Retrograde Synchronicity Season: How to Recognize Signs From Universe & Use Them

Posted on November 03, 2018
Updated on December 01, 2020

There’s an old joke among psychologists about resistance to change. “How many psychologists does it take to change a light bulb?” The answer is, “One, but he really needs to want to change.” This is one of life’s biggest dilemmas. We all need to change at some point, but do we really want to?

Do we want it enough to “change the light bulb”? Whether we want to or not, once in a while astrology sends us energy that will force us to examine that question. This time around, it is retrograde season. And one thing that happens during retrograde season is that we receive signs and signals from the Universe to create success in our lives.

Messages from the past come in all forms and sizes during retrogrades, and they come for a reason. To teach us lessons, and to point us in the direction of where our abundance in life is. We call these messages and signs “synchronicities.

We Have 3 Planets in Retrograde Right Now:

  • Mercury Retrograde: November 17 to December 6, 2018
  • Venus Retrograde: October 5 to November 16, 2018
  • Uranus Retrograde: August 7 to November 6, 2018

Under retrogrades, if you have been avoiding changing a light bulb in your life because it was too uncomfortable, you will be presented with a scenario that forces you to think about that light bulb. Yes, you can ignore some of your problems and hope they go away. Some of them will go away, but the big ones won’t.

Under retrogrades, that which you resist will persist. Especially if what you are resisting will actually help you to succeed. That’s what it is all about. By “it” we mean, this thing called life. Change is the only thing in life you can be sure of. Resisting it will set you back. Some change we can afford to avoid. Others, not so much.

Along comes retrograde season to help you escalate your life to the next level of success. That which you resist will persist. Do you really want to change the light bulb, or do you want to live in the dark? Retrogrades arrive to help nudge that decision along, and is nothing to fear.

While we are reflecting, the Universe is sending us signs and synchronicities as clues to move forward on your path.

What do Signs and Synchronicities Look Like?

Signs and synchronicities look like those little things in life that appear as happy coincidences. You’re singing a song or have it in your head, and then it comes on the radio. You see feathers all around you after you ask the angels for protection. You’re thinking of a person and they call.

These are synchronicities. Under retrograde season, signs and clues from the angels generally are tied to past or nostalgic references. And they are coming to you for a reason. This is the Universe’s way of saying, “Hey, pay attention, do something with this. We’re trying to tell you something!”

  • Surprise! When signs under Uranus retrograde make a presence in our life, it’s a surprise. You’ll see this energy manifested in your Daily Horoscopes with “expect the unexpected” cautions when Uranus is direct. That’s because Uranus just breaks out of the mould one day, and rarely gives advance warning. Uranus does this on purpose. Uranus likes to shock us.
  • Nostalgia. We all have that one friend who says things just for shock value, for humorous purposes or to be different from the mould. That’s Uranus. That one friend in all of our circles probably has some Uranus energy heavy in their charts. When Uranus acts for shock value, it does so in big, unexpected events. That occurs through happy coincidences that are tied to nostalgic references under retrograde season.
  • Get your sexy on! If something from the past appears as a clue or a sign, such as a song playing that reminds you of someone, or a movie clip or quote that has you feeling saucy, that’s Venus retrograde pointing you to the person you are immediately thinking about. It’s not in your head. It’s Venus saying, “What happened here? I think there’s a chance here. Here’s a good quote or song you can use as an icebreaker to connect with this person.” Does it make you feel sexy? Put it on, with someone!
  • Wake up. It’s very easy to spiritually “fall asleep” during retrogrades and just wait for direct motion to come through again. Don’t do that. Use retrogrades and the signs that are arriving to wake up out of that fog, and use signs and clues productively. Although retrograde effects are largely internal, you will still need to leave that comfort zone. You are going to have to change that light bulb, or Uranus will do it for you. During retrogrades, you will slowly come into this awareness that something has to give. The signs you are getting are pointing you to that one thing that has to give. But you have to wake up.
  • Acknowledge the feelings. Weird feelings crop up during retrogrades. For a reason. The signs we get are the signs we need and they may not be the signs we want. We may get a sign of a song that reminds us of someone, that we don’t want to think about. But if we reflect, we may find we are repeating some mistakes. You’ll suddenly start to think things like, “Wow, this really isn’t working,” or, “Wow, I really do have the power to change this light bulb myself.” That’s the entire point of retrograde. A lot of these signs will come to you out of the blue. Again, the hardest part about changing that light bulb is wanting to change it. The Universe will help you.
  • Ask. If you aren’t sure, ask. That means ask your angels for signs and signals that you are on the right path. Or, ask your angels and guides for signs of the path that you need to go on. When you do, communication begins to work. Venus helps you to attract some opportunities. And Uranus brings the things out of the blue to surprise you. So whenever you are in doubt, and I do mean whenever, ask.
  • Karma is a thing under retrograde season, and more powerful than anything else. Good karma will reap miracles. But if you are doing all of these steps with intentions less than pure, expect the miracles to happen to someone else, and bad things to happen to you. Sorry, but, it’s a thing. Trying to “get” somebody back if they mess you up in love or life, is going to send some boomerangs your way that you won’t like. And asking the angels to help you here won’t work either. So ask, yes. But ask with the right karma. When you do, the signs and signals from Universe will help you to reap abundance.

Concluding Thoughts…

To succeed, all zodiac signs are cautioned to be introspective under retrogrades and be careful. Big changes are coming, so just be careful. It’s like when you change that lightbulb in real life. Are you running up a ladder with ill intent? If so, you are going to fall. If not, karmic boomerangs are going to help you create those changes in your life, and be successful. Not everybody is going to fall, just the ones not paying attention. Watch for the signs you need to win, and pay attention to what your Daily Horoscopes are saying. The angels are waiting for that call.

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