March Soul Note - Raise Your Phrase

Posted on March 05, 2019

Woman standing outside during spring, she is holding an umbrella.

“Raise your words, not your voice. It’s rain that grows flowers, not thunder.” – Rumi

We have all been on the receiving end of harsh, harmful, and damaging words. Words that, when unleashed, have the power to break your heart and cripple your sense of self. Whether these words were delivered from a parent, a teacher, a lover, or a friend, their messages have the tendency to stay hidden in the unconscious mind. We take on what others project onto us, and it is these negative narratives that become ingrained in our minds. Over time, these messages become beliefs, and these beliefs have the powerful potential to shape our reality.

Our time is up! As a species, we must learn a new language; a Universal language that nurtures and provides comfort versus a language that is cruel and heartless and feels like a slap in the face. We must learn to speak the Universal love language.

We’ve had enough suffering. We long for the peace and happiness we deserve. We must make the decision to do the work to heal our wounded stories and uncover the debris left behind by damaging words spoken by others.

This journey of self-discovery will invariably uncover core beliefs that have planted their roots firmly in our unconscious minds. These damaging beliefs have a way of dominating our thoughts, and like a plant that withers away without proper care, we slowly begin to withdraw and fade away. We diminish our own light.

We discover that we have little sense of our true identity because our self-worth has been damaged, and we are left with a false self, an ego, that if left untamed, controls our lives. Often, an armored, fearful child who lives deep inside our souls that yearns to be seen, heard, and to be given a safe and nurturing haven where kind and encouraging words can foster self-esteem, self-worth, and love.

We all deserve loving kindness and acceptance, including from ourselves. We are worthy of that on every level. In some parts of the world, March can herald a new season. Spring is upon us, and with it, seedlings are being planted; soil is being turned over and new growth is popping up all around us.

There comes a time in life where we must all take responsibility for our actions and words. We need to be brave and strong enough to look deep within. We must become present in our reality and ask ourselves,

“Am I at peace, or am I suffering?”

If we are at peace, we have likely already recognized and addressed the things in our lives that are simply not working. We had the clarity to see that we are living out self-destructive patterns and are no longer willing to live that way.

An individual that is present knows her pain and is in the process of healing it. She is living in a state of awareness of her actions, speech, and her emotions. She has a way of connecting with others that reaches the level of the soul. She sees another’s suffering, sees their light, and offers compassion and love.

But, if we are suffering, we must show up to do the inner work necessary to alleviate the pain. Our souls yearn for the light we once shone that we have closed ourselves off from.

A wounded person unconsciously projects their pain onto others. Emotional pain longs for acknowledgment so it can begin the process of moving that which is in the dark back into the light.

How do we begin to bring this level of awareness to our lives? To begin, we must learn what it takes to be present.

The breath is unequivocally the most powerful tool for presence. It is our connection to life, and when we learn to use it as a tool to achieve peaceful presence, we develop a sense of awareness that supports the present moment. Then, when we apply this awareness into our actions and words, we are less likely to come from a place of pain and less likely to project that pain onto others. When you use breathwork this way you begin to create neural pathways in the brain that can support learning a new love language. Over time, this love infused dialect will contribute to lifting a society, versus knocking it down and leaving emotional debris in its wake.

I have reaped the rewards of doing deep inner work that has contributed to my level of presence and awareness, most days. I have adopted a consistent practice of checking in with my thoughts and emotions daily. I observe my self-dialogue, my interactions with others. From sunrise to sunset, I am checking in.

How am I showing up?

How am I using my words as I speak to others?

I use my words skillfully and tenderly to offer encouragement, inspiration, and love. I continually task myself with a powerful intention; you are one thought, one phrase away in providing a sense of well being. I offer words of forgiveness, compassion, and comfort to raise my spirit.

Let’s come together as a united front to set out consciously to plant new words in our thoughts and actions. We must learn to speak a new language to lift and inspire rather than destroy and disempower.

We must learn the Universal love language, the words and phrases that, when spoken into being, bring rain to our soul’s gardens and not storms.

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