Prince Harry and Meghan Markle – Star Crossed Lovers?

Posted on May 22, 2018
Updated on July 03, 2020

The hills are alive with the sound of royal wedding bells!

Two lovers from distant lands that one day made a fated connection; and now, they are husband and wife. Just when you thought you’d never meet your Prince Charming, along comes an American commoner like Meghan Markle that proves us all wrong. Yes it IS possible in this day and age to meet, fall in love, and marry a prince!

Was it Fate? Destiny? We may never know the whole truth. Some secrets are best kept in the stars. But we thought we’d take a peek at the natal charts of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to determine if their love compatibility is the real thing. Once again, the stars never cease to amaze.

Prince Harry – Virgo Sun, Taurus Moon, Capricorn Rising

In one corner, we have 34-year-old Prince Harry of Wales, son of Prince Charles of Wales (Scorpio) and the Princess of Wales, Lady Diana (Cancer). Prince Harry was born at 4:20 P.M. local time in Paddington, London in the United Kingdom on September 15, 1984. This makes him a Virgo, with a Taurus Moon and a Capricorn rising. Prince Harry is also a life path 1 in numerology, and in Chinese astrology, was born in the year of the Rat.

Prince Harry, as the youngest in his family, is affectionately known as the “spare to the heir.” In other words, his brother Prince William will become the King of England one day, while Prince Harry and his bride will get to sit back and enjoy all of the royal perks. Royal watchers have always known Prince Harry to be a bit of a flirt, and he’s certainly is settling down at a more mature age than many of his royal peers. It’s that Mutable Sun in Virgo of Prince Harry’s that has encouraged him not to settle down until he was very sure.

Despite the fact that Harry is a Mutable Sign, and thus the least likely to settle down, he has some nice grounded Earthy energy through his emotional Taurus Moon and Capricorn Rising that encouraged him to seek The One. And he took his time doing it.

Harry’s Moon was in the same position as his mother Diana’s was when he was born, suggesting he will always feel he has a Fated responsibility to carry out her legacy. With Saturn in his 10th house, how the world sees him and his personal reputation is one of the most important things to him. He will never sully his name; to him, to do so would be akin to sullying his mother’s name. It’s just not done. Interestingly, he shares this character trait with his sister-in-law the Duchess of Cambridge who has the same aspect in her chart. The Prince also has his Venus in Libra, which means he is looking for a woman that wants to go the long haul, but embodies all of the grace and elegance required of a royal wife.

Meghan Markle – Leo Sun, Libra Moon, Cancer Rising

In the other corner, hailing from the Hills of Beverly, we have the lovely 36-year-old Meghan Markle. Meghan was born in Los Angeles, California, on August 4, 1981 at 4:46 A.M. local time. This makes her a Leo, the Fixed Sign of the Fire Signs. Meghan has a Libra Moon and is Cancer Rising. This means that she is fiery and spunky like most Leos, but is still ready to go the long haul in love like the Fixed Sign that she is. Her Moon in Libra indicates that she too is looking for someone for life, and its emotional qualities are highly compatible with Prince Harry’s Venus in Libra. She is quite literally exactly what he is looking for in a royal wife. In numerology, Meghan Markle has a life path 4 and was born in the year of the Rooster for Chinese astrology.

Another interesting element to Meghan’s birth chart is that her Sun is trine her midheaven, which means she has a strong sense of doing good in the world. Her sense of Self feels fulfilled when the work she does accomplishes something global in scale. Prince Harry offers this to her perfectly. Other celebrities that have this aspect in their charts include Pope Benedict XVI and her new father-in-law Prince Charles, who walked Meghan down the aisle to greet his son.

Star-Crossed Lovers?

The short answer is yes. To state the obvious, they ARE getting married after all! When two different people come from such different worlds and are able to make it work, they clearly have what it takes to navigate the odds that will arise in this unlikely meeting of worlds.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are also perfect examples of a couple that illustrate why we always warn against only using Sun sign compatibility when determining love compatibility from an astrology perspective. At first glance, Prince Harry’s Earthy Virgo Sun may not seem to be too compatible with Meghan’s Leo Sun.

In all likelihood, there was not love at first sight for this pair! But they certainly would have made good friends at first, as they both show Venus energy in their charts, which makes them compatible socially. Meghan’s Moon in Libra and the Prince’s Venus in Libra also shows that both have an unfettered sense of global justice, and will do whatever it takes to be harmonious.

Meghan’s Cancer Rising is also compatible with Prince Harry’s mother, Princess Diana. He may have been looking for a mate just like his mother, and he sure found something similar in Meghan. It will mean for him that he has picked the quintessential astrological mother, and this pair is likely to have at least one, if not two children together. It is likely to happen soon after their marriage due to age factors.

Concluding thoughts….

This is not going to be a conflict free union. But they have the tools to make it work—and if it doesn’t, their sparkly personalities will certainly make for an entertaining ride no matter what happens.

Meghan’s Leo Sun gives Prince Harry the vibrant flattery and attention he needs. Her Cancer Rising sets her up to be the woman of the royal house very quickly, as Meghan is great at socializing at royal functions and parties, and she’s loving and giving in more intimate, family settings. The pair’s Libra energy will help them keep things balanced and conflict free when the going gets tough—and it will, as the rooster and the rat like to bicker over petty things on occasion. While Harry’s life path 1 will ensure he is a natural and intuitive leader in their home, Meghan’s life path 4 will help Harry stay grounded in his roots.

We at Astrology Answers wish Prince Harry and Meghan Markle all the best in their new life together!

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