May Soul Note - The Art of Balance

Posted on May 08, 2018
Updated on July 03, 2020

Hello Astrology Answers friends. It′s Patti, your Spiritual Guide and Soul Space Facilitator here with May’s Soul Note.

We are born with a body, a mind, and a soul. The majority of the global population identifies with the body/mind experience which is limited and often times leads to suffering. When there is investment in the soul, one becomes attuned to the great mystery of life and a journey of self discovery ensues. When we are able to bring this trinity together, we find balance, peace and harmony.

After completing a course in mind mastery, I have a very clear understanding of the 70,000 thoughts per day that run through the mind. I have learned to maneuver myself around thoughts that can take on a life of their own. I am skilled in allowing my emotions to arise, but somehow I had let my body’s wellness slip through the cracks.

Until a recent trip to India, for the better part of my life my interest has been primarily in the soul.

I had become so driven in my search for the soul and its mysterious ways of getting our attention that I had left my body to fend for herself. I guess you could say I received a proverbial smack in the face.

In the multifaceted country of India, Swamis, yogis, sages, masters, and gurus are as common as rainbows after a rain shower. Sitting at the feet of these enlightened beings is my thing - I thrive here.

Our group of twelve individuals, whom I secretly referred to as the twelve apostles, embarked on a journey of yoga, meditation, and soul seeking. Our enthusiastic hearts and open minds would prove to be the ideal recipe in search for the answers to life’s bigger questions.

Each morning nestled on the holy waters of the Ganges River we would meditate, punctuated by a yoga class. After a bountiful breakfast we would be whisked off to a historical site, often to visit with an enlightened teacher, which would include a visit to a shrine or temple. Then, we’d return to our ashram at dinnertime.

It was an ambitious schedule, but India has this way about her: she fuels your energy and feeds your soul. I was feeling invincible until I drank the water.

We had been warned numerous times not to drink the water, ANY water. We were not to buy food from the street vendors and to use discretion at all times regarding all food and drink. However, a hike of 10 kilometers on the Ganges River had left me dehydrated and energetically depleted.

We were heading back to the tour bus when I spotted a lovely gem shop. I had wanted to buy gifts for loved ones so I thought I would drop in. We were given a half-hour to shop before heading back to the ashram.

Power shopping in the heat after a long exhausting hike was effortless for me. I found my treasures quickly, and as I was paying, I spotted a water cooler tucked neatly behind the counter. Instantly I asked the clerk if I could fill my water bottle. I began to feel my thirst lift.

As if in slow motion, two trains of thought appeared,
“Don’t drink the water,” and
“It should be fine, it’s from a water cooler.”

I thanked the gracious shopkeeper, and without a moment’s hesitation I lifted my water bottle to my dry and parched mouth. I guzzled most of the water.

Several hours later after a delicious meal, we all fell into bed after a hearty round of goodnights. I fell into a long-awaited night’s sleep and within hours I was awakened by a splitting headache, the pain so bad I knew it would welcome Advil.

I surmised dehydration but it was the sudden attack of stomach cramps that took me down. The strangest fever would come and go like waves on the ocean.

They say, whomever they are, that India gives you what you need. In the days to follow, I was host to a bacterial infection that would render me delirious, unable to eat, and questioning, “why me, why this, why now?”

I had no choice but to spend three days in complete stillness. The option of leaving my bed was non-existent. As I lay still, I observed thoughts like,
“You fool, you were warned.”
“What if you die here?”

The thoughts were never-ending and the “what ifs” took on a life of their own.

Clearly my emotions were being influenced by my thoughts, and, in a weakened state, I seemed to lose the tools needed to heal my situation. So I reached out in prayer.

I prayed to every Swami, Saint, and Sage I had ever encountered. I begged for understanding and slowly the teaching came to me.

A blinding light seemed to highlight a question that I needed to answer. How did I care for my Self? I reflected as I considered my diet, which was healthy most days, and my level of exercise, which was consistent. In all things body related, I felt positive. I had taken pretty damn good care of my body physically.

So what was I missing?

I seemed to watch myself being projected on a film screen. I looked like a ping-pong ball gone crazy. I witnessed several versions of myself running in all directions, juggling a very hectic life.

I realized I had to S L O W down.

I had to learn how to get better at prioritizing my activities; friends, jobs, and events would juice my energy verses zap it.

Meticulously and mindfully I began to thank my every muscle, bone, and limb. Within minutes, I began to experience strength returning to a body that just moments before would have welcomed being thrown into the holy waters of the Ganges River.

I vowed to return home and make rest and stillness a priority, to drink 8 cups of water a day at minimum, and begin an attitude of gratitude. I was gifted insight to a healthier me.

A smile spread across my heart as I instantly received the information.

Our body houses a soul and a mind. The health of all three are necessary for balance. When we are in balance, we are able to access peace, and with this peace we are free to experience liberation.

Like a deeply rooted tree, I feel firmly connected to new ground that has provided vital nourishment for my body, mind, and soul.

My body, my mind, and my soul are now in good alignment. Mother India, you never cease to disappoint. Your teachings are forever emblazoned on my soul as I anchor myself into this wisdom.

I’ll see you again next month with June’s Soul Note! Until then, we’d love to know how do you ensure balanced wellness within your mind, body, and soul.


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