Soul Connections, Love, & the Number 6 in Numerology

Posted on June 01, 2018
Updated on July 13, 2020

If you want answers about love, you want them from every possible source, am I right? Who among us isn’t raising a hand shouting, “Relatable!”

Love is the most uncertain subject in our lives, and we always want to know the deets. So if that’s you too, you’re in a good place. When it comes to sources for answers, we’ve got the goods.

Today we’re going to look at 2 very powerful tools that you can use to start getting answers about your soulmates right now. Yes. Now. Those tools are the Tarot and numbers. With June being the 6th month of the calendar year, and 6 being the soulmate symbol, today we are going to look at the power of 6.

Astrological Influences on Love

Between our compatibility series, our numerology discussions, and our lengthy chats on Venus, there is a lot to understand when it comes to the influences from astrology on love. And there’s a lot to cover, and we’ve only just hit the tip of the iceberg. When it comes to the planets, the one planet that is the most important in terms of helping you manifest your loving desires is Venus. Venus is very important in every astrological discussion on love because she is the planet of love and beauty.

But as passionate as she may be, she is also about balance. Venus seeks luxury and the best of the best. Venus brings harmony to everything she touches, and it is this harmony that is the very essence of soul connections. When everything is balanced, in a beautiful equilibrium, then love can prevail. Problems in our relationships only arise when this balance shifts, and this is when we call on Venus to wave her magic wand of harmony and beauty on the relationships that mean the most to us.

The number 6 can be very helpful to us in working with Venus to establish that long sought after harmony.

The Number 6 & Its Secrets

We’ve talked about your life path number before, and we’ve even talked about your life path compatibility in love. One thing we have not talked about is the symbolism of the numbers, and the potential they bring to your love life. In fact, there is no better tool in the universe that can help us understand symbolism better than the tool of the Tarot.

The Number 6 in numerology is considered the most harmonious. Even numbers do not leave much room for argument. It is one easy, swooping line that starts at the top, and meets in the middle in one single stroke. Harmony.

If your life path number is 6, you are the person people love to work with, be friends with, and solve problems with, because you are so easygoing and …harmonious. It is because of this harmonious nature of the powerful number 6 that we relate this number to soul connections. And it’s not just us! If you ever see the number 6 appear in a Tarot reading, it could suggest some soul connection energy in your life at some point, depending on the placement of the card. So let’s look at that a little more closely.

The Tarot & Soul Connections

There are 4 suits in the Tarot like there are 4 suits in a standard deck of playing cards. Although the experts have different terms or names for them, they basically all mean the same thing. For my purposes, I call the suits of the Tarot the Cups, the Pentacles (also referred to as disks), the Swords, and the Wands (also referred to as rods, knaves, or staffs). Each of these suits is then numbered, like in a regular deck of playing cards.

The cards are numbered from 1-10 and then follows with the Court Cards. (The 1′s in the Tarot are represented by Aces.) The court cards are similar to your jacks, queens, and kings in a playing card deck, but in the Tarot, are the Page, Knight, Queen, and King. In addition to these cards, the Tarot has another set of cards to use in your Tarot reading, and these include the Major Arcana cards. Each of the Major cards are numbered as well, from 0, The Fool, to 21, The World. These numbers from these suits in the Major Arcana are what we use to make predictions about your journey towards harmony, using the number 6 as our guide.

6′s in the Tarot are all about journeys. The 5′s in the Tarot represent situations that create transitions in our lives, and transitions are often accompanied by pain. With the 5′s we see a lot of struggle, loss, abandonment, strife, drama, heartache, and sorrow. The 6′s are a refreshing change and are the Tarot’s way of moving through that pain.

The individual journey towards individual fulfillment and harmony is the focus of the 6′s. On this journey, we must first depart beyond the pain of the 5′s, move through the journey itself, and then finally experience the harmony we have been searching for. This is also why the 6′s are often referred to as “success cards.” If one comes up for you in a reading, the message is not only that of an exciting soul connection but also of success in your experience after the pain of the 5′s.

The card numbered 6 or VI in the Tarot is The Lovers. Now, do you see how everything is connected? So let’s look at each of the 6 cards in the Tarot in the event that one of our Soul Space experts pulls one of these awesome cards for you during one of your readings.

The 6 of Wands

On the 6 of Wands, we see a man on horseback, wearing a wreath — one of the Tarot’s symbols of success. The man is being adored by his fans in the crowd around him. This card illustrates a victory, a success, but only one person is enjoying this acclaim. When this card shows up, you can expect victory in love with a soul connection in your life. Wands represent fire in the Tarot and Fire signs in astrology. The fire here illustrates the fire of passion, and the fire of inspiration and creativity in life. You are certainly enjoying your journey, but are you enjoying it at someone else’s expense? The crowd around you validates your journey as well, and it is this validation that will help you on your journey towards harmony.

The 6 of Cups

On the 6 of Cups, we see 2 figures that are younger, childlike almost. Many readers consider them to be children. One is handing a cup to another, and there are 5 others in the foreground. Cups in the Tarot represent emotions, or Water signs in astrology, and in a relationship reading, love. This card illustrates your emotional connections to the people you are consulting the Tarot over. And, because of the children in this card, the message may be simply that it is time to start taking your love life more seriously. On another note, however, the 6 of Cups, with its childlike energy, can also signify that the person you are with now is someone you have traveled with over several lifetimes, a sure sign of a soul connection. The children on this card have a definite connotation of the past, and this past energy is what influences and symbolizes your lifetime of traveling with your soul connections.

The 6 of Swords

On the 6 of Swords, we see a ferryman on a boat with a woman and child in the boat. Their backs are turned to us so we can not see them, but we understand the pain they experienced in the 5′s. The ferryman is taking his charges to a brighter future, moving them past the pain and sorrow they are clearly experiencing. Sometimes in life, change is simply inevitable. This card represents a change in your current circumstances in love, and sometimes it can be painful. This is the kind of parting of circumstances that Romeo and Juliet experienced. Parting is sweet sorrow, but to stay in the situation would imprison you. When you see this card in a Tarot reading, you are being beckoned to get on the boat and move out of a painful experience. The ferryman is the symbol that your soul connection is elsewhere, and on its way to you when you remove yourself from this situation.

The 6 of Pentacles

The pentacles in the Tarot embody the Earth signs in astrology, and they also symbolize practical matters in daily life. Most of the time they refer to money changes that are in progress in your life. But this does not mean that seeing pentacles in a relationship reading means your love life is doomed. It simply means that practical matters prevail. In this case, the 6 of Pentacles shows a man holding 2 scales, with money and resources flowing abundantly between the 2. Balance and harmony is restored. This card is one that will elevate your consciousness in a way that reminds you it is as important to give, as it is to receive in love. Is your communication balanced in your relationship? Are everyone’s needs being met? If not, who is doing more giving than receiving? This card generally answers those questions. It also assures you that if money is a big factor in your soul connection, it won’t be for much longer.

Concluding Thoughts…

There you have it friends, everything you ever wanted to know about soul connections and the number 6. Of course you probably have questions about your specific situation. Pick up our Master Tarot Deck today and start getting your answers about your soul mates. I’d love to hear about The Lovers card coming up for all of my friends! And don’t forget to bookmark your Daily Numerology Reading and keep looking for those powerful signs.

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