Mercury in Cancer Love Horoscopes: Emotional Communications Matter

Posted on May 24, 2020

Two people make a heart with their bodies.

Mercury is about to move into Cancer in a few days, and this brings the planet of communication into the sign of emotion. Mercury in Cancer is the merging of the mind and heart!

This influence can focus astrology on communications, even more than it’s already been thanks to the Venus retrograde in Gemini. But with the Venus retrograde, it’s been more of the mind, and with Mercury in Cancer, it’s more of the heart. Emotional communication - it really does matter!

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Mercury in Cancer

If you were born with Mercury in Cancer in your birth chart, this comes naturally to you. Separating the heart and mind isn’t really something you know how to do (or at least, not very well). Whatever you say to others, you truly mean.

You take what others have to say to heart, and this can mean reading into things more than you should at times. Sometimes there isn’t anything behind what people have to say.

Objectivity may be lacking at times as well, and this has to be developed as you mature. Being more objective can be of great help in managing what you feel and not being too sensitive to what people say and think. This can plague you in your youth, and you can feel really insecure and always worried about what others are thinking - even though they may not be thinking at all!

You’re also someone who probably has a great memory for the things that leave an emotional imprint on you. If it makes you feel, you can recall it fifty years later like it was yesterday. The situations, the words, the people who get to you emotionally are the ones you never forget.

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In transit, Mercury in Cancer makes communication laced with emotion for all of us. That makes this a good time to say what we mean and mean what we say. We can be more emotionally honest and forthright, but also subjective, and we need to be better able to figure out when there’s something between the lines and when there’s nothing to see.

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Mercury in Cancer: Love Horoscopes

Aries: Focus on the Emotion

Mercury in Cancer focuses on emotional communication on the actual emotion. You may want to express what you’re feeling more openly, and you can work on emotionally connecting with others. By being more open and authentic, this can help improve your connections in relationships.

How you feel within your relationships may be dictated by whether you feel like you’re being heard. You can seek out more encouragement and support, and be more nurturing as well.

Taurus: Focus on Communication

For you, Mercury in Cancer focuses the emotional communication on the communication aspect. You can work on finding the right words to say and be more mindful of the way you’re saying it. You may want to explore finding different ways of expressing yourself, and find this helps you in dealing with others.

One of the last things you should do with your loved ones is fly off of the handle and speak without thinking first. That gets you in trouble! Know that your words have value and meaning.

Gemini: Don’t Hold Back Too Much

You may be more cautious about expressing emotional communication right now. You’re probably feeling pummeled by everything else going on astrologically, so you don’t want to start any extra drama that you don’t need. But holding back too much might make you feel frustrated and stuck, and this can cause you to lash out at loved ones. Don’t hold back quite so much.

Give more time to say what you need to say, and don’t feel like you have to say much more than that. And keep your ears open to others so they feel heard too.

Cancer: Be Open

This transit has Mercury in your sign, Cancer, so you can be a lot more open with what you’re thinking and feeling with others. You may look to others for validation, to make you feel seen, but this can cause you to be a little needy. Try to look more at yourself, and give yourself what you need.

If you’ve been quiet lately, you can work on being louder, and take steps to mentally connect with others in new ways.

Leo: Quiet Listening

Mercury in Cancer can take communication for you and make it a lot quieter. This may be a time when you don’t speak up as much, and instead, do a lot of listening. You can learn and absorb so much from others this way! When you do speak up, it’s probably going to be when it’s just you and them. You don’t need a big audience right now.

You may spend some time connecting to your subconscious mind now, and this can help you figure out underlying issues that have been impacting your ability to emotionally connect.

Virgo: New Thinking

Mercury in Cancer can help you find new ways of emotionally communicating and being open. You can feel that exploring new modes of expression allows you to find ways of connecting with others both mentally and emotionally. As an added bonus, you can be more objective as well, and not get too lost in the emotions.

You may feel inclined to push your mind outside of its comfort zone, and this can get you rolling on new ideas.

Libra: Make Emotional Communication a Goal

Mercury in Cancer can make emotional communication more of a goal for you than usual. You may start to see the importance in it, and want to foster it more in your relationships. When you make it a goal, you can work hard to make it real. If you don’t make it a priority like that, then you may not give it as much attention.

Much focus may go to your goals and ambitions during this period, so relationships in general just may not get as much attention.

Scorpio: Expand Emotional Communication

Mercury in Cancer can help you expand on emotional communication in your life. You can learn ways to do so, and you can feel positive about it. You may not focus too much on challenging emotions, instead of wanting to connect with others by focusing on the positive. You may have less interest in anything too serious.

Part of you may want some more space from others to free your mind, but be careful not to push too much, too far.

Sagittarius: Serious About Emotional Communication

Mercury in Cancer can help you get serious about emotional communication. You can connect with others on a deeper level, and have a greater understanding of what’s below the surface of what people say. You can be more intense and passionate while communicating, and this can strengthen intimacy in relationships.

You may need to work on not being too much for others to handle though. Give them some room to breathe.

Capricorn: Communicate in Your Relationships

Mercury in Cancer lights up your relationship sector, so you can focus on communicating within your relationships. You can be more expressive one-on-one, and feel more connected with others when you feel supported mentally. This can help you open up even more with loved ones, and show support to them.

Some degree of peace and harmony may be necessary for you during this period to keep your mind balanced and communication clear.

Aquarius: Small, Subtle Communication

Mercury in Cancer can actually make communication a little less emotional for you. You may prefer to keep your mind practical and focused instead. You can become passionate about the details, and may express your emotions in small, subtle ways. This is fine if you’re okay with others not noticing because it’s so small and so subtle.

You can show nurturing and support for others by paying closer attention to the details, and noticing the little things about them and what they say.

Pisces: More Love, More Open

Mercury in Cancer can make you more open with emotional communication with your loved ones. You may get a little dramatic about it at times, but your heart is a lot bigger and you probably mean well. The more you feel the love, the more open you can become. This can help you connect with the people you love.

Being affectionate, sweet, and gregarious can be a way you show support for the people you care about, wanting to make them feel good and laugh.


Know that Mercury will remain in Cancer for a prolonged period of time, staying in this sign until early August. Mercury normally moves through one sign quickly, so this is a while!

This occurs because Mercury will retrograde in Cancer mid-June to mid-July. That means focusing on emotional communication is incredibly important over the next 2 ½ months, and it’s vital that you set yourself up (and your relationships) to be able to endure this period!

How can you improve emotional communication with your loved ones? Brainstorm now!

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