Neptune in Pisces: Your 5-Year Plan

Posted on April 22, 2020
Updated on November 06, 2020

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Think about it: During the past 8 years in particular, we’ve seen the spiritual community steadily grow and transform, allowing people to see things like astrology and other intuitive practices in a different light.

People who may have been skeptical before are taking the time to try and better understand this incredible cosmic practice, and a large part of this shift that’s occurring in society has to do with Neptune, God of the Sea to some, the planet of dreams and illusions to others.

Since 2012, Neptune has been spinning along its slow path through its own home sign, the empathic and intuitive Water sign of Pisces, and won’t be moving on into the sign of Aries until 2025.

The Impact of the Generational Planets:

In astrology, the planets are categorized by how close they are to the Sun, and how long they take to move through each sign.

Neptune, along with Uranus and Pluto, are the generational planets in astrology.

Each of these planets take years to come full circle through the zodiac and around the Earth, which means that a large number of people born within the same generation will typically have these planets in the same signs. In other words, the influence of these planets is “generational.”

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Usually Neptune will only transit about 7 of your houses during your lifetime, since this planet takes about 165 years to travel through the entire zodiac. Every 14 years, Neptune moves through another sign, causing ripples and transformation in societies and cultures worldwide through its intuition and mystery.

Neptune’s Influence in Pisces

When Neptune was in the innovative sign of Aquarius back in 2010, we saw the world gradually become fixated on technology and digitization. The world was introduced to something we had never seen before - social networking (which, interestingly enough, is ruled by Aquarius). It’s completely transformed our lives on a global scale, and largely thanks to Neptune’s powerful influence.

As Neptune moved into the transcendental sign of Pisces in 2012, society’s interest in occult subjects began to grow in a way that we’d never seen before. Since Pisces is naturally ruled by Neptune, they work in harmony with one another. The sign of Pisces is all about emotion, healing, and spirituality, and Neptune is about the same things, just on a generational scale. Together, their influence is incredibly powerful and transformative.

Today, Neptune in Pisces is leading people to question their spiritual or religious beliefs, encouraging us to pause and tap in to our inner voice and intuition. What are we dreaming about? What kind of deeply rooted subconscious issues are coming up for us? Are we experiencing any kind of spiritual awakening? Neptune asks that we reflect on these questions instead of taking action or being impulsive during this time.

While this transit is in effect, it’s essential that we focus more time on diving into the depths of our psyche, eliminating any self-sabotaging or unhealthy behaviors. It’s time to get to the root of these issues - is there anything in your life that triggers these actions?

Keeping track of these emotions by journaling during this time will allow you to notice any patterns that need to be transformed. During this period, healing can also take place by spending more time alone, taking up an artistic hobby or seeking spiritual counsel.

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Your Next 5 Years of Neptune in Pisces:

During this transit, it’s important to learn how to let your emotions guide you without controlling you. Yes, this is no easy task. But we still have plenty of time to refine this skill under this transit!

Since Neptune rules over illusions and uncertainty, during these next 5 years, it’s possible that our judgement will be cloudier and we may be more inclined to make ill-advised decisions.

When you can, practice taking a moment and allowing yourself to think before making hasty decisions.

Take a deep breath in, hold it, and count to five. As you release the breath, imagine yourself releasing any negative emotions you no longer want to harbor. Once you successfully manage your emotion, your focus can shift to releasing it in a healthy way.

Working with crystals that assist in grounding and stabilizing your emotions like azurite and bloodstone will help carry you through these heightened emotional times with ease. Practicing meditation with your crystals will assist in allowing you to better connect with them, and sleeping with them under your pillow will help you to retain your dreams.

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As we near the end of this Neptune in Pisces transit, it’s important for us to reflect on what we’ve learned and how we’ve transcended beyond our own limitations.

What dreams can come to life now that we’ve gotten out of our own way? What kinds of lessons have we learned from listening to our intuition?

It’s important for us to remember that the planets only possess the energy, we are the ones who get to determine how we want to harness it.

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