June Soul Note - The Path Less Travelled

Posted on June 10, 2018
Updated on July 03, 2020

Hello Astrology Answers friends. Patti here, your Spiritual Guide and Soul Space Facilitator with your Soul Note for June!

I have always loved nature. From the raking rays of a golden sun slipping into slumber, to the nature spirits I could sense as a young child, I continue to revel in the magic this planet has to offer.

Recently, while in Costa Rica, I was thrilled when a small group decided to hike to one of the many waterfalls this welcoming country is known for. Our adventure would take approximately 2 hours to hike in and back. We were to traverse 3 ecosystems: rainforest, arid desert, and dusty plains. We had plenty of water and a small feast would reward us on the trek ahead. It was clear to me that this was going to be a good day. I was in high spirits, gratitude and happiness filled my heart.

Our group scattered out on the trailhead, chatting away like squirrels, discussing everything from soup to nuts. I quickly realized that this hike had something more to offer beyond its breathtaking scenery and challenges. There seemed to be an aura of peace wrapping around me with each step forward. I quickly surmised how easy it would be to slip ahead of the others so that I could transition into a mindful state for the 6km journey to the waterfall.

I connected to my breath and forged ahead. It didn’t take long before I was able to coordinate each breath with every step and I effortlessly slid into silence — my happy place where connection to something far greater than self exists. I think of this place as home for my soul and where divinity, a state that is believed to come from a supernatural power, can be experienced.

Where I struggle is with my unhappy place, and that often relates to my humanity. I fear for my family, I have conflicting thoughts around some of my closest relationships, I question why good people experience tough life lessons, I have concerns around the state of our planet, and the list grows on.

I looked at the path that lay ahead of me and stopped dead in my tracks. With piercing clarity, I saw 3 different paths.

The first path, off to my far left, offered me a bumpy trail. An odd variety of shapes and sizes of the indigenous rock against the red earth looked like something out of a Star Trek movie. The path off to the far right looked much the same, and I could clearly see that these 2 were the paths favored.

The path in the middle had burnt and dried desert grasses, the result of a blazing hot sun, that were still standing but overtook the path — it was obvious that it was the path less travelled.

I stood in bewilderment as I realized Mother Nature was teaching me a beautiful, metaphoric life lesson. The far left path symbolized my humanity, whilst the far right represented my divinity; the center path was clearly the path of balance, smack dab in the middle.

I began to reflect on the last several months. The typical 3 or 6 days of retreat were no longer fulfilling for me. I longed for a cave complete with a swami who would sit and contemplate life with me.

In this place of longing, I failed to see the gift of my humanity. After all, it was my humanity that got me to ALL these places.

I was either suffering in my humanity or rejoicing in my divinity. There was no recognition of a middle ground — a path I rarely participated in. I was not traveling the middle road.

Time stood still, offering me an opportunity to reflect over the last several months. A balanced life meant that I shouldn’t feel my heart or mind being pulled too hard in any direction. I should feel calm, grounded, clear-headed, and motivated. I made a quick mental checklist. There was no sugar-coating it, I was out of balance. I was either in my head, worrying about what the future held, or deep inside my heart, trying to hide from the world and its challenges.

I heard the path speak to me. I was being invited into a more balanced way of being. I looked up at a bold blue sky that seemed to invite a HELL YES! from deep inside me, and with a clenched fist I jumped up and punched the hot air that Costa Rica is known for.

I had been travelling only the right or the left path for too long. I positioned myself so I could stand directly on the middle path and proceed ahead. I took my The next steps were taken with ease and a smile as wide as the flat desert I was walking on. I felt a deep- seeded confidence knowing that each stride was offering me the gift of the middle path; there would be less tug- of war- between my heart and mind. We would all work together, like one big happy family.

I rounded the bend and was met by the sounds of rushing water. The waterfall glistened in the mid-morning sunshine, its sparkling light casting rainbow prisms in mid air. My breath deepened as a moment of wonder stretched out before me.

It truly was one of the most majestic sights I have ever seen, and I ran to the cooling waters to refresh a more balanced self.

Nature has so much to teach us — no wonder I love visiting her classroom.

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