Neptune Direct in Pisces Alert - Denial Is Not Just a River

Posted on November 24, 2018
Updated on October 17, 2020

Has life felt a little foggy lately? Or have you been confused a lot about very big things in life? That is largely in part due to Neptune retrograde in Pisces since June 18, 2018. This has dialled up the ante on our psychic world, or emotional center, and our introverted style of life. We aren’t going out and getting much that we want in life because Neptune retrograde has us feeling our way through motives, confusions, and yes, even deceptions. So that’s what we are looking at today.

Maybe you’ve been particularly susceptible to knowing when people aren’t on the up with you. Or maybe you’ve been so fed up with so many that you are escaping to a cave of your own as Pisces does. You may also have noticed you’ve had heightened psychic gifts such as telepathy, twin flame communication, intuition, or foretelling. If these acts are a first for you, it can be pretty scary! It’s very easy to feel like you are losing your mind if you suddenly have telepathy with a twin flame, see sleep dreams start manifesting in real life, or even more strange, telepathy with someone from the afterlife.

You aren’t alone. You aren’t losing your mind. You’ve been experiencing Neptune retrograde. On November 24, Neptune goes direct in Pisces, and we are all going to learn that denial is not just a river in Egypt (see what we did there?). The things you’ve been experiencing emotionally are real things. They aren’t in your head. They are real things, and now, well maybe now you have to deal with them.

That’s a good thing.

What Happens When Neptune Turns Direct?

Neptune, an outer planet, is one of the oldest planets. As such, its journeys through the zodiac are a bit longer, and it doesn’t zip through the signs like other planets do. That means we experience Neptune in a larger way, a more expansive way.

Because Neptune is so broad and is a watery body, Neptune is also emotional. It rules Pisces and is in Pisces right now, the Mutable sign of the Water signs. This means that the themes Neptune rules are even more pronounced than usual.

One theme of Neptune is the theme of illusions. Have you been wandering in fantasy land the past few months? Have they been more pronounced than usual? It’s easy to trick ourselves into thinking fantasy is real when Neptune is retrograde, and that’s a dangerous place to be in. We make bad decisions when Neptune is retrograde and are tricked by these illusions, whether we are denying the truth, or someone is hiding it from us.

With Pisces being such a psychic one, that means that Pisces themes are also enhanced – dreams, creativities, the arts, and psychic gifts. Poetry, romance, and any other kind of spiritual expression of love is found here.

Then we have the twelfth house themes to contend with – isolation, retreat, unconditional love, compassion, spiritual freedom.

So if you’ve been wondering if your psychic experiences that suddenly cropped up over the last few months are real, the answer is absolutely yes. And if you’ve been wondering if you’ve been lost in illusions and fantasies the past few months, the answer is absolutely yes. So it’s time to sort the wheat from the chaff and say goodbye to denial.

Facts will be easier to discern, those who have been deceiving you for so long won’t be able to swindle you anymore. But you won’t be able to swindle yourself either. You’ll really start to understand your psychic journey over the past few months, why you’ve had it, and what it means next.

What to Expect When Neptune Turns Direct:

When dreamy and psychic Neptune turns direct in dreamy and psychic Pisces, you are going to start seeing some of these psychic experiences manifest into the truths what they actually are. So the dreamy and psychic things that have been going on with you over the past few months are merely symbols of what will be. You’ll see it.

Maybe you’ve had a recurring dream about an apple for example, but it’s a really, really bad apple, and the dream is a little unnerving. And it keeps coming and coming and coming.

Then one day someone you’ve been struggling with personally drops a bombshell or does something that explains all of their weird behaviour of the past few months. There’s your bad apple.

You’ll know the truth that Neptune reveals when your inner world begins to experience peace. So in this example, you’ll probably stop having this bad apple dream. This is how Neptune direct brings us peace. Here are some other ways you will get past this denial you unconsciously find yourself in with Neptune retrograde.

  • The fog is lifted.

The light is at the end of the tunnel. Suddenly all of the emotional inner work you’ve been undergoing, whether you have realized it or not, makes sense to you. Expect the planet of illusion to manifest truth for you in a very emotional way. It won’t happen overnight or suddenly. It will be like driving through the fog and it’s foggy, it’s foggy, it’s foggy… until it just isn’t. And you just get it.

  • Emotional matters move forward.

This will happen naturally and in a bit of a blur, and again, like driving through a fog, you may not see it immediately. Remember that these are emotional things. Think of this like treading water, and you’ve been treading water on a key emotional issue over the past few months. Now, the muddy water clears and you see exactly how to move forward on this emotional issue.

  • Change dissolves restrictions.

While retrograde, Neptune has been in charge of an emotional issue that has restricted us. Not many people want to bring up at dinner that they are having telepathy with someone from the afterlife or bad apple dreams. But when Neptune turns direct, it has a way of dissolving those barriers that prevent us from giving this truth. Change will happen. And with that, the emotional barriers you have put up will dissolve. It’s liberating.

  • Create.

The way you can create all of this change is by… creating. Get artistic. Dream. Dance. Paint. Draw. Write. Do you what you need to do in order to get it all out. You may not be able to have a heart to heart with someone that will dissolve your emotional restrictions. But you can write about it. You can journal it. You can sing about it. Do what you need to do to get it out. You won’t need to think about this, Neptune direct will inspire you to do it.

  • Discover your calling.

You may have found Neptune retrograde particularly intense emotionally. Welcome to the program. It’s been heavier than usual, that’s because Neptune has been pointing you to go inward to discover something bigger than your norm. It’s time to discover your calling. Something intrinsic about your true calling has been happening while you’ve been in this emotional fog. Expect subtle changes from Neptune direct to help you find out the true Higher Purpose. It’s time for the next stage. Progress. We can’t deny it anymore, it’s time to change our world.

Concluding Thoughts…

Neptune direct is urging us to let go of the emotional garbage we were working through while Neptune was retrograde. Let go of your anger, childhood trash, grudges, and bitter banana moments. Discover your true calling and welcome in the things that make you feel lighter, happier, peaceful, and clear. If it feels like you are doing something with purpose, that is Neptune urging you to get closer. What denial are you ready to leave behind?

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