Beneficial Thought: What Secrets & Transformations Will Pluto Retrograde Bring?

Posted on May 04, 2017

Now that it’s spring many of you may be starting to plant your gardens. If you are experienced horticulturalists you will understand that the most important step to gardening is not the seeding or the watering. It’s the weeding and the clearing out you do before that even happens.

A healthy garden is all about setting the stage and optimizing the Earth for the beautiful things you want to grow. This spring and summer, the transit of Pluto retrograde in the earth sign of Capricorn is upon us, which means it’s time to do some weeding.

You’ll hear me use a lot of gardening metaphors this time of year; there’s a simple reason for that. They work. Physical gardening is the same thing as spiritual gardening. In spiritual gardening, the components are within yourself. It’s all about the internal work you do that will reap the rewards.

Weed Out Secrets & Information

Pluto retrograde is working in the sign of Capricorn right now, and this is a long transit. It started on April 20 and will continue until harvest time on September 28. Pluto is the planet of transformation, but also the planet of secrets and information.

This is one of the many reasons why Scorpio, the fixed water sign is ruled by Pluto. It is the zodiac detective. Scorpio knows intuitively where to dig, what to dig for, and how to produce results. With Pluto in retrograde, you are undergoing a detective period in your own life. It’s fact finding time.

The facts you are seeking are simple: What is working in your life, what isn’t, and how can you optimize the fertile ground of your soul for beautiful things to grow this spring? Pluto retrograde brings a real ‘out with the old, in with the new’ mindset that you want to adopt right now.

Here’s the kicker with Pluto retrograde that most people don’t like to hear. You can’t pretend you don’t have weeds to tend to in your garden. If you want abundance and success in love and life, you ignore weeds at your peril! They suffocate the beautiful flowers blooming in your life.

As the detective of the Universe, Pluto is about getting the real story, a behind the scenes scoop. Pluto is the guy at your cocktail party who is dishing everyone’s secrets and blurting them out without a filter. It can be awkward, but it can also be healing, revealing, and bring tremendous clarity about people and situations.

So Pluto is going to be revealing some of your secrets, too. The good news is, you are in the driver’s seat, and you get to decide how your secrets are managed. When Pluto does this to you, just like the guy at the cocktail, you need to own it.

You also must remember to use any information or secrets you learn during this retrograde period wisely If you do that, you own the issue and you weed it out. Now your plate is clean and you have room to grow beautiful things. It’s out with the old and in with the new as you move forward to that path of abundance and success.

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You Can Keep the Change

Pluto is the god that rules the underworld, the land of the dead, and this is why he scares people a little bit. Seeing the Death Card in a tarot reading can feel a little dark. What many do not see from this fear-based place is the Sun on the horizon in the Death card.

This is the message of Pluto as well. When we send something to the underworld or make it ‘dead to me’ as Scorpio would say, we say goodbye to it for good. This in itself harvests a huge change in your life. That’s not always a bad thing.

When Pluto is direct, these events happen in the external world, such as, secrets coming out at a dinner party, or events happening that highlight what you need to work on. When Pluto is retrograde, the process slows down and the transformations and secrets are largely happening within yourself.

Here’s a real-life example. When Pluto is direct, that is when you are going to see the big headlines in the news about secrets, scandal, and corruption. When Pluto is retrograde, we are forced to look within our own lives, our own issues and behavior.

Those stories will still come out, but how they impact us, and our lives personally, is what we are thinking about and acting on during Pluto retrograde. It’s that dark side of us we don’t want to talk about or think about too often, but Pluto forces us to do so.

When secrets are revealed. we can deal with it and move on. You get to keep the change, and you get to grow from it, too. When you are gardening, is pretending the weeds aren’t there helpful? No. Just get rid of them. There’s nothing to be embarrassed or upset about, weeds are just weeds, in the garden, and in our souls. We ALL have them because we are human.

The Secret

Pluto’s biggest themes are desire and power, along with transformation and information finding. So the shadow themes that you want to weed out will be related to these things. If you are a power player, and you aren’t all that honest about it, Pluto will show you what you need to do to move on.

The same goes for desire. When used incorrectly it can be dangerous. Not paying attention to those weeds could be dangerous in itself. That’s the message of Pluto retrograde. You are given a five-month period from Universe to make these changes.

Your mission is to unearth that secret within you which needs to be discovered and correct the problem. There is a lot of the past connected here, with retrograde energy in play, and with the notion that most retrogrades are all connected to our karma.

Although you may be very excited to learn that Mercury retrograde is over and the blasts from the past will slow down, don’t get too excited yet. Anything that you didn’t address during Mercury retrograde will get done now during this time.

Again, remember, this is not a bad thing. You need and want to move forward right? So handle these blasts from the past in the way you would the weeds in a garden. They are coming to you now for a reason. Use them wisely.


Pluto retrograde only sounds scary when you think of its dark side, but the Universe is always about balance. Where there is dark, there will be light. That’s the really beautiful thing about Pluto retrograde.

You may face a dark moment or two along the way, but if you are really embracing this period, those dark moments are leading you right to the sunshine. Don’t be afraid to do a little weeding, and making those past issues and old secrets ‘dead to you’ once and for all.

The consequences of not doing that are simple. Your flowers may still grow. But they will be choked out by the weeds sooner or later. It’s the law of the Universe. Prepare for your own sunny days weed-free by taking care of your business where and when you need to.

What transformations are you most looking forward to under Pluto retrograde?

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