New Moon in Sagittarius Checklist: 7 Ways to Get Lucky and Make Sparks Fly

Posted on December 10, 2015

It’s New Moon time again and this is a special one. Well, aren’t they all? But this one is the last New Moon of 2015! And this New Moon is happening in the sparkly Fire Sign of Sagittarius. What a fun last New Moon of 2015 to have! Being ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius is one of the luckiest zodiac signs. And so, all Earthlings will get a little bit of this luck when the New Moon enters the exciting Fire Sign of Sagittarius. It’s an important New Moon, and not just because it is our last, but because it has a very special relationship with our last Full Moon of the year. That would be the Full Moon in Cancer that will be arriving on Christmas Day. All New Moons have relationships with their monthly Full Moon. And when we combine the fun and excitement of the New Moon in Sagittarius, with the warm and loving and even psychic Full Moon in Cancer later this month, it is a combination that is guaranteed to make many holiday wishes come true. Are you ready to harness the power of the last New Moon of 2015? As your last New Moon of the year, it is a special one where anybody can harness its powers, no matter what zodiac sign you are. Are you ready to get lucky and see sparks fly this holiday season? That energy is in play right now. Here’s how to use it for the most magical holiday season ever.

New Moon in Sagittarius: The 5 W’s of harnessing holiday luck….

• What: It is a brand New Moon! Hanging in the sky at just a sliver of a Moon, this New Moon heralds new beginnings, and holds a relationship with the Full Moon later this month. Plant the seeds of new beginnings, and watch them begin to come full circle right around the Christmas holiday.

• Where: This New Moon arrives in the gorgeous Fire Sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarius themes of luck, adventure, philosophy, and fire will be the themes you will notice over this period.

• Who: This New Moon arrives in the Mutable Fire Sign of Sagittarius. As such, Sagittarius will feel these effects the most, as will their fellow Fire Signs Leo and Aries. However, this New Moon energy is available to all zodiac signs looking to harness their luck, and watch the sparks fly this New Moon.

• When: New Moon in Sagittarius will arrive on December 11 in this hemisphere, and on December 10 in the Southern parts of the world. The New Moon energy is available from December 9 through December 13 in the Northern world, and from December 8 to December 12 on the “other side.”

• Why: The purpose of every New Moon is to plant the seeds of new beginnings in your life. With this New Moon in Sagittarius, the seeds of new beginnings that harness the qualities of the Fire Signs, luck, adventure, passion, and spirit, will be the seeds that manifest the most miracles.

7 Ways to Get Lucky and Make Sparks Fly

This New Moon in Sagittarius is a very special New Moon. It is our last New Moon of 2015, but it is also a New Moon ruled by Jupiter the planet of luck. That this occurs during a busy holiday season is no coincidence! In addition to this energy we also have Venus in Scorpio helping you to make sparks fly during the holidays. Things are going to get saucy, sexy, and very very lucky if you play your cards right. Here’s your checklist to do just that.

• Let it shine. This New Moon in Sagittarius harnesses the power of the Fire Signs, and so whatever and wherever you can get your sparkle on, do it. Be that Christmas lights, candles, a fire in the hearth, or even some glitter in your hair or holiday presents. These little sparkles are your way of letting your inner light shine, and Sagittarius just loves to get their sparkle on. So let your light shine in subtle and mysterious ways from within, and manifest that in ways that we all can see through sparkly and fiery lit nights and days that harness the light of Sagittarius.

• Smile! Sounds so simple, right? Being ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius is the most optimistic and positive zodiac sign. This means, smile no matter what under this New Moon and your positive and optimistic attitude will reap incredible results. Get stuck in line at the store? A speeding ticket on the way home? A blizzard snowed in your Christmas party? Smile anyway. Jupiter and this New Moon is watching and ready to reward those that show positivity and optimism no matter what. And yes I mean, no matter what. No grumpy gusses allowed! At least, not if you want to get lucky this holiday. And I know that you do!

