Your September 2021 Tarotscopes

Posted on August 26, 2021
Updated on August 27, 2021

Two sets of hands are seen using the Tarot. One set of hands holds out cards, face down, while the other set chooses a card. There are candles and drinks on the table between them.

​Welcome to the latter half of 2021 — there’s quite a bit in store still waiting for you. Are you ready for it?

In September, we say goodbye to bold and passionate Leo season and hello to Earthy and grounded Virgo season. What’s more, balancing and charismatic Libra season will pick up on September 22nd, giving us room to blossom in the element of Air as well.

And that’s just scratching the surface.

Maybe you’re all caught up on the astrological events of the month ahead, or maybe it’s seeming like an overwhelming task by this point of the year. That’s why we’re here to provide a helpful alternative (or addition) to the plate: your September 2021 Tarotscope!

With one card each from the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana, we’ll be unpacking all the details you need to know as you plan for another exciting month.

Your September 2021 Tarotscope


The High Priestess & 2 of Cups

Good things are on the horizon for our firestarter Aries, both internally and externally.

The High Priestess sheds light on your own intuition and ability to see the truth within (and out). And it’s a good thing too, because with the 2 of Cups also in your hand, this month becomes very much about your relationships and connections with others.

Whether it’s you connecting more deeply with the people that count or becoming a beacon of light and insight for your loved ones, or some combination of both… you’ve got a busy September ahead of you, Aries.

Enjoy it, and let the good times begin!


The Devil (Reversed) & 10 of Wands

There’s one central theme coming up for Taurus this month: burdens.

Doesn’t seem so exciting, does it? There’s good news here, too, though! The 10 of Wands does indicate that you’re here to wrestle with some of the stressful things that have been piling up so far this month, but it’s not all so bad.

The 10 of Wands is also the end of the suit and coupled with The Devil reversed, which can indicate actively internally working with that inner baggage, it seems that you’re focused on turning a new leaf this month.

No more lingering ickiness lying around. This month, the Tarot indicates the steady bull inside of you will be turning it all around!


Death (Reversed) & 2 of Pentacles (Reversed)

You’re in need of a change, Gemini, but you may not know what to do to make it happen.

Death upright is actually a blessing — we often need and want the catalyst that grand changes and transformations can bring. Its reversal can feel like that moment of change on the tip of your tongue, but so far out of reach at the same time.

With the 2 of Pentacles reversed, it’s clear that you’ll be making attempts to re-balance and recalibrate this month, although they won’t all be successful. September becomes about questioning what needs to go and what’s become too heavy to carry.

By the end of the month, you’ll have a clearer head on what the path forward looks like. Hang in there — the fog will clear soon enough.

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Temperance & Knight of Wands (Reversed)

Patience, please, sweet crab!

Temperance beckons you forth with its balanced, calm, and patient perspective, asking that you find moderation and balance versus rushing forth to quick solutions.

And it may be tempting too. The Knight of Wands reversed is pent up, confused, and has excess energy. At times you may find yourself full of enthusiasm, and at other times, you may feel burnt out and lost (hence why seeking balance is the ideal situation here, Cancer).

Rather than run with impulses, you’re called to seek calm in the small stuff this month — like in routines or maybe in grounding exercises.


The Magician & 5 of Cups

Your creative energy is on fire, Leo, but something may still feel amiss.

Lit up by the powerful energy of The Magician, you may feel empowered to make great changes and forge your own path this month. The only problem is that from time to time, you may find your attention wavering with the 5 of Cups.

It may feel easy to focus on the things that have gone awry or the roads not taken. Those pesky “what if?” questions and scenarios may pop into your head from time to time, even if you are set on creating positive things in the month ahead.

It’s alright to wrestle with both things at once — but it’s worth noting where your feelings go rather than bottling them up inside.


Justice & 9 of Swords

Buckle up, Virgo, you’ve got some battles to fight this month… and they’re all inside.

By “inside,” we do mean mental — Justice and the 9 of Swords both don the element of Air, the suit and energy of the intellectual and thought-related matters. It’s fitting that in Virgo season, you’ll likely be doing a lot of work (productive folks, you often are), after all.

