November Soul Note - A Soul’s Garden

Posted on November 04, 2018
Updated on October 29, 2020

The great Sufi poet Rumi stated that each of us is a house with four rooms: one physical, one mental, one emotional, and one spiritual. We tend to live in just one of these rooms most of the time, but unless we go into each room every day, even if only to keep it aired, we are not experiencing our Selves and our lives completely. The emotional room is the one the majority of us tend to shut the door on most often, but it is this room that can have the largest impact on our lives. If we are able to find the courage and strength to enter into these rooms we have the necessary seeds for personal transformation and self-discovery.

Boys are taught not to cry and girls who cry too much are referred to as crybabies. Our world is a mess, and we wonder why! Water (and crying) is vital nourishment for our souls, and like a garden, we require it to flourish. Tending to our emotions is like caring for a garden. How often are you weeding your soul’s garden? When was the last time you had a good cry?

Water is the element that corresponds with the emotional room of the soul. Inside this room is our emotionally wounded child who is at battle with our intellectual adult, who occupies the mind. Often harsh and short-tempered, it is our intellectual adult who must learn patience when we need to tend to our emotional child who longs to express years of pent-up emotion. Suffering is often a sign that the emotional child is deeply wounded.

When you open the door to your emotional room and allow the heart to inform you that you have been emotionally triggered, you are present with your emotional child who will delight in their freedom of expression. Your heart’s intelligence is like a private detective - when we trace the pain in our heart, we free the emotionally wounded child. This is the ultimate in self-care, which leads you down a beautiful path of self-discovery and self-love. Imagine not having a problem with yourself. This is love. Love only wants to do one thing - love.

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Emotion is energy in motion.

Like water flowing in a stream, emotion needs to flow and expand. When emotional wounds are suppressed, deep sadness, fear, anxiety, and depression can set in. These unresolved emotions cause density in the energetic body (also called our auric field) which informs the physical body, and, over time, can lead to disease. When there is no ease and flow, blocks can build up and we aren’t able to flow forward in life.

Unresolved emotions feel like carrying heavy baggage. When we use our life experiences to trigger the unresolved, we can then set our baggage down to lighten our load. Over time, it becomes more important to accept our emotions and recognize our inner child vying for our care, presence, and ultimate love without judgement. We need to be present and attentive to that which arises so that it can be expressed in a healthy way. Your responsibility is to allow the emotional wound and the energy surrounding it to be expressed. You can do this only by opening the door to your emotional room and embracing the child you find there.

The next time you feel triggered, observe what happens to your body. Does your heart feel constricted? Do you clench your jaw? Does your belly tighten?

Feel the energy. When an emotion doesn’t get the opportunity to be expressed, it gets trapped inside; you will feel a contraction or tightening in your physical body. This is emotional resistance and suppression manifested, and this is the root cause of most suffering.

Simply open the door to your heart, to your inner child, and allow the energy to move in, out, and around your emotional room. Perhaps sit quietly in observation and do some deep breathing, imagining your inhalation breath connecting you to source energy. Imagine releasing the restricted or blocked energy to Mother Earth. Earth is an intelligent source of natural healing. Over time, this practice will release the blocks in your energy and you will feel a natural flow within yourself and when relating to others. A deep happiness and peacefulness will permeate your being. The heart will begin to slowly open and you will feel a sense of compassion for yourself and others. What a gift!

Allowing emotions to arise without judgement is fertilizer for the soul. Angry outbursts, messy cries, throwing things, as long as we don’t cause harm or take it out on others, is actually healthy. It is allowing the emotionally wounded child their rightful place in the here and now to be heard and to be seen so that no doors remain shut. When the intellectual adult shows up for the emotional child, harmony is restored at a spiritual level.

It all begins by opening up the doors within the Self. When we change the landscape in our inner world, our external landscape changes. New doors will open, opportunities will present themselves to you and soon you will begin to plant new seeds. Shifts will begin to occur in all areas of your life, relationships, finances, health and much more. You will reap a harvest beyond your wildest dreams.

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