Love Horoscopes for Mars Conjunct Neptune

Posted on June 11, 2020
Updated on October 29, 2020

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Tomorrow, the planets Mars and Neptune align in dreamy Pisces! This alignment occurs once every 1 ½ - 2 years or so, and brings Mars, the planet of energy and drive, together with Neptune, the planet of sweet affection.

Combined, they can turn up the romance quite a bit!

The last time they came together was December 2018, and it was also in Water sign Pisces. They’ve come together 4 times so far in Pisces starting in February 2013, and will twice more after tomorrow, ending in April 2024. Eleven years of connections, but only 3 more alignments to go!

This has been a period of spiritual awakening, of increasing compassion and empathy, and of blossoming intuition. We come together now recognizing our soul connections and encountering our Twin Flames, and open to romance on a soul level.

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What does Mars conjunct Neptune mean?

A conjunction occurs when two points come together in the exact same position in the zodiac.

Mars conjunct Neptune means they are occupying the same space in the zodiac at the same time. Mars has been in Pisces since mid-May, and remains until the end of June, while Neptune has been in Pisces since 2011.

Neptune moves slower than Mars, and stays in one sign for many years at a time, while Mars is in one sign for roughly two months.

Mars is the planet of energy and drive. Mars directs where energy is used, and what drives action. Mars fuels desire and kicks things up. Neptune is more flowy and dreamier, ruler of imagination and compassion. Neptune is sweet and gentle, affectionate, and highly romantic in love. Put the two together, and you get some wonderful romantic energy!

Brush up on your Mars in Pisces Love Horoscopes

When you’re born with Mars conjunct Neptune in your birth chart, this makes you someone who is charismatic and mesmerizing. You’re likely highly imaginative and artistic, as well as intuitive and compassionate.

Your empathy runs deep, which can get you taken advantage of more easily without solid boundaries. Grounding and spiritual evolution goes a long way toward protecting you as well.

This conjunction occurs between transit Mars and Neptune in Pisces so it impacts us all, and Neptune is the natural ruling planet for Pisces. This amplifies the Neptune/Pisces impact, making all us gentler, softer, sweeter, more considerate and in love with love.

Overall, this is an excellent time to come together with those you love, especially romantic partners, and bring out some steamy romance and get in tune with sensuality.

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Mars Conjunct Neptune Love Horoscopes for the Zodiac Signs

Read on for how Mars conjunct Neptune can help you turn up the romance (now and for the next 4 years as they conjunct again)!


This conjunction is placed in the sector that governs the hidden for you, Aries, so romance may be best used when it’s just the two of you alone. Kick out everyone else!

Do something on your own for your partner to show you care, and really play up the sweetness. Tap into your most romantic side and go all out with it.

If single, this may be the time to be open about a secret crush, and make smaller gestures to show your true feelings.


This conjunction is placed in the sector governing the unusual for you, Taurus, so romance for you may be best displayed in unconventional ways.

Try something different with your partner, something outside of your comfort zone, or something really zany. Feel free to have some fun with it and have a new, shared experience together.

If single, open up to meeting someone in a new way, online, or through friends or groups you know and trust.


This conjunction is placed in a traditional sector for you, Gemini, so you may want to stick to some traditional romance. Candlelight, love songs, fancy dinners and red roses? All of that!

Make sure you’re making time for your partner and not just ignoring them because so much else is on your plate right now.

If single, you may want to meet someone through more traditional means, and take your time getting to know them.


This conjunction is placed in an expansive sector for you, Cancer, so you can be more adventurous in love. This would be a great time to create a new adventure for you and your partner to embark on (even if only in your own backyard).

New experiences can bond you, and make you grow much closer together.

If single, you may prefer someone who gives you plenty of space to do your own thing, not wanting to be tied down too much.


This conjunction is placed in your intimacy sector, Leo, so romance likely isn’t very light for you now. You want to feel as connected as possible to your partner, and have deep emotional experiences with them.

Passion can run extremely high, and this can help strengthen the bonds of intimacy in new ways, transforming them to new levels.

If single, you don’t want to settle, and you don’t want anything superficial. Hold out for someone who will take love seriously.


This conjunction is placed in your relationship sector, Virgo, so romance may come more easily than usual for you now. Your natural focus may be on your relationship, and you want to affirm the commitment you have to your partner.

There’s a closet romantic deep inside of you, so don’t be afraid to let it out with some overt displays of romance.

If single, you can turn up the charm and focus on finding someone who wants the same commitment you do.


This conjunction is placed in the sector ruling details for you, Libra, so being romantic may be expressed by paying closer attention to everything with your partner, and doing the little things.

If there’s a chore they don’t like, do it for them; if there’s something they need, get it for them; if they mention something in passing, act on it to show you’re listening.

If single, you may be much shyer about meeting anyone right now, and would prefer someone who makes the first move.


This conjunction is placed in your love sector, Scorpio, so love and romance are on the brain in a big way right now. You’re in full swoon, and can go big with your displays of love and affection for your partner.

Feel free to be as theatrical as you can, and make some lasting memories with your partner.

If single, you may attract more potential suitors to you, and can greatly enjoy the attention you get while opening up more of your heart.


This conjunction is placed in the sector ruling emotions for you, Sagittarius, so love is rooted in emotions for you at the moment. You can focus on emotionally connecting with your partner, and you may do so in quieter ways, when it’s just the two of you.

Show how much you care by supporting your partner fully.

If single, the emotional connection is still your top priority, so focus on someone who understands you and makes you feel comforted.


This conjunction is placed in the sector ruling the mind for you, Capricorn, so a mental connection can be more important now. Spend more time talking with your partner, and share everything on your mind.

Talking can help you grow closer, and you can learn all sorts of new things about one another.

If single, you may gravitate toward someone you feel is mentally stimulating, and can express what you feel more openly.


This conjunction is placed in the sector ruling sensuality for you, Aquarius, so focus on ways to increase the sensual connection between you and your partner.

Play music you can dance to together, make foods you can feed to one another, give each other massages, and whatever else you can think of to tap into each of your senses.

If single, you may take your time searching for someone, wanting to wait until you find the person who stimulates you in every way.


This conjunction is placed in your sign, Pisces, so you can be “the romantic” and also be open to being romanced by your partner. Maybe take turns between the two of you, alternating between who makes the plans for a romantic time together.

Let your feelings flow out from your soul and express them in physical ways.

If single, you can take the reins and seek out someone yourself, making the first move in your own subtle way, and let your soul guide you to the right person.


Mars conjunct Neptune offers an opportunity to make love a priority, and bring out your inner romantic.

This is likely desperately needed right now as we’ve been trying to deal with Venus retrograde making all kinds of trouble in relationships for the last month.

Venus is the planet of love, impacting how we love and connect with one another, so it’s been a challenging period. There’s room for improvement now, so use it!

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