Personality Secrets: Why Your Zodiac Sign Makes You So Unique

Posted on August 25, 2015

Do you want to know the number one reason why people have a tough time in this day and age “believing” astrology? The number one reason is fear. The truth is that we live in an era where there are more disbelievers of this system than there has been at any point in the history of time. The obvious flip side to that is, more people have used and believed in the system of astrology and the zodiac signs since the beginning of time, than haven’t. That makes the number of disbelievers of this system very small. And the only reason that small group of disbelievers even exists is because that small group of disbelievers hasn’t opened up yet to the awakening that happens in your life when you use this powerful system. They do not live in the light, they live in the shadows of fear.

I get it. It is very difficult to rationally conceptualize that the billions upon billions of humans that have ever existed can all be boiled down to 12 zodiac archetypes. That’s the human logic side of us kicking in, trying to find reasons to doubt the truth. And the truth is that indeed humanity can in fact be boiled down to a system of archetypes.

It’s the oldest system in the book, in all the books ever…...

Yes it is true. We are all unique individuals that are as different from each other as Pisces and Capricorn. But we do share one thing in common, and that’s called being human. The differences in our human differences has for centuries been boiled down to archetypal series. The Greeks and the Romans, before Christianity was even a thing, were the first ones to go by the stars on record. Then Descartes did it mathematically. Then Carl Jung did it psychologically. Then Edgar Cayce did it telepathically. And many great minds are still using the stars today.

What we have learned through the centuries of study is that we are all going to “get it” a different way. And those differences are found in your zodiac sign. That system exists, and is used successfully, with tremendous accuracy, by millions of people all over the world. You don’t need to even believe in it, to use it and experience its beneficial effect.

Why? Because the stars and the planets are going to be there today, and tomorrow, in their own unique way, whether you believe they will be or not. Some of the greatest leaders of all time have used astrology and their zodiac sign to discover secrets that have led them to tremendous success. In our time, we know that Ronald and Nancy Reagan had a team of astrologers and psychics on the White House payroll. So did Princess Diana. Why? Because the system works, and has for literally centuries.

What your zodiac sign can tell you, that other systems can’t….

Forget every other personality system that you have ever tried. Many of them are amazing, and very successful in their own right. But few tap deep into who you are as a soul on this planet, in the same way that the zodiac sign system does in astrology. Many personality secret systems like the psychological test called the MMPI for example will tell you a lot about yourself in THIS lifetime.

But not many assessment tools exist that can tell you who you were in your past lifetimes, who you are today, and most importantly, where you are going and your purpose in this lifetime. Additionally you can discover who you are as this human soul in this lifetime, through the secrets of your personality that are found in your zodiac sign. And that’s not all. Not many personality assessment tools from this plane today can offer you a blueprint of all of these things, based on something as simple as your zodiac sign. If you can think of one that covers your past lifetimes, your current one, and your purpose in this lifetime, along with all of your own individual personality secrets, then let us know. In the meantime we will keep using the only system we know that provides accurate and incredible astrology answers for….just about any question you have about yourself, your life, your future, and your destiny.

What secrets are on your zodiac blueprint?

That’s how you can boil down billions upon billions of people into a personality system that has only 12 branches that are called zodiac signs. Because it’s so much more complex than that. Your zodiac sign doesn’t simply tell you what your personality secrets are now. It is a blueprint for all of your personality secrets, from all of your lifetimes, and how all of those secrets combined with what you did about them, will shape your destiny.

Everyone’s blueprint is different. You chose your own, and mapped it out for each lifetime at the beginning of time. So that’s why when you read something about your zodiac sign that makes you go “Right on! That is soooooo me!” you are having a soul memory about the zodiac sign that you chose for yourself in this lifetime. And so are the 7 billion other people on this planet, and the billions that came before them. The best part? This is all true whether you believe in astrology or not.

You know you have a greater calling, right? Isn’t that what all of your questions and burning desires for astrology answers are about? So maybe you don’t know everything that your zodiac sign has to offer…yet. Here are 3 more personality secrets you can unlock when you unleash the transformation potential from your own zodiac sign blueprint.