• Aim and fire. Sagittarius is symbolized by the archer in the zodiac. And although Sagittarius is a Mutable Sign, and a little bit all over the place sometimes, they really aren’t all over the place. Sagittarius is actually pretty focused and knows exactly what they want. They just seem scattered because they are always having so much fun. So whatever new beginnings you are interested in, be focused. Don’t let your mind wander. Aim, and fire, and the Sagittarius arrow will find its way. It may not happen today, or this week even, but if you harness this faith and power….it will happen. Wait for results that could occur around Christmas Day with the Full Moon in Cancer, and some of the bigger and more epic moments will arrive in the New Year. Aim and fire, and then wait for it.

• Express desires. Let’s face it. You aren’t going to get everything you want on your holiday wish list unless you actually…..make those wishes. How does Santa know what to bring you if you don’t tell him? Who is the Santa in your life that you want to fulfill your wishes? Express those desires in whatever way makes the most sense to you. Put it in writing, whisper it in pillow talk, whatever way is the most comfortable for you, put it out there. We have some interesting Venus, the goddess of love, and Neptune the god of dreams and fantasies, linking up with the New Moon in Sagittarius. What does that mean? It means all of the energy is there for your wishes to come true. But you have to actually make those wishes. Don’t make them in your head. Make them in a tangible way that the Santa in your world can actually make that happen.

• Forgive. This is the time of the year where we put all negative stuff aside, and forgive anyway. Don’t argue with me with a sentence that starts with a “But,”. There are no “buts” when it comes to forgiveness. Put it behind you. Forgive anyway. This activates unconditional love that sets off a very powerful chain reaction in the Universe. And guess who the rewards come back to? You. It doesn’t matter how awful the thing was that you don’t want to forgive. Forgive anyway. If someone did you wrong remember that this is their karma to contend with, not yours. Hanging onto anger and negativity because of their karma, is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die for it. Don’t do that to yourself. Forgive anyway. Jupiter and the New Moon are waiting to reward those with luck and success if you do.

• Get connected. Every New Moon has a powerful relationship with the Full Moon of that same month. So this Sagittarius New Moon is connected to the Full Moon in Cancer on Christmas Day. Relationships and relationship experiences that happen in this period will be very powerful! The more you connect with others, the greater your rewards. Be the enthusiastic and inspired one at gatherings and with your lover. When you do, you will find that energy is contagious and spreads like wildfire, like a Sagittarian wildfire! Be wild, be adventurous, be loving, and connect with others in unique ways that make your heart sing. If your heart is singing, so will theirs be. And when it is you that is starting that fire, then it is you that is obtaining those rewards. Connect dots, build bridges, and put yourself out there in whatever way you can. And watch the Sagittarius New Moon send you blessings that you never expected.

• Be brave. As we say this New Moon has a connection with the Full Moon in Cancer later this month. And, right after the Full Moon, while the Full Moon energy is in full effect, we are also seeing Uranus in Aries go direct. There are going to be some big bold moves around Christmas Day! If you want some of this action yourself, put on your brave hat and be as bold as you can. Maybe you will be the recipient of this bold energy. If that is the case, then you have to be brave enough to accept the bold new changes the Universe sends your way. And, maybe you will be the one to make the bold moves. In that case, bravado will be your best armour in this regard. We expect to see a lot of engagements, proposals, spur of the moment weddings, and baby announcements this holiday season. These are just some examples, there will be many more. When a life change happens this holiday, be brave enough to accept it. It is after all exactly what you wished for. It may not look like what you thought it would, but it is here, and it is happening. Be brave enough to recognize that wish coming true for what it is, and embrace it with open arms. When you do, all of the gods of luck and miracles will shine on you.

And there you have it! The only 7 things you need to know to harness luck and manifest miracles over the holiday season, under the New Moon in Sagittarius and the Full Moon in Cancer. Stay tuned as we will cover the Full Moon in Cancer on Christmas Day in more detail later in the month. Until then, smile no matter what, forgive anyway, and get your sparkle on! If you do, the gods of the Universe are waiting to grant those New Moon wishes for you this month. What New Moon wishes do you have this holiday season?

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