Ask Charla: Need Help Creating A Peaceful Work Space? These Stones Could Be The Answer

Posted on September 04, 2017
Updated on July 03, 2020

Welcome to another edition of ‘Ask Charla.′ You know, here at Astrology Answers I get a lot of questions from all corners of the globe; things to do with love and romance, chakras, tarot, astrology, numerology; if it′s metaphysical, then someone at some time has asked it!

Stress in the workplace can be a nightmare! Computers, cellphones, Facetime and the like make things easier in some ways, but they also create challenges that might not have arisen a few decades or even a few years ago. Fortunately for every advance in technology, there’s an ancient remedy to help us cope with any negativity that might arise.

I’ve listed my favorite crystals below, in alphabetical order.


This lovely soothing stone is an all around good guy. It’s said to block disrupted energy fields, prevent you from absorbing microwaves and wi-fi frequencies, and to impede electromagnetic pollution. It’s a perfect partner for your desk, particularly if you’re surrounded by electronic devices.

Amazonite also soothes negative energy, and causes others to think twice before they take advantage of you.


This is a root chakra stone. It’s valuable when it comes to grounding, centering and shielding your own energies, and it also protects your subtle body from the surrounding electromagnetic pollution. With hematite’s protective qualities, you can either wear it, or place it between you and the technology that’s concerning you.

If you’ve got issues with the person at a neighboring workstation, place hematite between you!


A good go-to crystal for the workplace is kyanite. It helps to deflect negative energy, sharpens communication, and is fantastic for bringing different ideas together. It prevents blockages in your energy field and helps you to resonate on the right frequency so that your subtle body isn’t susceptible to being polluted by your environment.

It works with the throat chakra, third-eye chakra, and heart chakra, and helps you to discern what’s worth your time and what is not.


This stone is thought to help to protect you from electromagnetic energies. If you work with computers or any other electronic devices, you might find putting malachite on your desk helpful. It’s hard not to feel positive with malachite’s beautiful green striations, and malachite is reputed to help increase your vitality, too.

It’s a heart chakra stone, which will assist you in staying calm and composed as you deal with other people throughout your day.


Sodalite is one of the most cleansing stones out there, and it works great when it comes to cleansing wi-fi signals and other electromagnetic pollution from your environment. It’s a third-eye chakra stone, and its presence helps you to keep your wits about you. Sometimes the stress and negativity in the workplace can make you mentally muddled.

Sodalite enables you to cut through all of that and find some clarity.


In this case, it’s black tourmaline you need. Years ago it was used as a pipe cleaner! It can be electrically charged, and is often used in rituals to ground and disperse negative energies. These two aspects of this very useful stone make it wonderful for helping you cope with electromagnetic energy from your workstation.

It will also help with your posture from sitting at a desk, as well as enhancing your confidence.


This list isn’t by any means complete. Crystal allies help you in many ways, and most of them can be programmed to do whatever you need from them. When all else fails, choose a nice, clear quartz stone.

Quartz is so very receptive, and comes in many different shapes and points. There’s rutilated quartz with beautiful gold striations, quartz with strands of tourmaline running through it, enhydro quartz that has ancient water trapped in it and phantom quartz that has another crystal growing inside it.

There are even quartz crystals with ‘time windows’ so you can project your thoughts back to the past or ahead to the future in order to straighten something out; the list is endless.

Quartz is always my go-to stone, simply because it is so readily available and so adaptable. I encourage you to explore the potential that it has to offer to you when it comes to putting a stone on your desk to create calm and counteract negativity at work. Perhaps we’ll take a look at the different types of quartz in another article!

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