoming one with the concept of independence is a great way for Aquarius to keep their independence.

All of us are going to become disabled at some point, it’s just a fact of the human life and the human body. Learning to live with that will be a keystone to your success.

Pisces – Fear of Responsibility

Pisces is the mutable sign of the water signs, and known for being a dreamer, romantic, and creative. Being mutable, Pisces is a little all over the place and this can sometimes make them bad workers, or bad lovers or partners. They are a little all over the place because Pisces fears responsibility.

You can’t change this in a Pisces, and you will lose your Pisces if you try. Being open to trusting more will help you overcome this fear, Pisces. The world isn’t out to get you. You’ll learn this by giving a little responsibility to gain more success.

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