Spending & Making Money by the Stars

Posted on August 11, 2016
Updated on June 25, 2020

The hard aspect between Venus and Saturn can take some of the fun out of life. Fortunately this aspect is a fleeting thing, influencing you for two or three days. It brings with it a caution to watch your spending, and can also have an impact on your love life and relationships with others.

Look for the Bright Side

While this can be a challenging period, it can also do you worlds of good. It’s not a time for socializing and being gregarious; it’s a time for learning how to appreciate one-to-one relationships, either with friends, or with lovers, or with family members. It can be hard for you to find your giggle during this transit, but that’s all part of the somber energy that it brings. The isolation that you may experience at this time can be offset by seeking out quality time with one special person.

Focus on one thing and one thing only, and dedicate yourself to making plans for it to happen. While this isn’t the easiest of periods, it’s also one that can bring you stability and security if you let it. Just watch your spending habits, though. It would be easy to overindulge as you try to comfort yourself. This isn’t a time for impulse buys.

Focus On Yourself

Now’s not the time for romantic flings either. You won’t be happy with anything short-term, yet something long-term could be hard to establish. Instead of trying to get a romance off the ground, work instead on learning to enjoy your own company. Concern yourself with your obligations over the next two or three days. This can sure dull the fun, but once this transit has passed, you’ll be glad you got your responsibilities out of the way so that you’ve more time to play later this month.

This vibe can be a bit inhibiting too, and you might be worrying too much about what other people think of you. Look out for misunderstandings and miscommunications — especially as this comes right on the heels of some interesting Mercury energy. Try not to listen to your self-doubts, but instead, focus on the things that you know you can do well, and get them working in your favor.

You may get some unexpected financial news, which is another reason to watch your spending habits this weekend. If you can put off signing contracts or making any financial commitments, it’s best to do so, especially if they involve other people. This energy is one where you need to think conservatively and look into ways of saving money or improving your assets in some way.

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Finally, this isn’t the time for embarking on anything new. Your creativity is not at its peak, and anything that you start now could fall short of its goals, or it’s possible that you’ll simply lose interest in it before it gets started. This is a wonderful weekend for curling up with a good book or movie, relaxing in your own company, and counting your blessings. Think about how to make the most of what you have, because you’ll have plenty of opportunities to do just that come September.

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