Sex Astrology: Make Your Zodiac Sign Sizzle This Spring!

Posted on March 14, 2015
Updated on October 30, 2020

Who doesn’t look forward to Spring? And one of the biggest reasons we ALL get excited about Spring is due to a little…..Spring fever! This is an exciting season of new beginnings, new growth, and….new possibilities. Has it been a long Winter for you? Are you ready to shake it up a notch? Or, do you simply want to know what’s ahead for your romantic life? If so, wait no more. We present to you the only love horoscopes you are going to need this spring. Here are your saucy sex horoscopes for Spring! What secrets does sex astrology have for you this Spring? Read on to find out!


Uh, you are going to be busy this Spring, Aries, so we hope your calendar is ready. We see both Venus and Mars in your wheelhouses of love this month, and so March is going to be a saucy one! And this is true whether you are single or attached my dear. Spring IS your thing, but you know that. And this year is no different. Be prepared for invitations to come out of the wood works. And literally, you can have whoever you want this month, Aries! So make your choice, or, choices rather, a good one! You are also in the driver’s seat here, Aries. Know then no matter what choice you make, it is going to create some lasting success for you. Or maybe even….just some momentary success. Regardless of how long it lasts, you get to decide if it’s for a good time or a long time. How awesome is that?


Love for you, Taurus is always about the sensual and sexy part of life. And this month has plenty to offer you, expect to be enjoying a lot of long nights in. So sex astrology for you this month is going to be about whatever is available to you right now! You are good with understanding what your partner needs, and if you are single, your spideys are going to be on alert for the one that needs you most. So single Taurus needs to be open to every opportunity that comes their way. And attached Taurus needs to be attuned to the requests their partner or lover is making. And, when Taurus tunes into these needs, magic will be in the air! How will you use that magic, Taurus?


You are usually the chaotic one of the zodiac signs, Gemini, but this month you are going to be the opposite. Suddenly, questions that you have had about love, sex, and romance are going to take a peaceful tone. Whatever it is that you have been wishing for, you can expect that to manifest this month, if it hasn’t begun to already. Don’t make any BIG decisions or commitments in sex or love this month, at least not until near the end or closer to April. Instead, your love horoscopes suggest that you should be as devoted as possible to the one you do cherish the most. The more scattered you are in your thinking, the less likely you are to succeed. And jealousy has no place for you this month, Gemini, so kick that to the curb and your sex life will climb! Who are you most devoted to this month, Gemini?


Intensity is the name of the game, Cancer, for you when it comes to love and sex astrology this month. You can’t get enough lovin’! There may be some past relationship stuff coming up this month, so don’t be surprised if some former issues seem to get in the way. Deal with them, and love will be your oyster. This could mean nipping someone from the past in the bud, or it could mean re-opening a new flower that comes your way. An ending in love is likely this month, but you will find once you close that door, a very exciting one shall open up for you. Secrets are going to come out that will delight you as well! Change is good, Cancer, and this is your theme this Spring. If it feels intense, know the rewards are going to be…oh so worth it. What changes are you longing for the most, Cancer?


Time to get social, Leo, if you want your sex life to take an upswing! March for you is going to be about remembering the past, and getting in touch with those that stoked those fires for you. You should do this in group settings or re-connect with old friends. There is a certain someone waiting for you to make that call. A steamy Water Sign perhaps? Whoever it is, someone needs you, Leo, and you love to be needed. This kind of “need” is the basic human instinct kind, dear, we aren’t talking about food and shelter. You know what we mean. Your admirers are a plenty, but the truth is that The One is the one you need to focus on, if you want that steam to keep going well into Summer. And you do, Leo! Who is The One you need to pay attention to now, Leo?


Relationships may feel complicated for you this March, Virgo, but that’s because you are sorting things out. Complicated yes, boring, no. Be alert and be vulnerable and this is going to take you a long way in love. Many opportunities are coming your way and if you have not had time to focus on love of late, then you can expect that time to open up. Pay some attention on areas you may have neglected in the past, and you will find new opportunities come knocking. You need to make time for love and your sex life, Virgo, and when you do, you will find that something, or someone that you have overlooked is ready and waiting to get Spring fever started! How busy do you want to get this month, Virgo?


