The Mythology of the Zodiac: The Earth Constellations (BONUS Free Desktop Wallpaper Inside!)

Posted on August 26, 2018
Updated on August 27, 2018

Welcome to the next article in our Mythology of the Zodiac series! Today we will help you learn the stories behind the Earth sign constellations. These salt-of-the-earth people are the ones who build things, fix things, see big projects through, and keep us practical and grounded in all areas of our lives. Earth sign people are a vital part of the whole when it comes to the very unique personalities that keep our world functioning.

We want you to understand how each Earth sign is unique so you can better understand them when you meet them, or even better, understand yourself at a deeper level. Humans are hard-wired to relate and connect with story, which is why we so often use them when teaching children.

Think of these stories as doorways to a more enriched life. Just as we learned the alphabet with songs, we learn these stories to be able to speak a more refined language of human nature.


As the story goes, Zeus fell in love with the daughter of a king. Zeus became a very beautiful white bull and went to the beach to meet this woman in disguise. Overtaken by the beauty of the bull, she mounted it. Zeus, overtaken by his own excitement, ran into the ocean with her. Soon after, she produced three of Zeus’ sons. It’s not the kindest of stories by any means, however it does allow us to see how appearances can be deceptive and shows how the Taurus is prone to getting caught up in beauty and aesthetic appeal.

The bull that represents the sign of Taurus literally has a hard head. Taureans are known to be stubborn - if you know a Taurus, you’ll know you can’t ever tell them what to do. That said, their ability to dig their metaphorical hooves into the Earth and stand their ground can often be used for good. Taureans are willing to acknowledge their own desires and allow themselves to indulge in the pleasures of the senses. Other signs that are workaholics or stressed easily can learn from this sign about how to relax.


Sitting between Leo and Scorpio, the constellation of Virgo is symbolized by the virgin and is the only apparent human (and the only apparent female) symbol in the zodiac. It’s the second largest constellation, made up of 20 stars. In Greek mythology, the gods and goddesses were said to have lived on the Earth in the golden era, so Virgo was rumored to have been on Earth as Astraea, the daughter of Zeus. There are many versions of this story but they all have to do with the harvest on Earth. It is said Astraea couldn’t bear the greed of the planet and went to live in the stars as a result.

Virgo is depicted holding an ear of corn because it was said that in the golden age, there was harvest all year. That is, until the gods left the Earth because of the greed and selfishness, and the harvest stopped. It’s said that the harvest time now happens just once a year because Zeus granted his daughter permission to give to the Earth again, although not all year.

Astraea is known as the the goddess of innocence, and Virgo is known to be nurturing and helpful. A Virgo is also concerned with the physical world in regards to cleaning, organizing, and practical matters. They have a knack for planning, fixing problems and providing for others. The care it takes to nurture the crops before a harvest is another example of how Virgos approach life. Perfectionist Virgo will immediately see the problems with large systems and they won’t stop until they are fixed, just as the goddess Astraea was kind enough to bring the harvest back to Earth.


The Capricorn symbol is a sea goat, half goat and half fish. During the time that the gods of Olympus were in Egypt, there was an attack by a monster. The gods transformed themselves into animals to hide, and as the story goes, Zeus was dismembered by the monster. Capricornus, also known as Almalthea, was the goat who nursed young Zeus to keep his father from killing him for fear his own son would usurp his power. During the monster attack, Almalthea jumped into the Nile to turn into a fish to disguise himself from the monster. However, he wasn’t fully transformed when Zeus was torn to pieces. The gods worked together; even though Almalthea was only half a fish, he distracted the monster so Hercules could gather Zeus’s body parts and reassemble them later. So of course, his bravery landed him a constellation in the stars.

This zodiac constellation is the second most faint in the sky. It’s interesting to see how the characteristics of these stories play into the personality of Capricorns, who are slow to trust but fiercely loyal when that trust is earned. Capricorn works hard to protect the things we need for survival, the home, food, and money, just as someone who nurses a child provides sustenance. They are work towards practical plans and known to have an accurate account of their budget at all times.

Concluding Thoughts…

It’s interesting that the mythology of the Earth constellations are all linked to events that occurred on the Earth. This really explains why Earth signs are concerned with the more practical matters in life. Earth signs need to have a plan, a stable income, and secure relationships because it’s written into their consciousness.

While they may not have the same creativity and intuition as the other signs, Earth signs are incredibly smart when it comes to business and they have tremendous abilities to fix the things other signs miss because of their slower, steadier, detail-oriented approach. They are able to keep our society functioning in the most fundamental sense

Where would we be without the groundedness of the Earth signs!?

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