Rituals to Manifest Miracles with a Full Moon in Virgo

Posted on February 26, 2018

It′s full moon time and our second full moon of 2018 is in Virgo. Do you have your full moon wishes ready? We are already in the prime zone for this, as that period runs for 48 hours prior and 48 hours after every full moon event. Our full moon in Virgo period for this month runs from February 27 to March 3, peaking on March 1.

You’ve got plenty of time to think about what is no longer working in your life, and what chapters you can close so that you can move onto bigger and brighter things. That’s what full moons are about, but this one has other plans.

The full moon in Virgo is also another opportunity for you to look at your health. We talk a lot about spiritual and mental health, but Virgo is a persnickety one and rules the sixth house. If you read our Daily Horoscopes, then you know the sixth house is all about those little things you need to do to take care of your health.

In numerology, the number six is all about harmony and balance, so the full moon in Virgo is a wonderful time for you to start thinking about restoring both in your life, by cutting out what isn’t healthy for you, and creating fresh energy for the things that are. That includes all elements of your health, so we can make sure your mind/body/soul connections are all aligned and tweaked.

Virgo is also definitely a zodiac sign of ritual, so we want you to be participating in your full moon rituals as well, to ensure you harness as much as you can of this powerful energy to reboot your mind/body/soul connections.

Full Moon Rituals to Manifest Miracles Under the Full Moon in Virgo

It′s time to let go of the notions that Virgo is boring and dull. Use this full moon to embrace the stillness and quiet that is Virgo, and use them to manifest miracles. It could be the healthiest choice you make all month. Make your full moon wishes according to these themes as well! Follow these 6 full moon in Virgo rituals, and don’t forget about your power of six this month.

It’s all about creating moderation, balance, and harmony in your overall mind/body/soul connections.

1. Discover what is coming full circle.

Before you can be healthier, you need to know what needs to be fixed, removed, or treated. A doctor isn’t going to perform surgery if he doesn’t know what the problem is. Full moons are about closing chapters and tying up business, so learn what that is, and you are already healthier.

This is your chance to put toxic things out of your life. Bad relationships, dead-end jobs, really terrible friends, too much fast food, all of these things are making you less healthy. Sometimes, a bad friend or bad relationship is less healthy than too much fast food, so this month make the choice to cut. It. Out.

Perform full moon rituals that are much like saying goodbye, and bid adieu to these things that no longer serve you with love. The light of the full moon reveals all, but being in denial won′t help. Use the light to discover the truth, and say goodbye to these things with love as your first ritual under the Virgo full moon. Doing these things in groups of sixes enhances this powerful ritual.

For example: Write down six bad habits you have right now, on individual slips of paper. Then, burn them. Set the intention to say goodbye to them. Or, put each slip into a balloon and send it out into the universe. The point is knowing what you need to say goodbye to, and then doing it. Really doing it.

There’s no point in sending that balloon if you are just crawling back to McDonald’s after you do it. So do it, and really do it.

2. Get your eyesight checked.

There′s a lot of things we choose not to notice in life because they are too awkward or uncomfortable to bear and there are some things that just go unnoticed, because hey, life is busy. The light of the full moon in Virgo is going to shine a light on those things, so just nip them in the bud already.

Stop pretending not to see them and just deal with them. This includes cleaning out your cupboards of garbage food, removing all temptation from the house, but it also means de-cluttering. Clutter is very unhealthy if you let it go too long.

De-clutter under the full moon in Virgo and you will feel productive and rejuvenated, maybe even more than if you went for a run. Get your eyesight checked and really see what is going on around you that is unhealthy. Then turf it. Make it fun! Pick up a half case of wine, six bottles, and just get to it.

That kind of ritual allows you to close these circles with love, and create room for more miracles to grow.

3. Make a plan to go to the next level.

Just deciding you are doing that is a ritual. There are two things the practical earth sign of Virgo loves. Success and lists. Virgo doesn′t just wake up in the morning with riches. Many are successful because of their ever growing lists, so make lists for your own health.

What do you want to change in your life? For that to happen, something must end, so rituals under the full moon in Virgo should reflect that. For example, it’s not just about starting a running program, if that is your healthy choice. Take it to the next level. Have a big time goal.

Make a list of what you need to do to feel like a running superstar, including equipment, schedules, training logs, and the like. Scour Olympic websites for resources that can help you, there are thousands out there. Maybe healthy eating is your choice. Watch celebrities cook in healthy ways and begin being inspired by the best of the best.

4. Make lists.

Virgo loves a good list. Make recipe lists, grocery lists, ideas lists, you get the picture. Make a list. Remember, you aren’t doing anything yet but making lists, but it’s time to take it to the next level and you can’t do that without a plan. Every plan starts with a list.

5. Be flexible, like the bendy number six.

In numerology and in the zodiac signs, the number six is all about harmony and being flexible. As a mutable sign, Virgo is the most flexible one of the bunch, so don’t beat yourself up if you don’t win an Olympic gold medal today. Be flexible like the number six, and like Virgo, and be realistic about those goals.

You have lists, but they can be modified anytime you want. Add in a new ritual of a “free day” for food for example if you are dieting. With this ritual, you get one day a week where anything goes. There. Dieting doesn’t seem so bad now, does it? The full moon in Virgo will help you take those little things that aren’t working and kick them to the curb for good.

6. Enter the other world.

Every full moon event is an opportunity to explore our psychic center and Virgo is about going within, just like The Hermit in the tarot. The Hermit carries a lantern as well, to shine a light on the truth and wisdom that is needed to go forward. This requires some alone time as well, and spiritual practice is a very healthy activity.

You can win the gold if you meditate long enough! Well, you have to practice and train as well, but soul searching is a huge part of success. Turn your phone and computer off, and just do what you need to do to feel healthy spiritually. Sometimes that means some couch time! The full moon is your lantern and your guide this time.

Take the alone time that you need and just….listen….and let the full moon cast a light on where you need to go next. The answers will absolutely reveal themselves!

Concluding thoughts…

There you have it. Six very easy rituals to harness the true and fullest potential of this month′s full moon in Virgo. Remember, full moons are about casting light and manifesting miracles. Virgo is all about those little things you need to nip in the bud to take care of your health. So get to it.

Complete these industrious full moon in Virgo rituals and you will be well on your path to miracles. Make sure that you have our Health Horoscopes bookmarked too. To your health!

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