Pet Astrology: August 2014 Horoscopes for Your Furry Soulmates

Posted on August 05, 2014
Updated on December 09, 2020

Time to check in with the soul creatures that keep us going every day. Are you one of those people that wonders where you would be in life right now, or how you would have made it through what you have in life if it weren’t for your little Buster, or Dino, or Mittens? Anyone that has owned a pet for more than 5 minutes feels that way. And many people often forget that their little furry souls need nurturing too. We don’t, here at Astrology Answers, and we certainly know that you don’t either. So today we are going to look at what your pet astrology has in store for you this month, and how you can help your little furry soul mate have the most enlightened August ever. When was your pet’s birthday? Use these August 2014 pet horoscopes to help both of your souls have a blessed last few weeks of Summer!


Aries pets will have some pent up energy this week, with Jupiter in Leo and the Sun in Leo igniting sparks of passion in all of the Fire Signs. As the leaders of the fire signs, Aries pets are going to be stirring up all kinds of trouble. If your pet disappears from the room all of a sudden, best to follow them because they have some initiation plans up their sleeves for getting into the wrong thing. Your Aries pet will also be communicating more with you this month, sending you subtle signals on how you can help them to use up this energy productively. Pay attention to the little messages your pet sends your way, and this will create a deeper bond between you and your pet when they realize how in tuned you are to their deepest energy cycles!


Your Taurus pet is going to be digging into their Earth Sign roots this month, and you want to get them in the great outdoors as much as possible. Expect a lot of plant chewing from your pets this month as they are literally chomping at the bits to get their paws deep in Mother Nature. Find an outlet for your furry soulmate to get this all out. Taurus cats will really appreciate a little bit of extra catnip if they seem like they are having a bad day this August. Taurus dogs will love some extra time running around the yard. Don’t get too upset if your Fido likes to get into the gardens, they won’t mess anything up and just want to feel the soft soil on their furry little paws. Weekends will be particularly creative for Taurus pets this month, find new ways to entertain or socialize them and it will be a fun month for you both!


Gemini pets are going to seem like they are Jekyll and Hyde this month, as they also are experiencing a lot of pent up pet energy. If you have had more than one pet in your lifetime, and in particular in the home that you and your current pet are in, your Gemini pet may be picking up their scent or their energy this month. It is not going to upset them per se, but the scent or sense of an animal spirit from years gone by will put them in a different mood. All your Gemini pet will need for this for the month of August is just a little bit of extra attention. You may also want to send some love into the universe for the pet that you have said goodbye to, as this energy is there for a reason and this pet also wants to be remembered. Go through old photos, or spend some time in meditation remembering them, and both you and your Gemini fur baby will feel closer as a result.


As a Cardinal sign, you may have noticed that your Cancer pet has made it very clear who is the boss in the family. Maybe they let you pretend sometimes that you are the boss, but everybody knows who rules the roost. Your Cancer pet is very respected as a result, when you are at home and also when you are out and about. Just because you let your Cancer pet turn you into a bit of a pushover on occasion does not mean that they get their way all the time. Watch for your Cancer pets instinct or desire to pick up some bad habits this month, as being Cardinals they will try and get away with a little bit more this month. Expect a few more hops on forbidden furniture or countertops, and a little extra begging around dinner time. This is all sly games to your Cancer pet, all they are really looking for is a little extra attention. Ignoring your pet during these moments will be the quickest way to tick them off, and experience some repercussion in the way of stolen leftovers or chewed up shoes.


Does your Leo pet seem a little more wacky than usual this month? Are they running to and from no matter where you are at, without any real direction or intention in place? That’s because Leo is filled with fun and frolic this month, thanks to both the Sun and Jupiter. This is a time where Leo pet owners will have to work a little harder to make sure their Leo pets are always having fun, and just always feeling great. A few new toys for your Leo pet will put them in a childish mood, but this is not a set it and forget it kind of activity. Buy a toy that both you and your Leo pet can bond over and play with together, and both Jupiter and the Sun will shine on both of you in Leo this August. It’s a great time to capture these moments of pure joy and pet bliss on camera, so keep the camera out when you are playing with your little one.


Outside sources or outdoor places are going to be the key to your Virgo pets bliss for the month of August. There may be a matter of organization or structure in the house that sends your Virgo fur baby on a bit of a panicked or chaotic bender. If your Virgo dog or cat seems like their nose is a little out of joint, check to make sure that all food areas, litter areas, or even areas where they like to nap are as clean and tidy as possible. Your Virgo pet may also get a little wonky if they lose one of their favorite things. A great way to get a Virgo pet organized and well trained for a domestic life is to engage in a training center or even an individual coach or teacher that your animal can learn from. Virgo pets learn well and learn quickly, so this is a great thing to keep in mind if you plan on getting a new Virgo pet in the month of August. For Virgo pets, always remember that positive reinforcement in the way of treats and a “Good boy!” will go very far in pleasing your Virgo pets inner energy centers.


