Mercury Retrograde in Cancer 3-Card Tarot Spread

Posted on June 15, 2020
Updated on October 29, 2020

A Mercury Retrograde Tarot Spread from Astrology Answers.

Mercury Retrograde always tends to bring a few ‘Eek!’ moments. This happens about three or four times a year when Mercury, the planet of communication and the ruler of Gemini and Virgo, gives the illusion of going backwards.

When Mercury goes backwards, it can have all kinds of effects on our communication with others. Our words get muddled, misunderstandings occur, communication breaks down. Technology is affected too, and can lead to very frustrating moments with a laptop or other devices!

Of course, as with most things, Mercury Retrograde is not all bad.

It gives us the opportunity to see how well-equipped we are for disturbances. It sharpens our senses and really brings out the planner in us. It also gives us the opportunity to see how well we are able to enter a zen-like state of mind when unexpected mishaps crop up.

What Happens When Mercury Goes Retrograde in Cancer?

On Sunday, July 7th, Mercury will go retrograde in the Zodiac sign of the crab, and goes direct again on July 12th.

As Cancer is a potent Water sign powerfully associated with emotions and matters of the home, it’s time to think about the way we communicate on an emotional level. In fact, one of the best ways to harness this retrograde is by getting in touch with our more troublesome emotions and hatching a plan to deal with them.

This could even manifest in the Universe flinging situations or conversations at us to trigger it, if we don’t do so of our own accord. Remember: the Universe knows best!

These few days of Cancer Mercury Retrograde this summer bring the opportunity to connect with others and ourselves at a deeper, emotional level. It could result in some touchy moments, but if we are open and honest, there is great potential for healing.

Mercury Retrograde in Cancer Tarot Spread.

3-Card Tarot Spread for Mercury Retrograde in Cancer

A good Tarot spread for this transit should focus on what emotional issues need facing and how we can resolve them. Remember, when you work in line with the universal energies, your results are all that more spectacular.

Check out the Tarot spread below and try during your time in Mercury Retrograde this summer:

Question: What emotional issues do I need to focus on?

  • Card 1: The underlying emotional issue
  • Card 2: Why I need to focus on it
  • Card 3: What I should do to resolve it

Below is an example spread so you can see how it pans out:

Card 1: The Moon

The Moon as the emotional issue I need to focus on indicates that there is a problem deep within my subconscious that needs addressing.

It is also something that generates fear inside me. The Moon is a card of mystery and magic, but it is also a card of fear, especially hidden fear. It would be good to meditate and spend time reflecting to dig deeper about what this fear is.

As this card is a Major, it indicates this is a large and debilitating emotion.

Note: You can always pull a “clarifier” card if you still have questions about want to know more about what this card means.

Card 2: 8 of Swords

The 8 of Swords is a card of entrapment. It indicates being trapped and paralyzed mentally. Whatever this emotional issue is, it is imprisoning me in some way. I feel surrounded and unable to break out of it mentally. This is clearly having a negative effect on my growth and the ability to move forward.

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Card 3: The Hermit

As another card of the Major Arcana in the “What should I do?” position, this is indicating that I need to go within and do some soul-searching. The Hermit is the ultimate soul-searching card. It can speak of going away on spiritual retreats to find myself or having meditation sessions which can help me understand the situation better.

The Hermit is very much a “me” card which indicates that the answers lie within.

Overall, this reading shows that emotional trouble is related to my personal fears and is preventing me from being the best of myself. The solution is to go inwards where the answers can be found.


Mercury Retrograde in Cancer can be a powerful time of reconnecting with oneself and understanding our emotions at a deeper level.

This is a world that revolves around emotions - and when we understand our own emotional selves better, we can then help to change the emotional lives of those around us, helping them to become the best of themselves too.

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