Love Astrology: Sex Horoscopes for July 2014!

Posted on July 05, 2014
Updated on November 02, 2020

Happy July friends! We are just a few days into it, and hopefully you are deep in the throes of planning a super steamy summer. Of course you have to know we aren’t just referring to the temperatures! Yes they will be climbing, and already are, but we are hoping that there are some serious temperatures climbing in your romantic affairs as well. If not, are you ready for a few clues on how to get them to that point?

We know you are! So we have compiled for you a super special Summer edition of love horoscopes, so that you can increase your temperatures, and hopefully somebody elses as well, in all the ways that your hearts desire. If you can get your summer loving all amped up this month, you will be in for some seriously sexy surprises all year long.

Key Dates for Summer Lovin’ 2014

• On July 12 we see a Full Moon in Capricorn bringing responsibility and commitment into your love lives, but that’s not all.

• July 26 we have the New Moon in lovable, passionate Leo. Amp up the child like play and get as passionate as you want for some sexy new beginnings. Again, that’s not all either.

• On July 17 the planet of luck and happiness also enters Leo, and will stay there all year long!

So, get ready for some fun, and use these sexy love horoscopes to jump start those passionate temperatures all summer long, and into the year as well! Are you ready to turn on the heat? Let’s get to it!


Dear Aries, your mission if you choose to accept it this July is to begin creating fireworks around July 16. With Jupiter entering your fellow Fire Sign of Leo on the 17th, you have a year of fireworks at your disposal if you do so. You are entering a year where games in love will be paramount, and you want to play by your rules. That’s great, because your partner now or to be will enjoy this immensely. The only catch you need to watch Aries is to watch that ego, or it will bite you in the end. For you, there is always such a thing as too much of a good thing, so pull back the reins if you are going overboard. Otherwise, lead with your fiery passion as you always do, and expect great rewards for some time to come.


For you, Taurus, your communication is going to make all of the difference in your Summer loving. You will need to be as real as possible, one of your strong suits. However, being real and being blunt are two different things, bluntness being one of your strong suits as well. So keep the blunt at bay, and your communication in love will thrive. Don’t forget that you are ruled by Venus, and this means that love is most certainly coming your way under the Jupiter in Leo transit. You may find some relationships are put to the test this summer, but not if you are ready to sit down and talk it out with a special someone. And, if verbal agreements are going to be your forte for some sexy summer loving, why not use technology to your advantage and get a little saucy in your communication styles this summer. Be bold, and text away your heart’s desires and your romantic partner will be oh so grateful for it.

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July is going to be a little rocky for you in love, Gemini, but only if you keep going with the double talking. It’s time to choose one side of your mouth or the other, and stop worrying about what people think of the other one. Understanding and sweet sexy connections are all possible for you this Summer, but not if you are playing games. It’s okay to be real, and even when you think you may lose someone in the process, being real is exactly what is going to draw yourself closer to them, and them to you. A little bit of your paranoid obsessions may come into play this month, and throughout the summer. This will be dangerous for you if you act on them. So don’t! Your key to happiness dear Gem will be to give to others what you expect in return. So, if you are on the nasty side during one of your paranoid moments, guess what you will get back? If you want love and true sexy summer loving, Gemini, you have to give what you want back. It’s only fair, right?


This is your time to shine, Cancer, even though lucky Jupiter is leaving your sign to enjoy some time in Leo. You have had some fun strokes of luck this year, and this energy can trickle into the next if you use it wisely. This is not the month to be retreating into your crabby shell though, or you will confuse someone greatly. Also, you will want to ease back on the intensity, and try, yes try dear Cancer, not to take things too personally. Life is life, and it isn’t always going to go your way, but that doesn’t mean the world is against you. As one of the most secretly sexual signs in the zodiac alignment, you know how to be intimate almost better than anyone. So be real, clear, honest, and upfront about your expectations, without being crabby and demanding, and your wish is literally everyone else’s command. If you can manage this, expect a complete revolution in your love affairs.


If you are looking for some summer loving, Leo, you will need to clean up the karma you have built up this year with Jupiter in Cancer. And you will have to do so by the time Jupiter enters your sign on the 17th. If someone has been waiting to hear from you, or waiting for a commitment, or, just, waiting as you like to leave people hanging, then now is the time to restore that karmic balance. You don’t need to have a ring in your hand to do so, you just need to be real with them. That’s all they have been waiting for. When Jupiter moves into your sign this month, if you fail to meet those expectations, the person that you think is going to be waiting around for you, may well be moving on to their own Jupiter fun. This is not the time to play on your insecurities, and definitely the time to bring out that inner lion. If you are truly looking for the best love life possible, your good old fashioned values are the way to do so. Once you do, the world will literally be your romantic oyster for a good long time. Do enjoy my dear!


Your group activities are going to take precedence in the first half of July, Virgo, and this will bode well for you if you are looking for love. Time to stop being the Hermit, and put yourself out there. If you are attached, then what you want to do is take your partner with you on your group extravaganzas. It will breathe fresh love and fresh life into that relationship you hold so dearly. The Full Moon in Capricorn on July 12 will be a bonus for you as a fellow Earth Sign, you will need to let go of what you know is holding you back though. Can you handle it? If so, intimacy as well as the space you enjoy so much are both ready and waiting for you. Hang onto the situations where you have the most power, and let go of the ones that no longer serve you. When you do, you will be most pleasantly surprised by the sexy results coming your way.


