Beneficial Thought: It’s Time to Close Chapters

Posted on September 16, 2016

If you like reading, and if you are here then we know that you do, then you can relate to the feeling of being totally bummed out when a good book is finished. Or maybe you can relate to staying up all night reading because you got to the end of the chapter that you were reading, but couldn’t put it down. This happens to us in life as well. But the reality of chapters and books ending is that these moments in life are nothing to fear. No book can go on forever.

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What Book Are You Starting?

Some very good authors try, by creating a series that keep us hooked for page after page, book after book. But every book and every series must come to an end. And sometimes in life, so too must a chapter come to an end. We are at one of those turning points now, with the Full Moon in Pisces and lunar eclipse happening this week. A lot of us are seeing some chapters come to a close. And a lot of us are resisting this. Don’t. What do you normally do when you arrive at the grief of a finished book? Well, you start another one of course. So this is your mission from the Universe this month with eclipse season.

What book are you starting? You may not even know yet what book you are finishing, or even what is on the next page.

This ‘what am I going to do now’ mentality is futile for you. Most of the times, the changes that eclipses bring are permanent or long-lasting. They also happen to us for a reason, and pretending they aren’t happening isn’t the way to grow towards the path of abundance the Universe wants us to have. Accept that your book or chapter is over. And then get excited. Why? Because now you get to start a fresh new page. What will that be?

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The Rest is Unwritten ... What Will That Be?

Natasha Bedingfield has a song for this, and it’s a great song to keep in mind for September 2016. It’s called, “Unwritten” and you can imagine what it is about. It’s about living your life with arms wide open, letting the Sun and the Moon illuminate the words that you can not find, feeling the rain on your skin, and just getting excited about the fresh new page of life before you. And that’s exactly what you need to do this month. Keep playing that song over and over again if that’s what you need to do.

Let it rain, let it pour, feel the rain on your skin and be okay with it. Then, let the Sun and the Moon show you the way on your fresh new page. What are you going to do now? Put the pen in your hand, and, as the song says, the ending is unplanned. It’s not the ending that matters, though, is it? And it’s not about what zodiac sign you are, or aren’t. It’s about the plot in between the pages that got you hooked. What plot will you write for yourself this month?

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