Retrograde Forecast: Karma, Change, and Soulmate Connections

Posted on September 05, 2015
Updated on November 12, 2020

Did you have a great Summer? Or maybe a better question, how was July? Let me guess. July was spectacular fireworks for you, and August left you feeling…what happened? And now, you are just throwing your arms up wondering what to do with all of this energy because you can feel it. Something big is about to happen. And you are right. The change is not over yet.

Well let me answer your first question. What happened in August was the first wave of retrograde season. We saw both Venus and Uranus slip into retrograde, and this pulled all of those fireworks from July into the slow lane. Everything is getting re-evaluated right now. So if you have felt no sudden movement in a key area of your life since July, especially if that area is love or money, thank the retrograde season for that. And it’s not even over yet. Venus is about to turn direct in a few days, so your relationships will soon begin to make more sense after that and the money will be flowing again. Uranus is staying retrograde until Christmas, and Pluto, the planet of transformation is still in retrograde status as well. What many Earthlings, and even astrologers and psychics, are doing right now is groaning over this slowness of energy. But the truth is, there’s nothing to groan about.

Especially if you are waiting for some karmic oats to come in. Or, if you are waiting for a change in love. Or, if you need a change, any change, and you will get excited about that. And, if you need to get some soul mate work done, then guess what? There’s a retrograde period for that too. Yes, retrograde season can be a major groan. But, if you play your cards right, this astrological season can be a very abundant one for you indeed. This is the true season of change. And when the planets slow down, the Universe is calling you to go within to create that change.

That’s a good thing! You can’t control anyone else, but you can control how you create your Destiny. And if you play your cards right during retrograde season, you will get all of the information you need to do just that…create your destiny and manifest abundance. So groan no more when it comes to the retrogrades. When you hear a retrograde is upon us, clap your hands. That’s karma calling. How will it show up in your life? Here’s a look at how to turn that retrograde frown upside down, and answer the call of karma, change, and soul mate connections during retrograde season.

Karma and the retrograde star…..

If you are the kind of person that lives under the Karmic Rule, do unto others as you would have them do unto you, then retrogrades are exciting periods. This is a time when all Earthlings undergo their own personal internal review. As we said when discussing dreams during Mercury retrograde, when a planet is direct its influences are on external events. Thus, when a planet is retrograde, or appearing to go backwards, its influences are on internal events. And retrogrades bring with them karmic change. That means, the changes happening within you, and on your external events, are within your control.

And the karma? Those are external events that come your way during retrograde periods as the oats you have previously sown. And because we have many planets in retrograde right now, that means that there’s a LOT of internal work being done.

Are you sad about how something slowed down in August? Has someone been unfair or unjust to you over the past few months? Expect retrograde energy to pay a visit with them too. When planets are retrograde, we ALL are undergoing this internal performance review. This is why change IS inevitable. What karmic oats will find you during Fall’s retrograde season? Here’s a look at some of the most intense retrogrades we have in play right now, and what you can expect in the way of karma, change, and soulmate connections.

Mercury Retrograde – When past love comes knocking….

Whatever happens to your relationships during Mercury retrograde, take it with a grain of salt. Breakups do have a tendency to occur more often during retrograde, as Earthlings get frustrated over communication delays and travel problems, and are encountering their own internal performance review. But usually a breakup that happens during this retrograde is short lived, and often smooths itself over as quickly as the communication wrinkles do. So remember that when love wrinkles crop up under this period. And always be kind during these moments, because your karmic potential is at stake.

The other thing to note about Mercury retrograde is that old lovers do have a tendency to come back. And most of the time, these past lovers are soul connections. There is a special pull that happens during a Mercury retrograde between lovers. The nostalgia is on high, and the contacts are too. Don’t be surprised if you get some new Friend Requests on Facebook, or hear from someone out of the blue.

Overall, major moves in love are not advised during this time frame, but you can enjoy the experiences as they come your way. When they do, process, and digest. Do not act quickly, and review and reflect on the experience yourself. It is back in your life for a reason. Is it for a blessin’? Or a lesson? And remember, your field of dreams is a great place to communicate with a lover when you don’t know what to do in your waking life right now. Love is feeling gravitational right now. You are allowed to respond, just…proceed with caution. This period begins September 17 and goes to October 9.

Venus Retrograde – When the shadow is exposed….

The bad news? Venus retrograde slows love down big time. The good news? You really only have to worry about this one for a few more days. But Venus retrograde is the reason that you have been wondering what happened to your love life in August, and brings with it 50 shades of karmic connections from your wildest dreams. You’re welcome. She may also be responsible for a slowing of the money train. She will continue to exert this slower energy until September 8. That’s not a cue to sit back and wait it out. There is still some powerful soul work and karmic bank that you can build up over the next few days. If you do, when Venus goes direct, you can expect forward movement in either your love and financial affairs. Or both!

