Your June 2021 Tarotscopes

Posted on June 03, 2021

Two cards sit on a marble table representing the Tarotscopes that were pulled for June 2021.

Nearly halfway through 2021, we head into June with Mutable Gemini energy still leading the way — leaving much room for change on the horizon still!

Gemini season dominates most of June, with Water elemental sign Cancer taking the lead only on the 21st. This mix of energy is both cerebral and sensitive. Gemini season is communicative and thoughtful for the first part of June, only to leave us in emotional and sensitive Cancer for the rest.

And while this may usually prompt you to take a look at your zodiac sign’s horoscope to see what exactly the deal is, you may also want to refer to this month’s Tarotscope for additional insight.

In your Tarotscope, we see what the Tarot predicts for your month ahead with one card each from the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. Let’s see what the cards had to say!

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Your June 2021 Tarotscope


The Devil & 8 of Cups

Tough road ahead, Aries, but rest assured, it’s all for the best.

With The Devil in play for you this month, you may be reckoning with a lot of difficult baggage from the past. Perhaps exes have resurfaced, lingering bad habits have been reignited, or something feels off.

Being forced to acknowledge these shadows will ultimately help you move forward with the 8 of Cups, as you are prompted to move on and leave the past behind you.

It won’t always be easy, but it’s ultimately just another challenge for your brave inner ram to tackle!


The Moon & Queen of Pentacles

Magic, mystery, and manifestation (oh my!) — it may be just the month for Taurus to shine.

The Moon shines upon you with a lovely, mysterious glow, keeping you in tune with the lunar forces and the whimsical nature of the Universe. With some wild dreams and vivid imagination, you’ll be quite the creative force to reckon with this month.

Additionally, the grounded and nurturing energy of the Queen of Pentacles balances out this fantastical energy with a more practical nature. You may be able to put many of your creative ideas into tangible form because of this.

All in all, it’s a great month to dream big… and then chase those dreams!


The Chariot & 3 of Pentacles (Reversed)

Pave the way forward, Gemini — but you may have to do it alone.

With positive intent and goodwill, the Chariot promises success in your ventures. Although the rewards don’t appear out of thin air and ask that you put forth the effort, it foretells plenty of positive give and takes for June overall.

Unfortunately, with the 3 of Pentacles upside-down, you may be tempted to bring in others into your pursuits but feel ultimately let down. There’s nothing wrong with being a little out of sync with others sometimes, but don’t let it fully rain on your parade.

Focus on the lovely energy the Chariot can bring, and chase after what you know is yours.


The Star (Reversed) & 2 of Cups

Sweet, sensitive, and open-hearted Cancer friends have a mixed bag of emotions this June.

At the beginning of the month especially, the Star reversed brings potential disappointment and setbacks. With your tendency to dream big, your large Cancerian heart often draws you to flights of fancy and romance that others can’t always meet the standard of.

However, the 2 of Cups is waiting for you if you’re willing to accept it — just a sweet, romantic, and simple connection. It is a reminder more than anything to enjoy the connections you have here and now, especially as communicative Gemini season and emotional Cancer season will be on your side for this.

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The Fool & 9 of Cups (Reversed)

With new adventures come new missteps.

The Fool predicts new paths and grand fresh starts, as you seem to be heading off in many unfamiliar directions and adventures. While this is fun and certainly for the best, the 9 of Cups reversed reminds you not to get caught on committing too quickly or too fast.

Leo’s Fixed quality can make you a stubborn one when you find something you like. With your clean slate comes new opportunities and choices, but you shouldn’t feel obligated to commit right away.

Let yourself bask in the new energy, and go with the flow. And remember to have fun!


The Hierophant & 4 of Swords (Reversed)

It’s time to get working, Virgo (although this is not typically that abnormal for our dedicated Virgo friends).

The Hierophant comes forward with a spiritual yet dedicated and grounded kind of leadership. Its energy will empower you to be a solid foundation for others and bolster and fortify your own structures and routines.

In other words, it’s a great month to get stuff done and check off that to-do list.

The drawback?

