How to Harness Luck: Horoscopes for 2014/2015 with Jupiter in Leo

Posted on August 19, 2014
Updated on November 02, 2020

If you have been waiting for your luck to turn, your chance is right around the corner, if you haven’t already started to experience the initial effects. Astrology has a wonderful gift for us right now, in the way of the transit we call Jupiter in Leo. This is the planet of luck and expansion and all things big and good, in the zodiac sign ruled by the Sun that is all about fun and frolicking and letting your inner awesome shine. So do you know what that means? The most passionate and excited and creative areas of your life are about to experience a huge spin on the wheel of fortune, and one that is likely to be very, very good! And for a good long time as well. Jupiter entered Leo on July 16 of this year, and will be there until early August 2015. That means you have a whole year to harness, enjoy, and create abundance and excitement with this powerful energy! How can you do it? Here are your Jupiter in Leo Horoscopes that are going to tell you how to do just that.


Aries this is going to be a big year for you, almost as big as your fellow fire sign Leo! This is a true power year for you if you really want it to be. Your goal is to be as true to your higher Self as possible, and this will give you that last little inch of confidence you need to take your life, love, work, whatever you want to the next level. Creative matters, passions, and projects in your day to day world should take precedence, and you will see the success from these ventures take a life of their own. A wonderful one! Again, I can’t stress enough, your greatest task and challenge this year will be to just be yourself! Be as true to you as you can be, and stop worrying about what others think you should be. Your Self is awesome, it will shine this year if you let it.


Home is where your lucky wheel of fortune is going to spin this year, Taurus, so focus on domestic projects and matters as mu9ch as possible. The home life, your gardens, and your domestic world is going to shape into the life you have always dreamed of if you put your heart and soul into it. Your children, or children in general will be emphasized this year and you are in a year where your closest relationships will grow and flourish like your garden. Tend to them the way you tend to your garden, and all about you will shine this year. This year for you is about following where your heart leads you Taurus, don’t spend too much time thinking about things, and just dive in and get your hands dirty in all of the places that your heart is taking you this year. If so, your luck is yours to discover.


Your vision has a chance to be truly heightened this year, Gemini, and you will feel more inspired than you have been this past year with Jupiter in Cancer. Projects that require communication, writing, publishing, or media, will be very good for you this year. Studies as well or any aspect of higher learning will take you to the next level in your career as well. You will also see some lucky breaks in the way of foreign matters, you will either be communicating more with foreigners this year or be travelling a lot to see them. This is a bit of an unexpected year for you, your challenge will be to put away the paranoia and simply enjoy what the universe sends your way. Not everything is a double edged sword, Gemini, sometimes things are just awesome. Enjoy it before it slips from your fingers.


You will start off this transit feeling a little crabby as Jupiter leaves your sign, Cancer to enter fun loving Leo. But this will not last long, when you find out that this transit will mean some very lucky breaks for you in the way of money. You even have true financial independence ahead of you if you are ready to grasp that brass ring. Do not say yes to quick get rich quick schemes, if it sounds too good to be true, it is. But you can tune into those intuitive hunches and see where they point you to this year. If there is any challenge for you this year it will be for you to remember how worthy you are of every success that comes your way. In order to truly succeed this year, you will need to act like you are worth it, as insecurity will block you in every way otherwise.


Dear Leo, aren’t you the lucky one this year with Jupiter in Leo! You have so many lucky breaks and inspiring opportunities coming your way this year, Leo, you don’t want to waste them! This one will be all about being true to your Self, and also to your karmic connections. Remember that what goes around, comes around, so if you are using ill fated means to get incredible gains, you will get the gains, and pay for them dearly next year. Jupiter is lucky yes, but only to those that deserve the karmic rewards, and if your karma is in place, expect a lot of magical opportunities in love, work, and life to come your way this year. It will be a year where everything just falls into place, if your intentions are pure. Foreign matters in particular are favored for you, in both love and in work, and you will truly feel a heightened awareness of the bigger picture of life by the end of this year.


With Jupiter in play aspects of a greater world vision and spirituality are taking precedence for everyone, almost as much as the lucky breaks are, Virgo. For you the lucky breaks will not seem as important as the consideration of the greater spirituality of things. This year for you will be a hermit year, which is nothing new for you. You are going to spend more time at home, or in your happy cave place you go to when you need some time away from the world. Your intuition is going to be heightened during this period as well, dear Virgo, and so you want to take advantage of as many of the hunches that come your way as you can. Find the balance between being busy and serving others, and serving your Self as well. Reflection will be the key to your lucky breaks this year, Virgo!