March is going to be a month of play, Libra! If you want it to be. You are in the attraction zone, meaning you are attracting all things good and beautiful. You will have a bevy of options when it comes to love, and that holds true if you are single or attached. If you are attached, bring some play into the bedroom and don’t take things so seriously. Not everything needs to MEAN something, just have some fun for a change! If you are single, it’s time to mingle. And don’t go into your fun month thinking you need to find The One. You just need to have fun. The One will eventually turn up but this month is about you letting that gorgeous hair down, and going with the flow. Embrace all opportunities for fun and play this month, Libra, no matter what your relationship status says, and let the good times roll. How are you going to have fun this month, Libra?


Oh Scorpio, you never really need to worry about sex astrology, your zodiac sign has that one in the bag. But March is going to be a little chaotic for you. Be careful you are staying on top of your phone or you will miss an important message from a lover! That holds true on email, and all of your other devices. Whether you are single or attached, Scorpio, March is going to leave you feeling rather content. But, Scorpio, your charm will not get you everywhere. You need to put some time into love and your sex life or it is going to go up in smoke. Commit to your partner if you have one, and commit to your happiness if you don’t! Be open. You are good at getting everyone’s secrets, but it may be time to share some of your own. When you do. That one that has been trying to get soooo close, is going to get closer! And you’ll like it. A lot. How did opening up go for you, Scorpio?


March is going to be a busy month for Sagittarius, but it is going to be busy in the way of work. And believe it or not, Sagittarius, but that may be precisely where you find all of the sexy surprises you need! Whether you are single or attached, this month may be a little bit difficult to get exactly what you want, so focus on one thing or one person at a time. Focus will be key, because the opportunities and the invitations will be abundant. But thus far, not many of them have really captured your fancy. But one will, if you put your focus on its laser setting and get to work. And when you do, not only will you have a sexy and steamy month, but you may even find that love that lasts that you have been longing for. If you are looking to mix things up in love this month, go the intellectual way and see where your philosophical side takes you….and your lover. Overall though, Sagittarius, you just need to focus. One opportunity may slip you by otherwise, and we think you know what we mean by this. Who are you going to focus on this month, Sagittarius?


March is going to be the month of commitment for you, Capricorn, and you will really get what you want in love, if you put your mind to it. This is a time when all of the questions you have previously had in love are going to begin to get answered. After a long period of reflection, you know exactly what you want! And that’s a good thing. Now all you need to do is go after it! If you are attached you may find a little bit of game play from your partner who may be feeling insecure. This will create a turning point for you, and you may even experience an ending. That’s okay. Remember we are talking about you being clear about what you want, and games are not the way for you. If you are single, time to take stock of what is going right in love, and what isn’t. Then it’s time to do something about it. Look at love and your sex life like you are the CEO. Does someone need to go so that you can experience increased productivity? Does someone new need to come in? What big changes are you going to commit to this month, Capricorn?


When it comes to love this month, Aquarius, you are going to have your share of fun. You can expect a lot of new suitors or possibilities this month, and you may even enjoy every single one of them. This period will last for you too, we see this extending into June. You are going to be visible, and one hot tamale in love. So when it comes to rebooting your sex life, you will literally just need to ask your adoring fans who wants to be the one. And someone, or maybe even more, will want a bite of that apple. This is especially true if you are single. If you are attached, the stars have some surprises in store for you as well. You just need to get a little more funky with your lover, open up those big hearts and spill it all. You will be surprised, and delighted, at where the conversation turns. Re-assessment will be the theme for you this month as you sort all of these new offers out. How are you bringing positive change into your sex life this month, Aquarius?


March for you Pisces is going to be a bit of a dreamy one, and that can work for or against you depending on how you handle it. You are going to be feeling emotionally whipped, and so you want to be sure that you tread lightly in love. This is true if you are single or attached. If you are single, your impulse will be to retreat from the world and drown your sorrows in something unhealthy. There’s nothing wrong with a little down time, in fact you need it right now, but do so in constructive ways. Reflection will provide the answers you need in love. And, if you are attached, you may want to create a little bit of space between you and your lover. Things have felt intense lately and this space is going to give you both some much needed breathing room. In that time, use your fantasies and your dreams to your advantage. And then when you reunite with your lover, use them in real life! Where will your dreams take you this month, Pisces?

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