Relationship Advice: How to Know When Your Partner’s Mad, by the Zodiac Sign

Posted on June 11, 2015
Updated on November 25, 2020

Getting the silent treatment? Then you might be dating or married to a Scorpio. Feeling the cold shoulder in biting, cutting comments? Then you need to buy your Libra a pretty thing to make them feel all better inside. Or maybe you are just getting the cold shoulder because Virgo is preoccupied with a project, or Sagittarius is hanging out outside. And their space just means they want space and it has nothing to do with you at all. It’s hard to tell when our partner is mad at us sometimes. And sometimes, almost too often, we react without really taking the time to understand the situation, and our partner.

This leads to obvious relationship problems. Think about it. Most breakups happen after a fight. And most breakups happen after a fight over stupid things that don’t last forever, because both parties have spent their entire relationship not talking their issues out. And maybe you don’t have the kind of partner that wants to talk it out, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to understand them better. You absolutely do need to understand them better if you want this love to survive. The longest running couples I know are the ones that know when to say, “Okay, he’s in soccer game mode that means I can go shopping for a few hours and he won’t even notice.” Or, “Dad’s mad the car needs a repair again honey, wait until he comes out of the cave for a beer and then he’ll be okay to ask about college.”

And that’s what love is, taking the time to really understand those moments, where your partner is coming from, and what you can do about it to fix it. There is relationship trouble ahead if you blow up at a Virgo for not paying attention when they are busy with one of their favorite things. It’s not you, it really is them, so blowing up is going to cause more harm than good. And asking your Scorpio why they are giving you the silent treatment when they are ticked about a blown motor is only going to purchase you some more quiet time.

If these little things in life bug you through the course of your relationship, and they will because you are human, then follow this roadmap of the zodiac on picking up on these little angry cues from each of the zodiac signs. We all express our anger and frustration about life in many different ways. Again, there’s no wrong way to be angry, it’s a very human feeling. Blame is not the route to take if you want to get off of the Angry Highway. As your partner, you want to ease this pain for them, the way you want them to do to you. So here’s how to know when your partner is ticked, and quick fixes you can do right now to get them out of it, and keep your relationship intact.


If you are dating or married to an Aries you will never wonder when they are mad. Ruled by Mars, and a Cardinal Fire Sign, Aries has a very short fuse that often comes with a Big Bang. Your job will be to diffuse it, if you dare. Redirect Aries energy to something they ARE passionate about and give them something else to think about. If that fails, tell your Aries you are heading out to do some lingerie shopping and to call you when they have cooled off. They will, and it won’t be long.


As the Fixed Earth Sign symbolized by the Bull has a bit of a stubborn streak. And this is another sign that doesn’t hide it well. Big outbursts are common when Taurus is mad. Taurus craves security so providing that in any small way will help them feel comforted and loved. And though they get mad, they don’t stay mad long with the people they love. Ruled by Venus, a pretty new present and a saucy apology if warranted, or empathy if it isn’t, is all you need to smooth over wrinkles with your Taurus.


As the Mutable Sign for Air that is symbolized by the twins, Gemini is all over the page on a good day. But even when they are mad their attention span is short enough that you can smooth it over quickly with solid communication. Talk out the issue with your Gem. And presenting forced choices goes a long way with Gemini. Do you want to do this or this? Is all you need to say to your Gemini to get them to stop freaking out.


As the Cardinal Sign for the Water Signs Cancer can be a bit of a boss. And when things don’t go their way, tempers flare. Cancer is also super sensitive, and sometimes even a bit paranoid. But you won’t have a problem guessing when they are mad, their crabby ways are very easy to pick up. Assuring your Cancer that they aren’t the issue is a good starting point. Come from a non judgy place of love when talking things through with your Cancer and you will find that goes a long way. Use feeling words and compliment your Cancer and let them know, no matter what is bothering them, you think they rock!


