Saturn Direct in Scorpio: When Karma is a Game Changer

Posted on August 01, 2015
Updated on July 03, 2020

It’s been a tough couple of years for Scorpio! But truthfully, all zodiac signs have been feeling the pinch of Saturn. Saturn spends about 2 ½ years when making his journey through each of the zodiac sign, and Scorpio has been feeling the brunt of it for some time. The Water Signs have been feeling its effects as well. But the truth is, all zodiac signs have been feeling the restriction of the planet of karma and time nestled in the zodiac sign of intensity and mysterious secrets. Are you ready for a break from this karmic squeeze? Who isn’t! If that sounds all too familiar, rest assured in the promise of the Universe that…nothing lasts forever. And this month Saturn is going to take its last sling of the karmic boomerang in the zodiac sign of Scorpio. Having been retrograde in Scorpio for a little while, Scorpio has been feeling some relief. But on August 2, Saturn goes direct in Scorpio once again, giving us all one last chance to make some game changing moves and sling that karmic boomerang in our direction. Are you ready? What game changing moves do you want to experience with Saturn direct in Scorpio? It all happens August 2 and will last to September 17, 2015, where Saturn will give us some relief when entering the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. How will you embrace this potential?

Saturn direct in Scorpio: Karma is a Boomerang

What exactly does Saturn in Scorpio mean? Saturn is the planet of responsibility, and this is also why it is the planet of karma. When we fail to meet our responsibilities, we get hit by the karmic boomerang. We can’t escape it. Saturn is about structure and regiment, and there’s no Earthling on the planet that can be freed from the responsibilities of life. Adhering to Saturn structure means your power for personal achievement is strong!

Scorpio on the other hand is a hot bed of emotions. Scorpio rules those undercurrents and acts in life through hidden means. Scorpio is a secretive one! Has it felt like your life has had too many secrets? Or maybe the responsibilities in your life have been swamped with hidden messages and facts that you did not have at hand. Scorpio is also insecure. With Saturn in Scorpio many of us, not just Scorpio, have not had the confidence we need to handle our responsibilities wisely. And with this energy going on for over 2 years, that can be a real drag in life! Those mishaps and events that have been weighing you down are going to catch some relief next month when Saturn moves into the free spirited zodiac sign of Sagittarius. But for now, with Saturn going back into Scorpio for about 6 more weeks, we will see information slowly gliding into the places that we need it to. Clarity will be abundant! You will finally feel empowered to meet those responsibilities with the confidence you need to meet your goals. And when you do, Saturn will reward you with karmic blessings.

Your Last Chance for Sowing Karmic Oats

With Saturn in Scorpio, you have plenty of opportunities to meet your cosmic karmic demand. Maybe you even met some of them. But if you didn’t, you have 6 more weeks to sow your karmic oats, and be sure that those responsibilities work for you, and not against you. What can you do with this energy?

• Cut it out. Scorpio is the one zodiac sign that, when something is dead to them, it is dead to them. You can’t convince them otherwise. That can be a good thing. And, with Saturn in Scorpio, if you have been playing your cards right, it WILL be a good thing. It’s time to cut out the necrotic tissue of your life. What isn’t working? What is dead to you? It’s okay to acknowledge that and move forward. But in this case, acknowledging it isn’t enough. You actually need to cut out that necrotic tissue. Remember, you are playing very dangerously with your karma if you don’t.

• Ashes to ashes. When discussing Uranus retrograde in Aries we said, if you don’t let go of those fears that are holding you back, they will come back to haunt you. You will see this manifest when Saturn goes direct in Scorpio for 6 more weeks if you are not careful. Many Earthlings hear the words, “Let go of your fears or they will ruin you.” They nod and smile, and say “Yeah, yeah.” and then go back to hugging those fears that keep them warm at night. Saturn moving direct in Scorpio one last time is going to say, not so fast. What isn’t working for you will be cut out by the sickle of Saturn, whether you want it to or not. And this will be earth shattering for you if you don’t do the work yourself. Ashes to ashes and dust to dust, what is dead is going to fall by the wayside, whether you do the work, or Saturn does it for you. What will you choose?

• Just keep swimming, just keep swimming. Learning how to swim can be a scary thing. And many people refuse to learn because they hug onto those fears so tight. This will not work with Saturn in Scorpio for 6 more weeks. Your goal, if you choose to accept your karmic rewards, will be to learn how to float. Just keep swimming, my dear! Universe is prepared to catch you. First you need to learn how to float amidst all of these powerful opportunities. Then, swim, my dear. Take baby steps, and swim one paddle at a time. You can’t swim very far if you are afraid. So let those fears go. Or, Saturn and his karmic boomerang will do that for you.

With Saturn direct in Scorpio, it is your last chance to repair, restore, and renew your karmic lessons. Everything that has been happening in your life for the past two years is all coming to a head. You will feel limited and restricted. And if you don’t, then you still haven’t learned your lesson. Know that not embracing the lessons of the Universe will mean that karmic boomerang may hit you the wrong way. What has happened in your life in the last 2 years that you still need some development on? It’s time to do that work now. You have 6 more weeks to make that happen before Saturn in Sagittarius prepares you for an entirely new set of lessons. What karma are you hoping to embrace with Saturn direct in Scorpio?

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