As you are the sign of partnerships and harmony, Libra, you will experience great luck in these matters this year. The more you network, the more lucky breaks and awesome experiences are going to come your way. So you may want to spend more time having drinks with your co-workers after work, or making a point to be around your friends more, or simply getting out and getting into the group and partnership experience this year. If you aren’t in a relationship, you will be by the end of the year if you stay true to your inner mantra of giving and taking. You are always inspired to connect with others, and you will feel that even more this year. Go where your heart leads you, as that is your cue from the universe that is sending you to exactly where you are needed in that moment. The more you network, the people you meet will also introduce you to other people to meet, and those are where your lucky breaks are going to happen this year, Libra. Enjoy!


You are in a very golden year, Scorpio. As you are a Fixed Sign like Leo, whatever you fix your attention on this year is likely to succeed. You can expect promotions from work to come into play if your put your dedication in the right place. Recognition is also possible for you in your line of work, so don’t be afraid to put out bold pitches, make big presentations, or do whatever you can to stand out from your competition. This holds true in love too Scorpio! You are often so guarded but you will find this year that the more you put down that guard and truly put it all out there, the more likely you will be to get exactly what you want. “No” is not an answer you will hear very often this year, Scorpio, but you do have to ask questions first, and first ask for what you want before you can get any answers at all. Put away the fears, and go for the gold!


As a fire sign you have one lucky break from Jupiter in Leo this year, but Jupiter is also your ruling planet so you have two extra bonuses in store for you Sagittarius. Your inner dreams are going to be coming into play this year, Sagittarius. Wondering which ones? The ones that are keeping you awake at night, the ones that you believe will make your life complete. These are all possible for you this year! Intuition and a heightened spiritual awareness are all themes for you this year as well. The more philosophical you are this year the more you are going to see truly magical opportunities come your way. If you get some lucky breaks in the way of travel, take them! These are opportunities the universe is dropping in your lap. Your mission this year will be to remember that you are your biggest enemy sometimes, and your lucky possibilities are as endless as the universe if you want them to be. All you need to do is ask.


This is going to be a lucky year for you Capricorn in the way of partnerships. This means it is a great year for you to start a joint venture in either work or love, but work for the most part will be the most successful for you. The key for you will be in creating strategic alliances, and networking with all levels of success. You always need to be the boss, Capricorn, but this year you want to focus on having people that are smarter than you around you. They have opportunities at their fingertips that will be perfect for you, but not if you are trying to be the initiator. Learn from others around you, and if you make that your focus in both work and love, unexpected miracles are in store for you. Negative energy, toxic drama, and things of this nature will block you from these miracles so do your best to stay away from all of that as much as possible.


You are destined to have a fantastic year when it comes to love, Aquarius, and your mission in order to make this happen will be to have as open a mind as possible. This is a great year for you to make some tweaks to your look, get that makeover you have been thinking about or make some tweaks to your education or career goals. How you present yourself this year will make all of the difference in who is and who isn’t interested. If you are single, invest in a few new staple wardrobe items and get ready to mingle in group settings. There is likely to be someone by Christmas that will catch your eye, and that will want to make things long term sooner than later. If you are attached, your love life will be a fantastic year as well. Explore new ways of romance with your partner, try new things together, and getting out more will deepen the bonds you two already share.


Your lucky year may start off feeling like you are stuck in nothing but work and more work, Pisces, but if you play your cards right this will really pay off for you. If your work life has been stuck in a rut, expect to see some magical and lucky breaks head your way this year, which is why focusing on work will open a lot of doors for you. You may even meet someone that will land on your romantic sphere, and the chances are very high for this if you are already single. It won’t be someone that will compromise your integrity when it comes to mixing work and play, but it will be someone you will meet while you are engaged in your line of work that will push all of your romantic buttons. If you are attached, be careful not to take too much on in the way of work, but make your work hours matter. Then when you come home, be sure to make an active effort to unplug from the office and plug into the people that matter on the home front. Dreams also are going to take precedence this year, Pisces, but that’s nothing new for you. This year though, your dreams can come to life if you want them to, so don’t be afraid to dream as big as you can!

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