In Justice, you are aiming to find balance, and in the 9 of Swords, you may have to go deep into the recesses of your memory and mind in order to truly find it.

Ready, set, go — you’re off to the races once more to get re-organized, Virgo.


The Moon & 6 of Cups (Reversed)

Feeling a bit foggy and lost in the clouds, Libra?

The Moon is full of that mystery and intrigue, and you may be feeling it in heavier doses this month. That’s alright on its own, as there’s nothing really wrong with a bit of deep-diving into the world of the unknown or occult.

With the 6 of Cups reversed, you only have to be careful that you don’t wind up revisiting memories and past events that really should be put to rest by now. Worse, you’ll want to be careful that you don’t go around texting your exes or digging up dirty laundry that’s best left in the hamper.

The key this month is balance: let yourself contemplate and reflect, but don’t get too detached from your present reality, Libra.


Judgement & Queen of Cups

The energy is powerful for our Scorpio friends this month!

Deep, emotionally potent, and composed, the Queen of Cups is energy that Scorpios already tends to resonate with. With Judgement also on the table, it’s likely that you’ll be feeling more and more like you’re in your power this month.

Gifted with strong foresight and strong intuition, you’ll want to let your inner voice guide the way ahead (and it’ll be the right move). Just be sure to block out the external opinions that may cloud your judgment (no pun intended) as you proceed.


The Tower & 3 of Swords

Look out, wild archer — this may sting.

This September may feel riddled with loss and confusion, with the old falling away and the slate becoming clean. The Tower often brings such moments in our lives, and the 3 of Swords indicates that some of it won’t be so exciting.

While this month may come with many disappointments or difficulties, know that the Tower doesn’t often come for no reason. With a clean slate, you’ll be more ready to create the right path actually aligned with your adventurous spirit.

Hang tight, have some faith, and know that this too will pass Sag!


The Emperor (Reversed) & 6 of Pentacles (Reversed)

As a Cardinal sign, Capricorn, you’re used to having to take the lead (even if behind the scenes).

But this month, you’re being called to pull back. The Emperor and the 6 of Pentacles combined may hold a lot of leadership, give and take, and responsibility, especially within the distribution of resources. Perhaps you’re used to carrying that workload quite often.

However, their reversed energies implore you to take a step back. This September is not about you taking the lead but finding pause and sometimes letting others carry the weight for now.

While your insights are still as valuable as ever, it may be time to let someone else try calling the shots this month.


The Hermit & Page of Wands (Reversed)

You may have a curious and adventurous spirit from time to time, Aquarius, but this month that gets turned inwards.

What does that entail? Well, with The Hermit, you’ll mostly be asking questions and reflecting quietly, working with your own inner dialogue and thoughts and feelings.

There’s no leeway here for anything else, either. With the Page of Wands reversed, it’s not the time to be venturing out with impulse and starting up every new opportunity that comes your way.

Just remember: it may be a quieter kind of month, but it can still be equally as profound.


The World & 9 of Pentacles (Reversed)

The horizon may seem empty, but the heart is full.

There’s something quite bittersweet about this combo! With the 9 of Pentacles reversed, you may feel a bit lacking in the abundance department, or perhaps just not where you want to be.

Still, with The World, it’s clear that you can keep your eye on the prize (or the bigger picture at hand). There’s more to life than a moment of abundance or all the glitz and glam, and that Piscean faith is keeping you strong regardless of your circumstances this month.

September may be full of experiences that remind you of these themes and echo these insights. Just stay observant of the things that remind you of the larger picture, Pisces.

Stepping Into September, Ready or Not

A Tarotscope is not the end of the world or the end-all-be-all of your September experience, but it can shed some light on what obstacles you may anticipate for the month ahead.

What to do with it then, you may wonder.

That’s ultimately up to you! Like astrology or any other device for understanding the Universe and ourselves, Tarot is a tool that we use for our own needs. Take your Tarotscope as a roadmap for September, or more of a brief outline, depending on what your heart desires.

There’s one thing for sure: September awaits whether you’re ready or not, and you’ll want to make the most of it!

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