1. What are your zodiac skeletons?

Do you run from drama like it’s the plague? Do crime shows or horror movies deeply disturb you but you never really understood why? Do you need to run to the lowest level of your house when there’s a thunderstorm, and you never really knew why? These are your zodiac skeletons. Teresa Caputo, “Long Island Medium” for TLC writes in her book “There’s More to Life Than This” that she is so terrified of thunderstorms and never understood why until she discovered some of her own past life skeletons. One of them is thunderstorms, and her fear is so real that it almost even kept her from appearing on Leno once. It didn’t keep her from doing so because she understood where the skeletons were coming from.

A lot of the stuff you don’t understand about yourself can be found on the South Node section of your zodiac blueprint. This is past lives that you had and the energy that you bring into this zodiac sign’s lifetime. Your South Node has its own zodiac sign, and it depends on your birthdate. By discovering these zodiac skeletons, you can better understand many of the personality secrets you have always wondered about yourself. Maybe your current zodiac sign doesn’t like drama now because that was a bit of a problem for your past zodiac sign. These are zodiac sign secrets you can only unlock by studying your own zodiac sign in more depth.

2. So you think you’re a superstar?

So you think you’re a superstar? You’re probably right. Even if you aren’t now, you probably were then in a past life, or you wrote it into your future destiny. Not everyone actually thinks they are a superstar, but there are people who actually do, and yes there’s a reason for that. It’s written in your chart, somewhere. But whether you want to be a superstar or not is irrelevant. The one thing about work lives that we all have in common as humans is that we all want to be successful, and manifest wealth and abundance. And we all have since the beginning of time. There’s nothing wrong with that, that’s called being human too.

Since the earliest days, kings and queens have been throned in riches and luxury, and status symbols have been a part of human life since humans existed. So if you have an inner voice telling you that you should have been rich, or should be rich, or were rich once, you are probably right. There are many ways to unlock those secrets on your zodiac blueprint, by discovering your past life secrets but also by looking at your own birth chart from this life. Depending on what your zodiac sign is, and what the planets were doing at the time of your birth, your professional life in this lifetime is mapped out. There’s one house that will tell you what you will do to make money and pay the bills, but your tenth house is the one you want to look at when it comes to what will make you a superstar. And we all have information in our 10th house that can tell us how to unlock our success and wealth potential, whether we want to be a superstar or not.

3. Destiny calls….

The big secret that we all want to know when we first peek at our zodiac sign secrets is….what is our destiny? Do you know how many times we get asked that question? We ALL want to know what our destiny is. And it can all be found in the unlocked secrets of your zodiac sign. On your own birth chart and zodiac blueprint you will discover where your North Node was on the day that you were born. This part of your personality has its own zodiac sign as well. So your North Node may have been in Sagittarius for example. If it is, and have always wondered why you have such a huge problem with fake people, now you know. It’s because your North Node is in Sagittarius and truth is your quest in this lifetime. What that basically means is, if you want to know what your destiny is, you simply need to understand the North Node secrets of your zodiac sign. This will reveal so much about your lifetime in an “Ah hah” way that literally maps out your destiny right before your very eyes. If you still have a niggling feeling that you haven’t met your soul mate yet, for example, understanding your North Node secrets may help you to fill in those blanks.

Whether it’s love you are destined for, career success, or a happy family life, your destiny calls when you unlock the secrets of your zodiac sign, and the blueprint you mapped out. If you want to know how to take your career to the next level, your zodiac sign can help you figure that out. Your zodiac sign secrets can even help you understand why you want to do that. Jupiter in your zodiac blueprint will tell you where all of your lucky streaks will be in this lifetime, and your zodiac sign information can help you to find those lucky streaks and use them wisely. If you have always wondered about your family or why your relationships always seem to struggle, your zodiac sign secrets can help you resolve that too.

Most importantly, the secrets that we unlock when we go into depth of our zodiac sign are the secrets that lead to action plans so that we can improve our lives today. And no matter where you are in your life, or what you believe, those secrets are already within your soul’s journey, and it’s never too late to discover them. By getting closer to that part of your Self today, you get that much closer to that destiny you are so sure of every day. What are the little things about your Self that you have always wondered about?

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