Mercury in Cancer: Using Feeling Words to Manifest Abundance

Posted on July 07, 2015
Updated on August 12, 2020

If you have been feeling like there is love in the air, not only are you right, but that energy is going to get amped up a notch starting tomorrow. July 2015 is the launching of one of the most romantic summers in a long time from an astrology perspective. Love is, literally in the air. And in so many different ways too! This means that whether you are looking for love, working on love, or want to manifest abundance in love, all of that energy will be right at your fingertips. But you probably have other dreams too, no? Of course you do. If so, then knowing that love energy is high right now can be helpful too. In ALL of your pursuits of abundance this Summer, whether that is in love, work, or play, using your passions as your foundations means you can’t go wrong.

What is Mercury in Cancer?

We have one of these transits launching tomorrow. It is the transit of Mercury in Cancer, beginning July 8 and lasting until July 23. At that point, Mercury transits into fun loving Leo. This means the start of your Summer begins with the planet of communication in the zodiac sign of love and feelings, and concludes with the same planet of communication in the zodiac sign of passion and creativity. Get ready for an awesome summer! Here’s how to use that energy to manifest abundance!

Starting tomorrow, your communications will be inspired by how you feel before they are inspired by how you think. Come from a place of love this month, and your communications and messages will be literally heaven sent. And the people hearing your communications and receiving them will receive them from a place of love, if that is your intent. We also have Mars and Neptune getting their flirt on tomorrow, and that means your intuition plays a HUGE role as this season of abundance begins. How do you want to manifest abundance with Mercury in Cancer? Here are some tips to harness the power of feelings and feeling words no matter where in your life you want to see your passions ignite.

1. Run with the nostalgia.

Cancer is very psychic energy that is very nurturing and nostalgic. So if you are wondering why you are feeling all warm and fuzzy with some strolls down memory lane over the next few weeks, now you know. And now you know that if you run with it, you increase your chances of harnessing that magical Mercury in Cancer energy to create some abundance in your life. It doesn’t have to be a love or a family matter as Cancer may persuade you. It could be a work matter, some flashbacks from amazing work experiences where you communicated initiatives or ideas or felt inspired, that led to success. Nostalgia will creep into your life over the next few weeks in the most romantic and unexpected ways. Go with it! Mercury says it will take you somewhere wonderful.

2. Get your chatty Cathy on.

With Mercury in Cancer, expect to feel overcome with feeling words that bond connections and conversations. You may feel like you just never want to stop chatting to the people you feel the deepest bonds with, or you may deepen bonds when you get your chatty Cathy on. This is a great period for romance as many people that normally have their guards up suddenly find themselves opening up to people in ways they never expected. And if you need this in love or work, you can get your chat on and open the floodgates. What you give out in the way of feelings words, will come back to you under this transit.

3. Initiate those conversations you’ve been putting off.

It’s time to have some real talk in some areas! That could be in work, play, or love. If you’ve needed answers in some areas of your life, initiating the conversation is going to be the way to get what you want. Cancer is a leader by being a Cardinal Sign. They are born initiators and starters. Cancer launches Summer! The season of love! Initiate bold moves and big conversations in this period, subtly, and with some playful energy, and watch the magic and abundance of love unfold. Right before your very eyes!

4. Accept the invitation of inspiration.

Trust becomes a big issue in conversations when Mercury is in Cancer. Your intuition is on super alert during this period and so inspiration on who can and can not be trusted will come to you in waves. Accept this, and be inspired by who is finding themselves drawing closer to you. There’s a reason for that! Personal stories are going to come out more in abundance in this transit, and you will simply feel compelled to share and exchange warm conversations. Be inspired by those that share more than they normally would. The Universe may be offering you a connection that could help you manifest abundance in some way in your life, in the future. Be open! And accept the invitation of inspiration, even if it comes in a package you normally aren’t accustomed to.

5. Use feelings words….

Mercury is the messenger that loves to communicate, and Cancer is the zodiac sign that is all about warm and fuzzy feelings. Cancer can be a little crabby and so sometimes the feelings words Cancer lets go aren’t so great. But even when they are not so great, they almost always create change and progress. Growth in relationships, at work or at home, is experienced when we are true to our Selves and our truth. Don’t be afraid to say what is on your mind, even if it isn’t the best moment. It remains your truth, even if it is unpretty. You will find that it clears the path for change. You can soften truths, difficult and painful ones, or awkward and emotional ones, with feelings words that are kind and show your intent is from a compassionate place. And when you do, the bonds and connections you form will deepen and create an intimacy between you and more connections as the summer goes on. And what better way to start a Summer than with deeper emotional connections that help you to manifest more abundance in your life, in work, love, or play!

Where in your life are you hoping Mercury in Cancer will manifest and create deeper and more intimate bonds and connections? How are you going to do your part to communicate with softness and kindness and attain the abundance you need in your life? What are your Mercury in Cancer desires?

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