October Soul Note - The Longest Journey

Posted on September 30, 2018

There is a wonderful parable shared in spiritual circles about a group of light beings that created the human in collaboration with God (love). They wanted to create a place where the divine could experience and express itself in form and matter. After all, they agreed, what is love (God) when not in action?

They sat in deep contemplation as to where they would place humanity’s greatest treasure, its divine essence. Profound discussions with Mother Earth determined that a majestic planet would be provided so the human beings could see and experience beauty everywhere. Beautiful sunsets and sunrises would be a sampling of how the Divine would greet the humans in the early morning and lull them into slumber at night. Trees would grow and bear fruit; flowers would colour the varied landscapes together with enormous, brilliant emerald bodies of water. Blue skies dotted with white fluffy clouds and carpets of lush green grass would calm their busy minds. This magnificent and magical planet would have much to offer for their awakening.

This human being would have many senses, which would enable them to see, taste, feel, hear, and touch. Yes, they agreed, a sensory experience to aid them along their path of self-discovery towards the truth of their being.

Finally, it was decided that they would place these precious seeds of divinity deep within every human heart. The seeds were placed here so that the human being wouldn’t have to search that far to discover their true essence. “It should be easy,” they rejoiced, “they will have everything necessary for this discovery.”

The majority of the human race is suffering and we don’t have to look that far to know this fact. We are hardwired to search for happiness, but we are looking for peace, love, and happiness in all the wrong places. We put all our efforts in searching for happiness in the external world. We have become proficient explorers in a material world that does not provide the peace and happiness we long for.

We are born with a thirst to know our essence - it is encoded in our DNA. We long to know who we are and why we are here. Some of us are more driven than others, but ultimately we are all here to discover that there is more to being human than a mind and a body. We have been gifted a forgiving planet, a mind for processing information, and a physical body to journey from our humanity to our divinity, notwithstanding all our wonderful senses. A sixth sense is icing on the cake!

My journey of self-discovery has been filled with tremendous heartache and suffering. An early marriage ending in divorce, a brutally violent attack on my son which left him for dead, a nervous breakdown and a multitude of other experiences. For many years, my life felt like a train wreck that left me trying to put shattered pieces of debris back on the tracks. I struggled endlessly but never gave up the search to put greater meaning into my life. I never lost the desire to seek the answers to the questions, who am I, why am I here, what is true happiness?

Through deep periods of self-reflection, countless hours of meditation, reading, and attending workshops and retreats, I began to slowly put the pieces of a very large puzzle together.

I had to get real with myself. I could no longer rely on external forces or relationships for my answers.

I slowly began to own my part in being out of alignment with my truth; I had to get authentic and I had to journey inward to my heart center. I had to feel my way around certain situations and make those tough decisions and choices from the heart. My life soon began to take on greater meaning and I was able to place less importance on external forces, I began to spend time alone in the place where most of my happiness seemed to arise from.

Deep in our heart center, we are reminded of our magnificence, our divine connection. Here is where you can begin to experience the expression of who you are in each and every breath. We are divine embodiment in human form that originates from formlessness and timelessness, and we come to Earth to experience time, form, and matter. Each and every experience is an invitation to journey inward and to discover a connection to the expanse of the Universe.

After many years of searching for answers in the external world, I discovered that the longest journey spans the shortest distance: the space from the head to the heart.

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