Introduction to Numerology: Number 3

Posted on November 28, 2016
Updated on December 12, 2018

Every number in the study of numerology has a different personality, a different energy, that it imparts to different areas of your life. The numbers 1 - 9, as well as the master numbers of 11 and 22, all fit into your life somewhere and they’ll all resonate through the lives of the people around you, too. We’ve already examined the traits of number 1 and 2 in previous articles we hope you have read. Let’s continue our exploration of numerology by looking at the number 3.

What Does 3 Represent?

The number 3 takes the assertiveness of the number 1 and the harmonious aspects of the number 2 and blends them with drive and talent into the number 3. 3s are captivating, engaging, gregarious and charming. These qualities can downplay any (often obvious) faults. A 3 represents charisma constantly bubbling below the surface. 3s are optimistic and believe that there are so many interesting things to do and people to meet!

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Characteristics of a 3

A 3 at Work

If you have a 3 energy, you have a thirst for novelty and an office job marked by routines and procedures will not cut it for you. You will probably chomp at the bit and ache with dissatisfaction in this type of environment.

You are creative, artistic and communicative, which you can easily make into a successful niche for yourself. Your artistic temperament embodied with your great social skills make you ideally suited to these careers:

  • Artistically oriented careers
  • Public Relations
  • Broadcast journalist
  • Entertainer (musician, actor)
  • Photographer

A 3 in Relationships

You tend to flit from one occupation, social group, or romantic relationship to the next. You’re always focused on enjoying life, avoiding difficulties, and seeing what else is out there. You depend on a large network of friends and family to support and encourage you. You will need to work on building a rich, deep, and lasting foundation for your life. You have an instinctive urge to enjoy every moment. When lows happen in your life, you feel them more intensely than others and are less prepared to cope.

You may have been told that you lack discipline and structure. Although, you have been quite fortunate and always seems to fall on your feet, no matter the situation. This ability to bounce back is a combination of eternal optimism, your support group, and just plain luck. You seem to have some kind of a rhythm, and an instinctive knowledge of how things are going to unfold, you’re able to plan ahead and prepare for the future. Although, not in as much detail as others would want you to.

Challenges for a 3

A 3 energy makes relationships difficult for you. If you know a 3, don’t gush over them, pay too many compliments, or focus all of your attention on that person. You are known for being self-involved and superficial. It could be hard to obtain commitment, loyalty, and responsibility from you. These kinds of ties take too much work. When your optimistic bubble is shattered, you feel alone and abandoned. You can be irritable and moody; you may pout and throw tantrums, There’s insecurity at the root of all this, and it breeds jealousy and contempt when you don’t deal with these feelings.

When you make a serious mistake in your life, your loved ones find it hard to watch you crash and burn. You’ve often had to learn lessons the hard way to turn your life around after a stumble. You may dissolve into a heap of woe-is-me, but sometimes this is what it takes to get you to add depth to your life. When you finally confront yourself and start to get a grip on life you will reap amazing rewards. Your family and friends will feel privileged to observe your transformation.

You’re a natural entertainer. For you, the words ‘comedian’ and ‘performer’ can easily describe you. You don’t usually shy away from attention. You come alive and deliver joy when you’re in the limelight. You must follow your dreams. If you don’t, you’ll keep looking for activities to pass the time and keep yourself interested in life. It’s possible that you could begin questioning why you’re not pursuing your passion. In an attempt to silence that voice, you might start to self-medicate or overindulge in life’s diversions.

It’s been hard for you to be who you really are in past lives - perhaps even in this one. You found it difficult to express your authentic self. Situations and people always seemed to make you feel devalued, and unimportant, somehow. Now you’ve got a chance to redress the balance and find your voice. Confidence and individuality are yours for the taking. You just need to tap into your natural charisma and make yourself heard.

You’re here to find what you enjoy in life, and then to go and do it! You’re talented, engaging, and social, and you don’t let things get to you too deeply. You’re communicative and could even make a career out of this talent. Be sure that you build a life that isn’t superficial - some tenacity will be required from you in order to reach your long-term goals.

You’re attractive and charismatic and have no problems getting the right kind of attention from the people you want to impress. Your sense of style is very much your own, and you may like to dress in different ways according to your mood. You converse easily with others about a wide variety of topics. Make sure that you’re not always light-hearted or only engage in small talk, or it’s possible that people will be tempted not to take you seriously.

You tend to be outgoing and companionable. You’re good with words, you’ve got a flair for entertaining and charming others. When things get mundane, you have no reservations about inventing something to spice life up again. Your biggest downfall is that you can spread yourself too thinly, being adept at many things, rather than mastering a few. You also tend to go for instant gratification, rather than the long-term picture. You will need to work on curbing self-indulgence.

It’s time to socialize, kick back, and have some fun! You’ve earned it, and you’ll need it to prepare for the next year in your personal cycle. Take the time to connect with old friends and make new ones. Explore new hobbies and activities that will tap into your innate creativity. You’ve got the spotlight shining on you this year, and you could well attract the right kind of attention from the right kind of people to help you reach your goals.

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