Plutonic Relationships: Accepting and Embracing Change

Posted on September 29, 2015
Updated on July 03, 2020

It’s been a tough week from Universe. Much of it has been glorious, we always look forward to fantastic moments like the epic total lunar eclipse and Full Moon in Aries we had this past weekend. Oh if only that were the only transit in play right now, ready to turn our world upside down. That is enough energy on its own, but as you know, there are a few other things in the mix that are likely causing some shifts with you as well. We have Mercury Retrograde tying up some lines of communication. And in the same week that we had the total lunar eclipse, and the Full Moon, we also saw Pluto go direct on September 25. This after being retrograde for a verrrrrry long time. So Pluto’s switch is a good one. But there’s a lot of cobwebs that are going to be cleared with this one, especially in the way of relationships. If you are playing your cards right, all changes that are pending are going to be a relief. But you have to be ready to accept and embrace that change that is coming. Are you? Let’s see if we can help you out with that.

What Pluto direct really means….

Let’s rip the band-aid off. They don’t call Pluto the planet of death and transformation for nothin’. But Pluto gets a bad rap. Pluto is not to be feared, and when Pluto is feared, that is only when we run into problems with Pluto. Instead, Pluto asks us to be grateful for the transformations and endings to life cycles that Pluto brings. In so doing yes, we are asked to confront the things that we find most unpleasant. When we pass those tests, we meet the light of the truth, and blessings.

When a planet is retrograde, as we have discussed many times, that means things and themes that planet rules slow down. Retrograde periods then are for us to rewind, and reflect, and go within. During retrogrades of any planets, the work we do is internal. And, when that planet goes direct again, themes that planet rules are impacted externally. And this often manifests in the way of events or things happening to us in our day. And these events have a way of revealing to us where we need to change.

Pluto has been in Capricorn for a couple of years, and will continue to stay in Capricorn for a few more. And during this timeframe we have seen the effects Pluto has had on the world, particularly in the financial sector, where Capricorn loves to play. Our entire global economy has experienced nothing but chaos and turmoil, and that’s because Pluto is here in Capricorn trying to show us, through these chaotic examples, that things need to change. We’re not doing it right, and so Pluto is screwing it up for us to show us that. Some people are listening, but since we are still seeing this turmoil, some people just plain aren’t. So this may be showing up in your life in some way as well.

When Pluto is retrograde, our mission is to go within and sort out the internal changes we need to improve areas of our life. When Pluto is direct, those changes are going to happen at an external level whether we’ve done the work or not. That could be in the way of truth coming to light for you, or more information suddenly becoming available to you, or an event that happens that suddenly sheds the light. These things will all bring change, and even when the change is good it can be tough. So it’s always better to do the spiritual work before hand, and then the Plutonian hits aren’t that bad. Unfortunately, with this energy happening under an eclipse, that means that the Plutonian hits that do come in are going to do so on relationships. But if you are playing your cards right, then it will be very easy to see that the changes that arrive under this energy will create Plutonic relationships that are meant to stand the test of time. Think about it. If you can survive a cycle of death and transformation with someone, there’s a reason for that!

Plutonic relationships last….here’s how.

With Pluto going direct under eclipse energy, right now you are going to see Pluto’s effects most likely in your relationship sector. Pluto will be here for a while, so it will transform other areas of your life in due time as well. But right now, many Earthlings are experiencing wakeups and shakeups in relationships. Unlike platonic relationships, relationships based in friendship that may be confusing to some, plutonic relationships will come out the other side with a relationship that is based on unconditional love and pure clarity. There is no confusion here. You are both on the same wavelength, or you finish this ride alone with a breakthrough. It’s one or the other this time around. These are the ones that are meant to last. And, sorry to say, that means accepting and embracing these cycles of transformation, together. Here’s what to expect, which will help you prepare for this experience yourself.

• Epiphany. Pluto actually isn’t the downer that some people think it is. It actually provides truth and information. Like a butterfly, the truth will be set free. And in this world, information is even more powerful than money or status. Someone that has something on the President of the United States for example, could very well be the most powerful person in the world. Pluto brings these revelations to you. They usually aren’t good news. But they do provide clarity that helps you to see a situation better.

• Decision time. So what are you going to do with these epiphanies? Are you going to blow into your partner or spouse or are you going to deal with them together? Remember, unconditional love is the act of loving someone, without condition. And that means, judgy judgy is not allowed in a plutonic relationship. You want unconditional love? You have to give it. It may call for some forgiveness, but again comes the reminder. You want to come out the other side with this person, don’t you?

• So maybe you don’t. So maybe a truth has come to light that really sickens you. Or maybe you are being hurt too often and you are finally seeing the light of epiphany that reminds you that, you are a butterfly that deserves better. Maybe someone else came along and said, “Hey, I got a plutonic relationship for you that is REAL.” If these are the changes and transformations that come your way under this transit, then it is what it is. You don’t have to stay in something that isn’t working. That’s the point. If Pluto is waving his magic wand on your relationship, the answer might be, that’s because you’re not meant to be together. And that’s okay. In fact, it’s probably exactly what needs to happen right now. So rip that band aid off, and remember, when you do, Pluto has some nice surprises for you.

• Okay so now what. So has Pluto created a major shift in love for you? Whether you are breaking up, about to breakup, trying to get over a breakup, or simply experiencing a major transformation or change in your relationship, fret not. It hurts, yes, you’ve suffered a loss or experienced some stress with these changes. Now thank Pluto for allowing you to see this light, and look ahead. Not backwards darlings, ahead. What Pluto has done here is act as your catalyst to unconditional love. First, congratulate your Self and give Self a pat on the back for being true to what is or isn’t working. Next, start filling your time up with things so that you aren’t tempted to look back. Then, think of your love life like it is a pit of fire, and you are the wood all stacked up and ready to go. With Pluto going direct, that’s the equivalent of throwing a match on your biggest dreams and desires. But only if you have built that fire pit well, will your plutonic relationship last. Have you?

When you embrace the potential of each astrological transit, you send the message into Universe that you are ready for change. And with Pluto direct, being ready for change is the most important step. Are you looking for a Plutonic relationship? The kind that is meant to last every cycle of transformation? What are you doing to get there? What have you already done?

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