The Libra pet is going to feel a little cranky this August, and that may be because they are not getting enough “quiet” time. That will be your job to help your little Libra fur baby to have a little bit of fun, and a little bit of down time as well. But if your Libra pet wanders off for a few more hours than usual, let ‘em. There will be little you can do to stop them anyway. Pay special attention to the reactions of your pets to the little things in life this month, it will be extreme one way or another. A little quiet time or a time out for your Libra pet will be essential, but they should feel rebooted and ready to bond after they get it. If they seem a little more down and out than usual, your Libra pet may be telling you their quiet time is because they aren’t feeling well. It will likely be something minor, as heat in the summer has an extra effect on Libra pets, but if it goes more than 24 hours a little visit to the vet, followed by a loving treat will be all your Libra pet needs to feel right again.


Details are going to be important for Scorpio pets this month, so you want to be very careful that you don’t make any “mistakes”. The kind of details your Scorpio pet needs attending too this month will be the details that keep them feeling loved and cared for. When the Scorpio cat rubs up against you to tell you they love you, or the Scorpio dog gets a little extra kissy with it, you will have to let them and make sure they know you appreciate it if you don’t want to experience a hissy fit. The scorned Scorpio pet is the kind that wanders off and makes messes where they know they aren’t allowed, so when your Scorpio soul mate sends you the sign they need some loving, time to step up to the plate. Which is part of the fun of being a Scorpio pet owner anyway!


Sagittarius pets are going to be like Leo and Aries pets, where they will seem like they have all kinds of fiery energy, and aren’t really sure what to do with it. As mutable signs, they will seem more scattered even than Aries and Leo pets, so don’t be surprised when your Sagittarius pet goes careening down hallways, tears up and down stairs, or the like. This is your little adventurer blowing off steam, and taking this outdoors will help both of you get through the month smoothly. It may even give you both a chance to meet new people and new pets to be friends with if you get out in the great big world. If you are planning a road trip or time away, or even heading out for a long drive this month, your Sagittarius pet wants to join you, so make the preparations to make this an enjoyable trip for both of you, and let the bonding begin.


If you are traveling with a Capricorn pet this summer, you will be best to call ahead to your destination and make sure that everything that your Cardinal Earth Sign will need will be in place before you arrive. Capricorn pets this month of August are also going to be checking out a lot of different things, either in the house or when you are out and about. They may even seem to spend more time with other people in the home than with you, or than with who they usually do. As initiators, Capricorns want to be sure they leave no stone unturned when it comes to getting it done and figuring things out in their environment, so don’t be surprised if your Capricorn pet turns into a little bit of a sleuth or detective. Your Capricorn pet also loves to feel successful, just like Capricorn humans do! One way you can honor this trait in your pet this month is to play games with them where they will win. Hide something obvious for them, and let them initiate their own rewards. They will feel like the victor when you do and will create lasting bonds and memories for all of you.


When it comes to meeting the needs of your Aquarius pet, you want to keep the wind on their face whenever possible, and be sure they are in group settings whenever possible as well. A doggy camp, or a kitty play date, or even a new fur baby in the home will make your Aquarius pet very happy this month. Your Aquarius pet is also likely to find themselves in some pickles this month if you don’t keep your eye on them. Toys and games that get the Aquarius mind thinking are great things to treat your Aquarius pet with this month, kitty puzzles or doggy brain toys that make them think and work on a problem for a little while will make the Aquarius pet feel accomplished after they earn that reward. As big thinkers your Aquarius pet will also have some of their own hidden agendas up their sleeves, but nothing too terrible. You just need to keep an eye out a little bit extra this month for things like potential escapes, and for Aquarius pets, you have to be smarter than them which can be tricky if you aren’t being careful. Think of the out of the box way your Aquarius pet could get in trouble, and you will one up them quickly enough.


Pisces pets will be particularly moody during August, particularly if they are getting used to a new routine. If your Pisces pet seems a little out of sorts, it may be because they are feeling constrained by rules, structured schedules, or routines. Try breaking out of that once in a while, especially if your Pisces pet is a little bit older. Use the summer energy to let your pet have a little more freedom than usual, and this will help them to feel more liberated and less restricted or confined by worldly constraints. Your Pisces pet also has feelings that you don’t want to ignore during the month of August, and if they are seeming moodier than usual, it may be because you have neglected or overlooked some of them. Not your fault, completely human, so long as you pay attention and pick it up or make it up to your Pisces pet once you realize their lonely cues mean something. A little extra cuddle time with some ample freedom moments will be great for your Pisces pet and help you both bond deeper throughout the month of August.

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