You are going to be very focused on your career this month, dear Libra, but don’t let that hold you back from making all of the intimate and sexy wishes that you want. You also are ruled by Venus which means you can always have whatever love you want, if you play your cards right. The first two weeks in July are going to be work, work, work, and if you are single, those long hours burning the midnight oil may be shared with someone very sexy. Mars will be leaving your sign on July 26, and we are seeing some North Node in Libra action this summer as well. That means, your destiny is literally awaiting you, but you will need to think less, and feel more. Are you ready for that challenge, Libra? If so, both Venus and Mars will thank you come July 26, and you can expect some very sexy surprises coming your way.


Oh dear, Scorpio, the past couple of years have been a bit of a challenge for you when it comes to love, no? One minute you are up, way up, and the next you are down, way, way down. That’s because a middle ground in love for you is not possible, and it is this intensity that brings you the most satisfaction in love. But, it does get a little bit much sometime. And this Summer, your mission if you choose to accept it is to sit back and let the universe take control. You do believe in that my intuitive friend, but acting on it is a different thing. As the fixed Water Sign, you want what you want and you want it now, and a maybe from the universe is never enough. You will have to let that go, and accept that the universe is in charge. When Jupiter enters Leo on July 17, you can expect some good news from a fellow Fixed Sign Leo if that’s what you have been waiting for. Or, you can expect some good news period in the way of love. But only if you are willing to let the universe do the work for a change. Can you let go to accept some sexy love Scorp? As the sexiest and most passionate sign, you will have to if you want those needs attended to. And we know you do! When Mars enters your sign on July 26, an opportunity that only comes along once every 12 years, you definitely want to use it wisely.


The fire signs are expected to have a very exciting summer when it comes to some sexy, summer loving my dear Sagittarius. And of course this includes you! If things are slow in the beginning of July, fret not. By the time that Jupiter enters Leo on the 17th, the planet of luck and happiness is going to wave its magic wand all over your romantic affairs. You will no doubt have a very sexy summer, but will it be a committed one? That is often the challenge before you, and games are not in your best interest in love. Expect a lot of “too good to be true” moments to come your way, and enjoy them, they actually aren’t too good to be true. But will they last? Don’t squander any of the gifts and miracles Jupiter sends you way, as Jupiter is also the planet of karmic balance. What you put out, you will receive, so if games are on your agenda, expect some struggles after all of the sexy surprises Jupiter bestows on you. Be as sexy and willing as you want to be, and I know you do, but you also have to be real with your partners. Any pain you cause on others now, will bite you big time in the Fall.


We are seeing the planet that rules you, Saturn, making a station this month dear Capricorn before it moves into Sagittarius. This is excellent news for you, as the break in love that you have been waiting for will return. This won’t mean endings in love for you, unless that is what you need. Instead, it will put the focus on exciting new beginnings. If you are already in a relationship, that partnership will see some revitalization and some sexy boosts. You may feel pushed or prodded by partners for you to settle down, and it’s okay for you to ask for a pause so you can reflect. If you are unsure about any area of love right now, that Full Moon on July 12 in your sign is going to illuminate the answers you are looking for. Spend that day in some meditation and reflection, and when your hunches inspire you to reach out and touch someone, then do. You, and your lucky recipient, will be oh so glad you did.


You are in a place dear Aquarius, where your intimate partnerships are going to be immensely satisfying this Summer. The universe is always beckoning you to explore groups and large social settings, and whether you are single or otherwise, this is the perfect way for you to amp up your summer loving. Do your best to make that inner diva of yours shine. A new haircut, some new summer threads, things like this will make you feel great, and help you out when it comes to putting your best foot forward. Play will be favored for you over long term serious commitments, but that doesn’t mean commitment is off the agenda. It just means that whether you are single or attached, have fun this summer, and your summer will be as sexy as you want it to be. The roots you establish now will be ones that will set the tone over the next year. So enjoy it now, and expect the long term miracles to come your way by the Fall.


Jupiter will be moving into your house of health and your house of daily matters, Pisces. This means you can expect luck in these areas over the next year. By attending to these matters as well come July 17, you will also experience great rewards in terms of some sexy, summer loving. This is not the time to cater to your wishy washy side, this is the time to get real and get committed. Whether you are single or attached, the release that comes from sexual enjoyment is actually a health boost for you as well, so don’t be afraid to engage in these activities as often as possible. This is also a great time for you to broach the subject of experimentation with someone, something you have probably been wanting to do for a while. Be subtle though, or you may scare someone off. Also, if you are looking to meet someone, your creative juices are the way to do so. Send someone a sexy story, and see where the plot takes you both. I guarantee, you will enjoy it for some time to come.

What do you think? Do your horoscopes fit? What about those of your partners? How are you going to plan some sexy summer loving this year?

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