Mercury in Cancer Love Horoscopes: Emotional Communications Matter

Posted on July 09, 2021
Updated on September 23, 2021

Two people make a heart with their bodies.

On July 11th, Mercury enters Cancer, and here we see the planet that rules Virgo and Gemini soften somewhat as it moves into the sign of the crab.

What does this mean for us?

Mostly, it means our communication style will be infused with emotion and messages from the heart. Cancer is all about the deep emotion and all about feeling things deeply.

So this brings some pretty interesting love horoscopes for us during this transit!

What Does Mercury in Cancer Mean In Your Birth Chart?

If you were born with Mercury in Cancer in your birth chart, this comes naturally to you. Separating the heart and mind isn’t really something you know how to do (or at least, not very well). Whatever you say to others, you truly mean.

You take what others have to say to heart, which can mean reading into things more than you should at times. Sometimes there isn’t anything behind what people have to say.

You can also struggle with communication at times. This Mercury struggles in particular with Mercury in Libra and Mercury in Aries people!

Mercury in Libra becomes frustrated with the abstract aspect of Mercury in Cancer. At the same time, Mercury in Aries has little patience for the slow and sometimes unclear communication style of Mercury in Cancer.

What About Mercury in Cancer as a Transit?

When Mercury moves into Cancer, communication becomes all about emotion. That makes this a good time to say what we mean and mean what we say.

We can be more emotionally honest and forthright, but also subjective.

We can empathize more with others, and for those of us who are a little stubborn in our thinking, we find we can see things from others’ points of view with greater ease.

Love Horoscopes for Mercury in Cancer

Aries: Empathy is Key!

Yours is not the most empathetic sign, but when Mercury moves into Cancer, you may find your empathy skills shoot up, and this makes it the perfect time for reconciling if there has been a fall-out.

Speak from the heart, Aries, because it is from here that you will be able to connect with another at a deeper level and progress the relationship in the direction you want it to move in.

Taurus: Focus on Communication!

Now is the time to think about the way you say things, Taurus. It comes more naturally to you now to be able to express the fullest degree of your feelings.

One of the last things you should do with your loved ones is fly off the handle and speak without thinking first. That gets you in trouble! Know that your words have value and meaning.

Gemini: Push Through Obstacles!

This transit can be a bit challenging for you, Gemini, so it’s important to think before you speak. You might just blurt out something you come to regret, especially in the heat of an argument!

The good thing about this transit is that it strengthens your empathetic abilities. When speaking with the one you love or have feelings for, think about what they are feeling first and how you imagine they will receive your words. That can be a big help when being at a loss of what to say!

Cancer: Let It All Out!

As Mercury is in your sign, this is especially fortunate for you, Cancer. If you have been struggling to express yourself, this transit brings you the opportunity to let it all spill out from the heart.

You can have some truly breakthrough moments during this time. You may find communication being taken to a deeper level which can help your relationship evolve spectacularly.

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Quiz CTA: How Cancer Are You?

Leo: Listen First!

It’s important that you spend this transit listening more than talking, Leo!

You’ll find during this period that others have some very important things to tell you, and the more you listen, the more it will all sink in.

You may spend some time connecting to your subconscious mind now, which can help you figure out underlying issues impacting your ability to emotionally connect.

Virgo: Broaden Your Emotional Horizons!

This is a powerful transit for you, Virgo, as your planetary ruler makes its way into emotional Cancer.

You may experience a few breakthrough conversations. Speaking from the heart does not always come easy to you, but during this transit, you may just find that something you’ve wanted to say for a long time just comes spilling out.

Let it all out because this will prove healing and therapeutic for you.

Libra: Expand Your Emotions To Others!

You are big on romance, Libra, and the truth is that during this transit, you’ll likely want to shout your feelings to the world.

There may be obstacles in your way, however, and this can prove challenging for you. There are other ways to express your emotions apart from saying them outright. Finding this balance may prove difficult for you, but if anyone can find balance, you can.

Scorpio: Keep Your Cool!

With Mercury entering Cancer, you’ll experience a double-whammy of watery emotion which can be difficult for you to contain if your emotions are out of sync, Scorpio.

It’s important to get a good hold of your emotions during this transit. If negative emotions are triggered, you might find that famous Scorpio sting lashing out. This is a sensitive transit so take time to balance yourself within regularly with meditation and exercises such as yoga.

Sagittarius: It’s Time To Get Serious!

Things are getting serious now, Sagittarius, as Mercury in Cancer brings out your serious side. So this is a good time to sit down and have a heart-to-heart conversation with the one you love.

You may experience a breakthrough or two during this time. Be careful of trying to hide your emotions too much. You may get scared at revealing your innermost feelings, but Mercury in Cancer makes it a very good time to let your emotions out.

Capricorn: It’s All About Balance!

If you’ve been focusing a lot on work, now is the time to bring some balance into your relationships, Capricorn.

Mercury in Cancer enables you to inject some fun and emotional times into your relationships, which is likely to go down well. Don’t hold back - let your hair down! There is the potential to create some wonderful memories during this transit.

Aquarius: Pay Attention to Detail!

You may not be especially emotional during this time in the way other signs are, Aquarius, but if an opportunity for a deep and meaningful conversation comes along, don’t pass it by.

This is a time when it is important to focus on the little details. If someone has been feeling uncertain, it’s time to clear the air and bring everything into the open.

Pisces: Let Your Love Shine Through!

This transit makes you very emotional, open, and affectionate. You’ll feel keen to mend broken bridges because you can’t bear the thought of leaving things unsaid.

You’ll want to nurture others during this time, and you may find yourself in the role of a mother hen for those who need a shoulder to cry on. This is a good transit for you, Pisces, so use the power of your voice to spread the love.

Merging the Head & Heart During Cancer Season

Hopefully, your personal love horoscope will give you an idea of how Mercury in Cancer can work for you.

This is a special transit because so many of us often struggle to speak our feelings. We may feel reluctant, embarrassed, or stifled in expressing ourselves.

Mercury in Cancer helps us to overcome these inhibitions. There is the potential for much romance under this transit because emotions rise to the surface.

Let Mercury in Cancer be your guide as you navigate the waters of love!

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