October Soul Note: Allowing Yourself to Surrender & Begin Again

Posted on October 10, 2017

Well, hello all of my wonderful Astrology Answers readers. It’s Patti - the Spiritual Guide and Soul Space Facilitator here at Astrology Answers. Welcome to my October edition of my monthly Soul Note.

A sense of desire may denote that something is missing in our lives. When there is a feeling of lack or scarcity we tend to go into the denser energies of fear making us feel disconnected and very much alone. We will inevitably begin the endless search for that “thing” that may fill us.

However, if we can turn away from our desire and sit in our truth to admit that we are feeling lost or frightened, we can begin the sacred act of surrendering which will contribute to our well being. Surrendering is not giving up, in fact, it is rendering up.

When we surrender from a place that is truly felt deep within our hearts with unwavering faith, we invite a dynamic energy in our lives. Surrendering is an opportunity to begin an inner journey, one that often gifts truth, clarity, purpose, and peace. It is here where we feel complete, connected and calm.

A “you” or the person you identify with begins to fade away and what is revealed is your highest self—the part of you that is connected, complete and whole. It dismisses feelings of duality, being separate or alone.

There is no lack. There is a sense of belonging to everything. When there is no desire, there is very little suffering. When there is no suffering there is peace.

Until next month, be well and be sure to stop by next month for another installment of Soul Note.

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