Saying the Wrong Thing at the Wrong Time

Posted on August 09, 2016
Updated on December 01, 2020

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We’ve all had those moments, the ones when you’ve found yourself saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. However, as uncomfortable as these instances are, they can actually work out in a good way. Sometimes it takes a clanger like this to open a door, and that’s just what this week’s Mercury transit can do for you.

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Deeper Conversations are Easy This Week

This is a time when you can really get to the heart of things. You’ll be able to talk with those who go beyond chitchat and superficiality right to the heart of the matter. It can be a meaningful exchange for both of you. Of course, this can deepen relationships, and if you were hoping to move closer to a special someone, then this is the ideal week to work on that.

If you have been procrastinating when it comes to telling something to someone, you may want to choose this week — particularly Wednesday — for opening that channel of communication. You’ll be able to share what you want to say with ease, tear down any walls that may have been inhibiting you, and you’re more likely than not going to really be heard. This isn’t an excuse for being too blunt, though—there’s still a risk of you saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. The energy around this transit is very dynamic, so choose your words well.

Become a Super-Sleuth

It’s a very good week for research, review, and pursuit that involves fact-finding. You’ve got a desire to find out what’s underneath the surface, and you’ve got the mental focus to retain the information. You’re not going to be satisfied trivial or obvious answers; you want substance, and you’ll be driven to find it. It will be easy for you to follow your ideas and plans through to their finish.

Make sure you’re not being too serious with this transit. Yes, it brings focus, determination, and yes, it can uncover a lot of detail and information very quickly. However, you could be so dedicated to working on a project that you get too single-minded and that can be offputting for those who want to help — they’re also going through this same intensity.

Take the Time to Learn New Things

Travel looks good, especially if you wanted to learn something, or if the trip was for business or educational purposes. New experiences are likely to appeal to you, and you’ll throw yourself into them with gusto. This energy can take you a long way to finding out more about yourself and others, it just needs handling in the right way. You may find yourself saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, or to the wrong people, or you could come off as bombastic if you’re impatient or thoughtless when communicating your ideas to others.

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This is also a period where secrets could come out into the open. If you’ve been hiding something from someone, it’s best that you lie low until this transit has passed. If, on the other hand, you feel that someone may have been trying to keep something from you, now is the time to ask pointed questions to try to find out the truth. The only concern here is that there’s a difference between investigating and prying. If this concerns you and has an impact on your life, then start digging. However, if you’re just trying to poke your nose into other people’s business, you may want to think again. Once this transit passes, your inquisitiveness may come back to haunt you.

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