The 4 of Swords reversed indicates that you may be prone to overworking yourself with this. It warns of mental, physical, and spiritual burnout and recommends that you frequently check in with yourself to avoid this.

Find the proper balance, Virgo, and then go forth and create it for others!


The Emperor (Reversed) & 6 of Pentacles

It’s time to put your foot down, Libra.

This month is all about boundaries and channeling your inner Emperor energy. With The Emperor reversed, you may consider the passion, leadership, and composure of this figure to be turned inwards — how can you call in his energy for yourself?

And with the 6 of Pentacles on the table, you’re encouraged to carefully examine the dynamics of “give and take” within your relationships right now, or perhaps even in work and career — maybe you’re putting in more work than you should be with not enough reward, for example!

Although you are often the diplomat and initiator of peace, it is your time to ask that balance is restored for yourself, too, Libra.


The Wheel of Fortune & Ace of Cups (Reversed)

The Wheel of Fortune is turning, and your fate is in its hands, Scorpio.

With this mysterious but fortuitous card leading your month, you can rest assured that things are turning out as they should. However, what you may not appreciate is that with the Ace of Cups reversed, it’s possible that any original plans you were making are now falling away and leaving you disappointed.

Sometimes, the Universe has to clear out the old to make way for the new. While the debris is getting cleared, hang tight and go with the flow.

For June, the keyword will be “patience” for you, Scorpio.

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The Sun (Reversed) & Knight of Cups

When all else disappoints, there is no one better fit for the job than the wild archer when it comes to creating optimism and joy out of thin air.

The Sun in reversed position indicates a possible lack of enthusiasm and excitement, perhaps coming from previous disappointments and still feeling defeated from old situations.

And while it’s okay to mourn the loss of these things, it seems that you’re taking matters into your own hands in June. With the Knight of Cups, it’s clear that you’re treading forward with a creative, romantic, intuitive, and philosophical attitude towards life, embracing the drama and romance of it all.

Step into this Knight energy fully, wild archer… June looks a lot brighter with it, and so do you!


The Empress & 10 of Cups

It is finally your month to shine, wise goat!

The Empress allows you to cultivate your inner Earthy power, encouraging you to go after your goals (especially work and career-related) this month.

What’s more, the 10 of Cups brings forth a long-term, emotionally fulfilling energy, helping you keep your eyes on the bigger prize at hand. So, all in all, the odds are truly in your favor for working thoughtfully, meaningfully, and steadily.

You can set goals with the knowledge that there’s something good waiting for you on the other side!


The Magician & 3 of Swords (Reversed)

This June, you seem to be cutting your losses and moving onto bigger and better things, Aquarius.

The 3 of Swords brings forth your past losses and heartaches, acknowledging the rough spots you’ve been put in so far. However, the reversed position, coupled with the “initiative” energy of the Magician, makes it clear that you’re not willing to let anything rain on your parade.

This month may be great for new projects, experimenting with new ideas, and taking on that hobby that you’ve been putting off for a while!


The Lovers (Reversed) & Ace of Pentacles (Reversed)

In May, fishy Piscean friends faced stagnancy and low energy.

As much as you may not wish for it to be the case, the streak seems to continue in June. The Lovers reversed can indicate trouble in paradise when it comes to your connections with others, making you feel out of sync with those around you.

And with the Ace of Pentacles reversed, you may find that new opportunities just won’t come quickly or easily. However, this transition period and stagnancy is not necessarily a bad one, as it just means you might have to slow down.

Patience is necessary once more — go with your intuitive fishy flow and make the best of what may seem to be less-than-fun energy for June.

Ready, Set, Reflect

There are many ways to work with the energy of the twins, but when in doubt, let yourself take a breather.

The stars may not stop moving, and the world may continue turning, but tools like the Tarot and astrology can give us the space we need to process it all. Whether it’s through divination or re-reading your Tarotscope, or even just some simple meditation, remember to give yourself the time needed to contemplate and reflect on life’s craziness!

Need more guidance? Feel free to check out our other astrology resources, pick up a free daily Tarot reading, or even browse for an Astrology Answers’ Tarot Deck for yourself!

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