What an Aquarius Needs to Know for a Successful Relationship

Posted on February 05, 2017

It’s your time to shine, Aquarius! We know you’ll never go out of your way to socialize, but it’s not like you to turn down an opportunity to do something different, and break your usual routine. People expect you to be a bit quirky, but you’re not obvious about it.

You’re actually quite humanitarian and compassionate at heart. As friendly as you are, there’s an air of detachment about you that some find fascinating, while others are a bit intimidated by it, and think you’re hard to get to know.

Here are some hints that will help you when it comes to getting along with the other zodiac signs. It can help you navigate compatibility which will make for a successful union and help you avoid the pitfalls that can make them go down in flames.

Aquarius Strengths in a Relationship

Being in a relationship with you is anything but boring! You like to experience new things and enjoy novelty in your life—which permeates all areas of your life—including the bedroom!

You seek out what’s new, and you’re always looking for—or even planning—what’s happening next. You like to explore the unknown, whether it’s a new relationship, or a new gadget, or a new concept. Your partners are likely to find you exciting and never humdrum and predictable.

You are also extremely intelligent. You love to learn, read and your mind does love a puzzle. You have enough smarts to keep the conversation going on a wide variety of topics, so let your brainy side show.

Aquarius Challenges in a Relationship

If your not careful your strengths can turn into your weaknesses. Your desire for novelty can make you get bored easily and start looking for the next new thing. If there’s anything you should work on into your relationships in the coming year, it’s consistency.

While your unpredictability can be a breath of fresh air in the beginning of a relationship; it can be nerve wracking when your partner doesn’t know which way the wind is blowing and where they stand with you. You often struggle with commitments, too, because you don’t want to feel trapped by anyone.

Your social life is a bit of a paradox. You withdraw from others in order to feed your mind, but then you begin to feel a bit lonely and out of touch, so you get out and about again. However, once you’re mingling, you start longing for solitude!

You’re very independent and it’s little wonder that people often you’ll have lots of acquaintances, but only a handful of people who are close to you, and truly understand who you are.

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Aquarius Compatibility With Other Zodiac Signs

Aquarius / Aries

You’re both very stubborn, and if you can’t find a meeting place from the start, you’ll probably struggle. Having said that, you do both understand each other’s need for independence. You completely respect each other’s unique individuality.

You’ve got unusual and quirky ideas, and an Aries partner will have fiery enthusiasm for new ideas, too. The friction comes when you’re not in agreement about what to do next. Try not to get too confrontational, because an Aries is not likely to back down!

Aquarius / Taurus

You two are as different as night and day! Taurus likes the tried and true approach, but conventionality isn’t a word that describes you! You’re impulsive and daring; Taurus is more practical and orderly, with a traditional approach to life.

You want to see what’s new and exciting. It will take a monumental effort to make this relationship work. You’re both fixed signs, and you can both be obstinant to a fault. It will be difficult to find places where compromises might be reached.

Aquarius / Gemini

You’re both air signs, so you’ll automatically have a basic understanding of each other. You both like to socialize, both like to do things on a whim, and there’s a good chance that you’re both on the same intellectual level, too.

The conversation will flow effortlessly, but you may grow tired of Gemini’s need to hear their own voice. This relationship has a good chance of success, but you’ll need to learn to open up more to hold Gemini’s interest.

Aquarius / Cancer

It’s easy for the two of you to make friends, but harder for you to stay that way. Cancer tends to be too needy of your attention and demanding of your time. While they charm you with their sensitivity at first, it soon grows to be a burden.

That doesn’t have to be a death sentence, though. Allow some of the emotions and sensitivity of this water sign to rub off on you, and teach them to be a bit more independent. Then this relationship has a good chance of success.

Aquarius / Leo

You’re incredibly different and unlikely to have much in common, but you know the old saying that opposites attract, right? You’re drawn to the complementary qualities of this fire sign. A Leo will appreciate your mental gymnastics. You do both like the same social scene.

Leo needs constant attention and reassurance, and that will soon get old for you. You’ll have to let some of your calm demeanor rub off on a Leo if the relationship is going to grow into something strong and long-lasting.

Aquarius - Virgo

Intellectually you’re a good match, and the mutable qualities of a Virgo have the potential to make things work, but Virgo is going to be far too nit-picky and critical for you. You focus on the bigger picture; Virgo gets bogged down with detail.

It’s not doomed, though. The secret to this pairing will be to compromise. Take a bit more time to understand Virgo, and teach them how to be slightly more impulsive, and you can work towards a great relationship

Aquarius / Libra

This match is a lot of things, but boring isn’t one of them! Libra will want to socialize as much as—if not more—than you do! As an independent cardinal sign, Libras are quite content to mingle and entertain while you have an intellectually stimulating conversation elsewhere.

There’s a lot of potential for a great connection here, but watch Libra’s jealousy. While they understand how to give you the space you need, they won’t take kindly to being ignored or lavishing attention on a new person.

Aquarius / Scorpio

When things are going well between you, the relationship is probably the best you’ve ever had. When they fall apart, they’ll collapse in a big way. Scorpio is the most volatile of the water elements. They feel things very intensely and are prone to jealousy and possessiveness.

You’re not going to put up with that for long. If this is going to have to work, then you’ll have to patiently teach Scorpio that they don’t own you. You’ll also have to learn how to open up more to a Scorpio and make them feel you are there for the long haul.

Aquarius / Sagittarius

You’ve got a lot more in common with Sagittarius than you might first realize. You both enjoy the new, the different, the impulsive. You both need your sense of freedom and will shy away from anything that threatens your independence.

You both like to see the bigger picture, although Sagittarius is more drawn to philosophy than you are. The only real problem here is that you have to make time for each other, or things may simply fizzle out before you realize it.

Aquarius / Capricorn

This is an all-or-nothing connection. You’ll either adore each other and go out of your way to make the other content or you’ll despise each other, and that will be that. You’re so very different from each other, but amid those differences, there’s a lot that can be learned.

As an earth sign, Capricorn will respect your intellect and your free spirit but might try to tame you, too. Compromise is the order of the day. A Capricorn will love you for life if you let them, so make sure the door of communication is open.

Aquarius / Aquarius

Do you feel like you’re looking in the mirror? You’ve met your match in another Aquarius! You’re going to have the same insights and ideas. While that’s all fun and games when you’re on the same page, the disagreements could be monumental.

You’ll bring out the best in each other, and also the worst in each other. If this is going to last, there will have to be a give and take from both of you—and probably more than one safe word.

Aquarius / Pisces

You’re both very open-minded and able to see the bigger picture, but there’s still a lot of contradiction here. You deal in facts much more than your Pisces partner; they’re far more dreamy and romantic. They’ll put you on a pedestal and want to be everything you need.

That kind of adoration will get a bit much for you. Pisces is likely to demand much more of your attention than you’re able to give to them. You’ll have to work on being more open with your affections if this relationship is going to succeed.

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You have the potential to be a very intuitive, compassionate lover. You will also dazzle your partner with your mental acumen. Find someone who is as intelligent as you are and will keep you mentally stimulated and provide a constant source of discovery.

You will do well if you find someone who has the same thirst for new experiences as you do. It will ensure you both know what you’re getting into. Avoid a broken heart by staying away from people who are too possessive and try to tie you down.

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