Palmistry: Hand & Finger Shapes

Posted on September 11, 2019
Updated on July 22, 2020

Two people make a heart with their hands.

​Just as there is a lot to learn in astrology, there are many layers and details to the form of divination called palmistry.

Palmistry reveals personality traits, general energy, types of life events, and can be predictive which is called chiromancy. Whether you’re interested in being a palm reader, curious how a stranger pin-pointed your secret feelings or just overall curious if there is something to be found within this practice, one place you can look is at the hand shapes and finger shapes. Start by getting to know one topic and see how accurate it is before learning the next thing.

Once you’ve observed the finger and hand shapes of people you know to see how their personalities match up to these shapes, maybe you’ll want to learn about the main lines, the mounts, or the types of lines. Observing finger and hand shapes at parties or out in public is a lot of fun and it can give you insights into how people think or relate to the world around them so you can get along with them easier.

Many people spend time flailing about in life trying to figure out who they are, and they don’t realize it’s all right there in their palms. Helping people see their own unique nature or finding your own can unlock the life of your dreams so you can see what you’re really good at and align your life with it. It can also reveal areas you can work on to find balance such as calming a temper or impulsiveness.

The Basic Hand Shapes:


A dainty hand reveals someone is naturally inclined to have an appreciation for beauty and is stimulated through the senses. Their hand is thin and nothing about it is rugged. They are often a person who is naturally intuitive and enjoys life through colors, textures, scents, and flavor.

They can be quite gifted artistically and live in a world of idealism. They have trouble with practicality or getting the more practical things done on time. They can get lost in their imagination, a good book, or stimulating conversation. They thrive in creative pursuits and feel trapped in overly structured environments.


A long hand reveals someone who is a thinker and intellectual. They probably spend more money on books, travel, and education than they do on cars, clothes, and jewelry. They have an insatiable curiosity and enjoy stimulating conversation. They may even be a bit dishevelled on the exterior or at home because they spend more time collecting information than paying attention appearances.

They are full of theories, pose questions, and often engage with people of different backgrounds. They tend to be writers, philosophers, librarians, teachers, or work in humanitarian fields.


A hand that is markedly flat on the top or bottom reveals an energetic person. They have endurance and a strong work ethic. They are usually confident and ready to try new things. They like to be active more than at rest and can get a lot done compared to others. They are known for having a strong will and for being passionate people who wear their emotions on their sleeve. They often are athletes or entrepreneurs and can be very successful in whatever they put their minds to.

They have the creativity and a desire to accomplish more than others which often puts them in leadership roles or guarantees they keep themselves busy. They may not be great at relaxing or self-reflection.


These are the stable and practical people who will stick with their long term goals and think things through. They live in ‘the real world.’ They are reliable but can also be a bit hotheaded. They know how to read people and are loyal by nature. They like to be financially stable and have a plan. They are the people you call when you’re in a bind. They will usually be skeptical of people who are too high energy and tend to not make life-altering changes too quickly or all that often.

They are kind, generous, and sensitive souls with a big heart. They are people of their word and expect people to be the same. They may have trouble understanding people who have different belief systems or feel threatened by someone who wants to get close to them too quickly. They are good with their hands and can fix or build things. They are thorough and do not rush. They don’t need to be the center of attention but can be a bit inflexible at times.

The Finger Shapes:


They enjoy being direct and are not going to mull over decisions or dwell in their feelings for extended periods of time. If they feel something, they say it. They can have a temper if they don’t know that they lack a filter. People appreciate their forthrightness but they have to be careful not to offend. They can be a lot of fun to hang out with because of their spontaneity and ability to enjoy the pleasures of life but they need to try not to get too carried away. They like to have financial security.


These are people who are the nurturers and parents and are willing to bring up important topics. You can rely on them to be real and emotionally stable. They understand the world and emotions and can often give good advice. They won’t do something if it’s frivolous and are not materialistic. They have a good ability to focus and remarkable intelligence.


They are usually a sensitive and intelligent person who can be a bit indecisive. They will look at all angles before making a decision but values doing what is right over what is easy. They are considerate of others and try to live with the awareness of how their actions affect others. They would rather work for a cause than for money.


They are able to move through life gracefully and seem to have the magic touch to be able to get things done or get what they want. They like to be the best at whatever they do and do not like losing. They are calm and powerful with an alluring charm. They tend to be a bit mysterious.

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Closing Thoughts…

To continue learning about the secrets of your palms, visit our Palmistry homepage to browse our articles on various topics. We recommend you don’t try to learn it all in one day because it is too much information to digest that quickly. You may find it helpful to see the similar traits that a person’s palm reveals that is also reflected in their Chinese Zodiac. There are quite a few systems that reveal the blueprint of a person’s soul including numerology, astrology, and palmistry and if you explore the common threads between each of them you can really see that you do have a purpose, specific gifts, and of course areas for improvement.

Of course, you may look at someone’s hands and think there is not a clear category fit. Some people have mixed characteristics which is what makes palmistry even more interesting. They may have short fingers but very prominent knuckles and show signs of both finger types. The more you observe people’s behavior and hands, the more their hands will start to speak to you. You will intuitively be able to pinpoint the many dimensions in them with remarkable accuracy.

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