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Posted on May 01, 2019
Updated on March 10, 2021

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​I have just recently returned home from visiting my son and his family. With two toddlers and one on the way, to say their house is busy is an understatement. Sadly, my daughter-in-law shared with me that her anxiety levels were escalating and panic attacks were taking away her quality of life, rendering her anchored in fear.

Anxiety has escalated to epidemic proportions and is crippling our society. Women, men, and children are at the hands of this energy and the number of people on antidepressants is staggering.

Anxiety can be a force for good, writes Tibetan monk Pema Chodron. It can be used as a source for deeper self-understanding, compassion, and contentment.

But try telling that to someone who is in a full-blown anxiety attack!

What is anxiety? Anxiety is unresolved fear that is wanting to be released.

A majority of spiritual teachers say that anxiety is future-projecting. As Eckhart Tolle, author of The Power of Now, states, anxiety is the root cause of all suffering.

He refers to the concept of the “pain-body,” which is an old emotional wound living inside of you. It may have accumulated from past traumatic experiences and sticks around because these painful experiences were not fully faced and accepted.

By understanding the pain-body and how to accept your experience in the present moment, you’ll be better able to deal with anxiety and live a much better life. Anxiety, tension, stress, and worry are the root causes of dwelling too much in an imagined future and not enough presence. When we bring our presence into the moment, we are able to bring mindfulness to our suffering. When we can accept what is arising with presence and mindfulness, we are able to reduce our levels of stress and anxiety.

When we are not aligned with the present moment, our thoughts take us to the future. Often times the future is clouded with anxiety that we are projecting into the future. What we need is simply our presence.

Imagine your inner child at 4 years old, or as old as you imagine them to be. They are frightened and longing for safety.

How would you comfort a child? The same applies to your inner child. Do you hold her in your arms? You know what she needs.

Visualize your inner child in your Heart chakra. You must go here, where the fear is, and YOU are the only one that can acknowledge that for her. You know exactly what your inner child has to hear and what their needs are.

Anxiety, a fear-based emotion, produces a low-frequency energy. When anxiety rears its ugly heads, think of it as your soul attempting to raise your frequency to re-align with Universal source energy.

Ask yourself: does your inner child need a Worrier or a Warrior right now?

I allow my mind to control the experience, and since fear fuels fear, I will continue to be afraid.

I connect to my essence, my true self. The fear sits in the constructed self or Ego.

Be present with the fear. Now, bring your Warrior essence here using your greatest tool besides awareness, your breath.

Inhale — I bring my presence to the fear.
Exhale — I anchor myself in faith.

What we resist persists, while what we embrace dissolves. Be patient, this is a practice and needs consistency and non-attachment to the ego in order to move to a heart-centred, soul-based awareness.

It is your inner child who didn’t feel safe, who wasn’t able to voice how she felt. You are doing this on her behalf.

Remember that a child lives in the present moment, giving them the ability to accept what is in front of them. A child still has faith in their connection to a Universe that supports them — they don’t know any different because this faith is innate.

So, as you are breathing, stay present and rest in the awareness of the breath. Your anxiety is your soul’s (your essence) way of knocking on your door; this could be a rite of passage and your soul wants you to come closer (higher vibration and frequency) —the shedding of the fear will help to do this.

For anything to bear fruit it takes about 21 days. Stay with it, don’t abandon your inner child, or this pattern will continue.


When anxiety arises in your life, be present with it, take your inner child by their hand, and guide them to a place of peace.

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