How to Use the Tarot to Find Summer Love

Posted on June 26, 2019
Updated on January 12, 2021

The Sun Tarot card - A close up of the sun image.

It’s that time again. The days are long and our spirits want to focus on fun! And what’s more fun than a little bit of summer love?

If you’ve been wanting to give your love life a boost, the Tarot is just the tool you need to ignite the first sparks. The Tarot builds the bridge to the answers that your intuition has waiting for you.

So, break out your favorite summer outfit, let your hair down, and grab those Tarot cards because it’s time to open up to the magic in the Universe to bring love into your summer. Here are two simple questions you can ask the Tarot right now to spin the universal wheel towards those summer love butterflies.

Question 1: What is Blocking Me from Love Right Now?

Tarot allows us to take inventory of the energy our subconscious mind creates. If we are holding anger or fear from a past relationship, we will essentially not match the frequency of healthy loving relationships, so manifesting love that’s categorically lovely will be just about as easy as climbing Mount Everest with a blindfold.

Our first step in manifesting summer love is recognizing and releasing our own energetic blocks. This simple Tarot spread will help you see how to release a way of thinking that may be keeping you from bumping into that special someone.

You can use our free 3-card spread if you don’t have your own Tarot deck. The question you want to pose to the Tarot is simply what energetic pattern within your consciousness needs to be released? You can phrase this in any way you’d like, but know that the more specific you can get, the better. Try not to ask in such a way that you’re setting up a yes/no question, as the Tarot works best when given the opportunity to really speak.

  • The first card represents an event that happened in the past.
  • The second card represents how that event is manifesting a blockage.
  • The third card reveals your future if you don’t address this blockage or buildup of bad energy.

Reflect on each card that comes up and try to see how they connect to one another, telling a larger story. Taking responsibility for the energy you’re bringing into your romantic life is the most empowering way to heal your relationships and open yourself up to the next great thing.

Question 2: How Can I Adjust My Energy to Attract Love?

Now you’re ready to direct your energy by asking your intuition what to focus on. When you generate positive vibrations, the Universe mirrors them back to you, as per the Law of Attraction. In order to manifest love, we are going to get your energy in a consistently positive state. If we are truly happy and proud of who we are, we will be open to love and attract nice people. If we are treating ourselves well, we will meet someone who treats us well. If we are open to new experiences, they will show up. Are you starting to see how this works?

Pull just one card after asking how you can adjust your energy or what to focus on to open yourself up to love. Asking this particular question puts you in control of your destiny, rather than waiting around hoping something will happen. The Tarot can then present you with practical, actionable, specific advice that you can go forward and apply in your life.

Read the definition of the card (feel free to use our Tarot card interpretations) and reflect on what it’s telling you to focus on. Allow yourself to relax as you study and think about the card and distill what to focus on to shift your frequency. The truth will arise for you when you relax and trust that it’s there. You don’t have to force or fear anything, just surrender to the truth that is right in front of you and let it surprise you. Often we think things need to be complicated, but often the most helpful truth is extremely simple.

Closing Thoughts…

If you’d like, do this Tarot reading for summer love once a week or even every day so you can be in constant communication with your intuition and the energies of the Universe. Consider keeping a journal to write down your reflections in. Or, more simply, if there’s a certain card that is significant to you (perhaps you draw the same card often, or you learned a very important lesson from a particular card), keep it with you or somewhere you’ll see it often. This will help you keep the Tarot’s guidance at the forefront of your mind.

Ultimately, the true power of divination tools including the Tarot is in their ability to connect us to our intuition and help us activate the Law of Attraction in our favour. In short, focus on the feeling of love and love will arrive.

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