Beneficial Thought: Your New Moon in Sagittarius Wish List and Action Plan

Posted on December 14, 2017

The Sagittarius birthday party is in full swing, and it is Sagittarius energy you are going to channel when making your New Moon wishes this month. The Sun, Venus, and Mercury are all hanging out in Sagittarius right now. The next planet to celebrate Sagittarius birthday will be the New Moon!

That’s exactly what we are going to talk about today, how to make your New Moon in Sagittarius wish list, and check it twice. The universe knows who’s naughty or nice, and is ready to hand out the rewards. Here’s how to make sure you’re on the Nice List.

What is the New Moon in Sagittarius?

As we know, New Moons every month always bring opportunities to make moon wishes, and opportunities to create new beginnings of abundance in our lives. Remember that the New Moon is always just a sliver. All has yet to be revealed and we are in a cycle of initiation. It does not behoove you to look at this situation as a hopeless one.

Instead, look at your tiny sliver of your New Moon in Sagittarius as your opportunity to fill up that Moon with all of the abundance and glory that your heart desires. This is why New Moons always breed new beginnings for you.

You are in that tiny sliver of hope stage, and have two weeks before the next Full Moon to fill up that pot of moon gold with all of your wishes and intentions. New beginnings is where your focus of wishes should be this time around.

The New Moon will be in Sagittarius, meaning all Sagittarius themes are emphasized. Sagittarius is our saucy mutable fire sign, and so abundance, relationships, adventure, and the optimism that Jupiter provides is all at your disposal. Travel and foreign matters are also favored under this moon.

Sagittarius is also a karmic philosophizer. Think big, and with pure intent when forming your New Moon wishes. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, so if you do this right, you could harvest a little more luck than usual under this New Moon.

The New Moon in Sagittarius arrives December 18 of this year. Remember you have 48 hours prior and 48 hours following the New Moon to make those wishes count, and truly harness the psychic potential of every New Moon. You have between December 16 and December 20 to really concentrate on your wish list.

Your Wish List With the New Moon in Saucy Sagittarius!

• When it comes to New Moon wishes about love, use Venus, now in Sagittarius, as your guide to make wishes about an inspiring love that is based on friendship. Focus on friendship first if you want a love begun under Sagittarius to stand the test of time. Focus your love wishes under this New Moon on fun energy, don’t look at love so seriously.

What do you enjoy doing when you are in love? Go and do it. Even if you are doing it alone, you just never know what saucy partners universe will throw your way.

• As the New Moon rises upon us, the world darkens a little bit. That’s because our Moon is only a sliver wide. Winter is also falling and so days are shorter and darker already, it can be enough to put anyone in a funk. Make New Moon wishes that stoke your inner fire on the issues that are bothering you the most right now.

This syncs your cosmic energy with saucy Sagittarius energy and will enlighten you with the glow of your New Moon wish, if you play your cards right.

Sagittarius is the fire sign that is all about feeling fired up and inspired and connected to the greater vision of the world. This time around you are being called upon to be the inspired one. What excites you? What makes you feel passionate and on fire about something?

That’s the New Moon wish that Sagittarius is asking you to make, one that is about something that is much bigger than you, but is the focus of your big picture.

Be loyal to yourself when you are making your New Moon wishes this month. If you have been “giving away” your wishes to wish for health and love on those around you in your life, now is the time to start being true to you. Sagittarius New Moon wishes are wishes banked on energy that fuses all of the blurred dots in your life up until now.

When you are loyal to your own self under this New Moon, you will become inspired to not only wish for what you really want, but to also get it! Under this New Moon, to thine own self be true!

• This New Moon is about expressing your inner gypsy a little bit. Be flexible and free spirited like the mutable signs. Sagittarius loves to travel because they love to explore this big wide world we live in, but Sagittarius loves to travel philosophically as well.

If you can’t get up and go somewhere physically, do so mentally or spiritually and align your New Moon wishes to take you to the destinations that will meet your needs.

• Sagittarius is symbolized by the archer, and they always know exactly what they are aiming at. When you pull back the arrow on the bow of your dreams and New Moon wishes, be specific! You want that arrow to land exactly where you want it to land, and you have an infinite well of energy to do just that. Be specific!

You are allowed to ask for a specific phone call on a specific date, you are allowed to ask for a specific job to come your way, and you are allowed to ask for a specific person to finally do right by you. Shoot your arrow, be specific in your intention, and watch where it lands.

• There’s a little bit of luck under the New Moon in Sagittarius because it’s ruled by Jupiter. This gives some additional fun to your New Moon wishes. You can wish for simply that then if you are stuck on what or how to wish. Wishing for more luck under Jupiter energy tells the universe you are ready to receive it.

• Make your New Moon wishes as optimistic as possible. Sagittarius always sees the glass in the half full capacity, and even if yours feels like it is practically empty, time to put those limiting thoughts away. The Law of Attraction states you have to really believe you are going to get what you want, otherwise, what is the point of wishing?

Faith is all important under this New Moon.

Aim high! The archer never pulls the arrow unless they truly believe they are going to nail the exact target they have in mind. They don’t shoot and hope for the best, they shoot at their precise and exact dreams. You have the opportunity under this New Moon in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius to wish as big as you want.

Don’t ask, but expect, that your biggest wish is about to come true.

Concluding Thoughts…

Remember under the New Moon in saucy Sagittarius, the universe is at your disposal. Be true and loyal to your biggest dreams, be focused like the true archer that you are, and set your life and your passions on fire by dreaming with a glass half full.

Be sure to stay tuned to your Daily Horoscopes to find out exactly where this New Moon is touching in your chart, and use those action plans. Make your list, check it twice, the universe knows who’s naughty or nice. Follow these steps to stay on that nice list. What are your New Moon wishes with this New Moon in saucy Sagittarius?

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