Leo is the strong silent type that doesn’t often get mad. But, breaches of loyalty or taking advantage of their generosity will make your lion prickle. Leo won’t blow up at first but is the silent treatment type, even if you aren’t the one to make them mad. On the other hand, if you take something that belongs to this lion, whether that is emotional or otherwise, your Leo will roar. And have you ever had a compromise with a lion that went well? You have to use finesse here. You can get Leo out of this funk by focusing on positive and passionate things. A saucy trip behind closed doors may be in order. Or, if not, pump up your Leo’s ego with kindness and flattery and you will see that temper dissipate quickly and they will be purring for you in no time.


Virgo is another one that will retreat when mad. And Virgo will take a lot of garbage before they complain about it. That’s the good thing. The bad thing is that once Virgo cuts someone out, it’s hard to get back in those good graces. But Virgo is anything but judgemental, they just loathe confrontation. If one comes up, nip it in the bud quickly by asking Virgo, “What can I do to help you feel better right now?” Virgo is a sign that will give you an answer. So listen and respond in kind.


Libra is the Cardinal Sign for the Air Signs and likes to be the boss of the land. Air Signs are communicators so if biting sarcasm that goes a bit too far comes your way, your Libra is upset about something. It’s not always you, but if it is, an apology gets you very far. Ruled by Venus Libra also likes their pretty things, another great way to soften up your Libra’s temper.


Scorpio is the Fixed Sign for the Water Signs and Scorpio is on a mission for truth. As a natural empath of the zodiac signs, Scorpio always has a way of sniffing it out too. So if Scorp is upset about something, it often relates to the truth. The truth will always set Scorpio free of their anger, but expect some silent treatment in the meantime. Long heartfelt conversations with Scorpio will be needed to get past any issues, and you need to be honest. Scorpio is the zodiac sign that means it when they say they don’t care WHAT the truth is, they just don’t want to be snowed. So tell the truth, and this fixed water sign won’t want to let you go.


Sagittarius is the Mutable Sign of the Fire Signs, and so is as flexible as they come. But as a fire sign this means their tempers can flare. But as a mutable sign, not for long. Sag is the kind of person that will blow up at a gas station attendant one minute, and then love the world the next. So all you need to do to squash out their fires is redirect to a fun adventure that will light up their fire.


Capricorn is the Cardinal Sign of the Earth Signs and this means they too can have a stubborn streak. Capricorn is committed to work and money and when things go bad there, expect drama. Cap also is not as emotional as other zodiac signs, so you don’t always get big blow ups. But you can tell when Capricorn is mad if they are showing off their inflexible side. Overcome this with them by compromising with your Cap. Consider Capricorn the CEO of the zodiac. How do you smooth things over with your boss? If your obligations are being met, Cap will show their gratitude, as they will of you are willing to let them be them, without high expectations. Keep them real, and stay real with your Cap, and the stubborn side won’t last.


Aquarius is the Fixed Sign of the Air Signs and as such they are a thinker. Like Libra, Aquarius can be a little cutting with the words when they are upset, and they have a stubborn side as well. Talking and using an intellectual approach will work wonders when you are sorting things out with Aquarius. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and has a bit of an unconventional streak. And Aquarius loves surprises! Get their mind off of the problem by presenting them with a bold token of love, out of the blue! Aquarius won’t even remember what they are mad about then!


Pisces is the Mutable Sign of the Water Signs also has a bit of an empathic streak. This makes them very emotional and super sensitive like Scorpio and Cancer. Pisces soaks up every emotion around them like a sponge. So if Pisces is upset, they’ve picked something up that isn’t sitting well. They usually show this by retreating to the infamous Pisces cave. If you haven’t heard from Pisces in a while, they are likely upset about something. Bugging Pisces to come out of the cave isn’t going to help. Space is what Pisces needs to sort all of this out. When you give that space, Pisces feels respected and will love you all the more. Wait for Pisces to come to you, and when they do, those emotions will work on your favor.

And there you have it! Your road map to the zodiac signs and their anger. Remember that there is no such thing as a perfect relationship. And you will have a few bumps along the way. It’s okay to be angry, it’s not okay to be mean. So handle your favourite person with love when problems arise, and you should come out the other side. What is your partners zodiac sign and how do you know when they are upset? How do you handle it?

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