January Soul Note -  A New Year, A New You

Posted on January 03, 2018
Updated on October 29, 2020

Happy New Years all my lovely Astrology Answers friends. It’s Patti, your Spiritual Guide, and Soul Space Facilitator here to bring you the first Soul Note of 2018.

According to Cherokee legend, there are two wolves living inside of us, and they are at war. One is evil. It is fear-based and dwells on want, negativity, and scarcity. The other one is good. It is love, joy, and peace. Both are desperate to take the lead…. so, which of these warring wolves wins? The answer quite simply is - the one that you feed the most.

January is an ideal month to ask ourselves a very important question: Which wolf am I feeding?

If you believe on some level that you are not tapping into your potential—you are correct! There is at our deepest core a part of us that is unlimited, abundant and without limitation, but our mindset informs us differently.

We truly are capable of abundance in every area of our life, as it is our natural state, but for most of us, this is not our experience. We tend to be in a perpetual state of want, fear, and scarcity and life closes down on us.

Fear and want is an internal state of being, it’s not what the universe had in store for us. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. When you begin to step away from the mindset of want and open up to unlimited possibility, life begins to meet you and provide for you.

For the most part though, we are stuck and we continue to get the same results over and over. How do we change this? Where do we start?

Simply put, you must cultivate an abundant mindset.

Our emotions are excellent guides as to where our thoughts are and as the Cherokee legend states; we must not feed the fear and want. I use the power of awareness to discern when I am feeling a certain way. I then allow the emotion to be felt, because after all, what is emotion? It is energy in motion. E-motion.

By allowing the emotion to be felt and accepted, we are allowing the energy to move. Over time we begin to feel less stuck and ease and flow take over. By simply asking myself “When was the last time I was feeling good?” I am brought to the present moment where change is possible. I reference this as the alchemy of thought and emotion.

I challenge myself to come up with a different thought and then I am able to make a different choice. Typically the choice is love based as opposed to fear based. I am always one thought away from a thought that serves my abundant state vs. my state of want. Giving gratitude for even the smallest things can change the thought, which can affect the emotion.

When we claim an attitude of gratitude, we are energetically aligned with abundance. With practice, it becomes second nature to check in with our emotions and manage our thoughts. Over time, you will be building an abundant mindset and the universe will begin to match your message.

Which wolf are you feeding?

My intention in 2018 is to feed the good wolf.

And YOU, which wolf will you feed?

Until next time friends - be kind and spread the love.

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