• Over the past several weeks or so you have probably been thinking a lot about love. And if you have been “feeling” someone, in your mind and your heart more than usual, that’s Venus’s karma call for relationships. Chances are, that person has been undergoing the same experiences. Don’t make any moves right now, just keep a mental note on this one person that keeps cropping up.

• It’s important to not make any major moves in love during this time. It’s worth saying that twice. Everybody is in reflection mode. Which means, we aren’t getting answers at the speed which we would most prefer. Blowing up on someone during this time frame is going to backfire on you, big time. Hold back. There’s a reason you haven’t gotten clarity on the disconnect in August, or in recent months. Venus retrograde has a tendency to expose our shadow side in love.

• In other words, blowing up or getting upset at someone under this retrograde is bad karmic bank. It comes across as needy and desperate. And that’s definitely not what you want, especially if this is a soul mate love or twin flame. So, hold off, for just a few more days, and you will see your karmic bank pay off in no time when Venus goes direct.

• During this time, pull out the weeds in your love garden. You know you have them. And they are strangling the blossoms of love potential in your life. Weed them out, and watch love flourish when Venus goes direct again on September 8.

Pluto – Release the demons…No really. Let ‘em go.

Pluto is known as the planet of death and transformation, and he doesn’t play around. When he creates change, it is often in the form of loss. But it’s not a bad loss if you are facing it with pure intentions. It’s like losing the weeds in your garden. And Pluto forces you to dig deep to find them. And, if you try to “not bother looking”, Pluto finds them for you. It sounds scarier than it is. Because with this change Pluto brings the promise of abundance. As Rumi said, “The wound is the place where the light enters you.” So, when these wounds appear, and they will, allow them to open a portal to let the light in. That’s where the secrets to your future are.

When Pluto goes retrograde, this inner awakening to old wounds resurfaces. The change that will happen will not be changes happening TO you, but rather, within you. Your upcoming changes will be emotional, and spiritual. And they will also be very powerful. All of them, if you play your cards right, will get you closer to reaching your full karmic potential. And if your soul mate is on this same path, reunions are more than likely.

The past plays a big role here as Pluto forces you to ask what you want, where you are going, and what change you need to get there. Pluto retrograde gives you some of the keys to that past, to help you understand how they will unlock your future goals. You can find these secrets in dreams, in relationships, or in powerful meditative state. Your only requirement? To listen. And take action. Letting go will be one way of taking action. Someone, or something, will become “dead to you.” When you cut out those weeds that are strangling you, your karma scores soar. It is a painful lesson, but an invigorating one as well, as is every form of rebirth. We have this energy available to us until September 24 when Pluto goes direct in Capricorn when the change will appear as external events. Are you ready?

Uranus – Break free from limiting karma….

Uranus is the planet of shock and awe. Whatever surprises Uranus has in store for us are always the out of the blue type. This is true even when Uranus is retrograde. With Uranus retrograde and Mercury retrograde happening in the same month, many old lovers and soul mates are going to be making some out of the blue moves. Be ready!

Uranus is also the unconventional planet. Anything or anyone ruled by Uranus breaks free from the norm. Uranus wants you to do things differently than anybody else does. When Uranus is retrograde, you are going to be thinking about this a lot more, as these processes are happening within. You come upon the realization that, what you are doing is not working, time to try something new.

People that are normally shy will come out of the wood works now. If you don’t usually address issues, you will begin to confront people and feelings just to get it off your chest. And don’t be surprised if people are coming to you with these same experiences. It’s a good thing. The truth hurts, but not speaking your truth hurts your karma even more. So embrace this energy to speak your truth to create the shocking and awesome changes in your life that Uranus wants you to.

When Uranus is retrograde, your karmic call is to undergo the transformation that Uranus asks. It’s time to stop hiding from those feelings and from your truth. Let the Ego go, the Ego does not have a place here. What really feels right in these key issues in your life? Is it time to make a job dead to you? Is it time to make a relationship dead to you? What about that friendship that is sucking you dry emotionally? Get it on the table. Being direct is favored under this transit. Just remember, being direct and being kind are as well. Uranus is retrograde in Aries right through to Christmas Day, December 25 when it will turn direct. If you play your cards right now, Uranus will ensure you can expect the unexpected under the tree this year! Change is inevitable!

This is just the starting point on how you can use the retrogrades this Fall to your utmost advantage when it comes to karma, change, and soul mate connections. All of these retrograde planets produce energy that, when used properly, can intensify twin flame unions, create reunions even, and manifest change in your life that is in line with your destiny. This time, instead of being afraid of retrogrades, use them wisely. Karma is calling this retrograde season. How will you answer?

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