Sex Up Your Solstice

Posted on December 14, 2016
Updated on July 03, 2020

The glow of the fire, the warmth of a cocoa, the feeling of festivity in the air; all of these have the potential to create an amorous ambiance this season.

Use the seasonal spirit to tap into sensual and erotic energy! All it takes is a bit of effort, a willingness to be a little adventurous, and an enthusiastic partner.

Here is your sign-by-sign sign guide to bring some warmth and sizzle into your sex life.

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How to Sex Up Your Solstice


As a fire sign, you’re bold in most areas of your life and intimacy is no exception. It’s time for you to turn up the heat, turn on your charm to delight your partner, and pursue what you want. Take the lead and try a new approach when it comes to exploring your erotic side.

You definitely don’t need to be uncharacteristically shy about anything when it comes to the bedroom, embrace your adventurous side.


We all know that you’re easy-going and maybe even a bit lazy from time to time. You’ll probably prefer to let someone else make the moves on you - at least until things start to get steamy. You aren’t the type to jump into a fling. You get too emotionally attached and it can make you guarded.

Come out of your comfort zone and approach someone. You might find they’re in it for more than a one-night stand.


You’re always able to charm a willing partner into your bed at any time, and this season is no exception. Your spontaneity could lead to a series of interludes with different people and all of them have the potential to teach you innovative, new moves.

You’re communicative and impulsively frivolous. You’ve got the gift of the gab; remember that your tongue has other talents, too.


You want to make people feel desired and good about themselves, and that makes you a great lover. Don’t be shy about taking control of your coupling. When you gaze into your lover’s eyes, you can open up a whole new world for them.

Look for someone who is as compassionate as you are and turn that passion into cuddles that last longer than a night because it could bloom into something special.


You always love to be the center of attention. It’s as true in the bedroom as it is in the boardroom. You’ll try anything, do anything, and give anything to make sure that you and your partner both have a good time and leave your mate in awe of your sexual performance.

You’re not above recording the boudior session to reenact it later. Ensure that your partner is a willing accomplice to avoid any negative consequences.


You’re so clinical at times because you are an earth sign with a practical nature. You’ll have to drop the constant critiques and your inhibitions. You’re a bit puritan in your sexual preferences, but even those can be indulgent and climactic with the right partner.

Find someone who is eager to learn, takes their time, and will follow your instruction, and you’re guaranteed sensual stimulation this season.


You like beauty and harmony in your life, and that includes your lovers. You want someone to look at you and only you. In order to get that, you’re going to have to make sure that you’re giving it, too. Seek out someone beautiful inside and out, then turn on the charm.

Once you’ve got them in your boudoir, turn down the lights and turn up the heat - and make sure you stay ‘on top’ of things.


Santa brings toys to the good girls and boys - and Scorpios do like their toys. You need someone who won’t fake it, but who will let you use everything you have to bring the evening to a climax.

You’re capable of satisfying yourself but even better at satisfying others. Find someone who will let you take the lead in the bedroom, because you do like to orchestrate the orgasms.


You’re fiercely independent and will entertain yourself before you would spend time with an inappropriate partner. You’re adventurous and see sex as a good time to play, experiment, and explore variety.

If you don’t want to be tied down, then don’t tie yourself down. Be sure that your chosen partner knows that there are absolutely no strings attached, or you could get a reputation for being a tease.


Of all the zodiac signs, you’re probably the one that takes the longest to warm up to people. You’re reliable and practical, but maybe a bit stuffy at times. For you to get the most out of the holiday spirit, make it a point to loosen up a bit.

Once you’re hot, you’re truly steamy; but you have to make sure that your partner doesn’t get bored in the time it takes you get your fire of passion blazing.


Kinky much? You’re daring and uninhibited. You like to experiment and push the boundaries of normalcy, perhaps even venturing into something that’s considered a bit taboo.

By all means, explore what’s out there, but make sure you’ve got a willing partner to open those new presents with you. As an air sign, keep the communication open at all times - even if you have to establish a ‘safety word’ first.


You’re a dreamy water sign Pisces, but you may have to start to awaken your passion if you want to sex up your solstice. It’s amazing to escape reality with your lover once you’re in their arms.

You need slow and intimate lovemaking, holding each other close, taking your time, and pleasing each other. Come out of your comfort zone, and let other see your dreamy nature. You won’t be out in the cold for long.

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The good cheer of the holidays always puts people in a great mood and encourages couples to cuddle up and be romantic this season.

All signs need to make the effort to tap into their seductive side to surprise and please your partner while having a great time yourself in the bedroom.

It’s definitely the season to give and receive pleasure, so have fun and go sex up your solstice!

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