Shed Some Light on Your Love Life with Tarot

Posted on February 16, 2018

The practice of tarot can provide luminous insight into many areas of your life, including your love life. Sure, tarot cards aren’t miraculous in that they can’t manifest the perfect partner with a shuffle of the deck; however, the cards can and will point you in the right direction.

Who Are You?

The cards can reveal your unique relationship style by highlighting where you’ve been in the past and where your energy is now. We need different relationships with different people at certain times in our lives; specific energies can feed our soul and help us become the person we are meant to be.

Draw a deep breath, center yourself and ask the cards, “What energies/relationship do I need in my life right now?” Draw one card and meditate on its message. If your answer isn’t clear enough, draw another card, asking for clarity on the issue.

Finding Your Footing

Another question to ask the cards is what you need to do to prepare yourself for a new, exciting and fulfilling relationship. We often assume that because we are single or alone that we are ready and in the appropriate head space for a budding new romance; however, it is always best to enter into a new reciprocal passion only after you have worked out your own emotional kinks.

For instance, you may still feel a little raw from your last relationship; you know you’re technically “over it,” but you can’t help thinking about them and the time you shared. When we still feel these upsets over past loves, it makes entering a new relationship more difficult and tense.

If you’re holding onto repressed emotions about your ex, you run the risk of taking your aggressions out on your new crush. Center yourself and ask the cards what you need to heal emotionally, before you can move onto a fresh, amorous adventure.

Looking For Love

The cards tap into your inner subconscious, your relationship to the mysterious and magical cosmos above. They tell you the secrets you already know within yourself, even when the information may not readily make itself available in your conscious mind.

For this reason, it’s a good idea to ask the tarot who you should be looking for; do you need the Knight of Cups who will fulfill your emotional needs, or the Queen of Wands, who sheds her fear and explores her carefree side with wild abandon?

Place your hands over the cards, infusing them with your energy, and ask them who you’re meant to be with at this time in your life. Should you be looking for a dark knight or an illuminated shaman? Do you need adventure or stability?

This reading might include a three card draw, asking perhaps: 1) What your perfect lover is like, 2) How they will positively influence you, and 3) How to best prepare yourself for your inevitable meeting.

Focus On Your Desires

This is a good time to meditate on The Lovers card, part of the major arcana. These lovers embody balance and harmony, exchanging energy in a beneficial way. Look at the way their bodies dance and embrace the beauty of balanced love. Focus on the meaning behind the card; sharing a reciprocal love that allows each individual to evolve and unfold into their destined self.

When you learn to communicate with the cards, you’ll see a unique and magical relationship unfolding between you and your deck. While it might not be the romantic relationship you seek, it is a connection that will carry you through your darkest times to the light on the other side.

Open your heart and allow the cards to tap into your inner well of wisdom. Trust the cards, keeping in mind that while they may not tell you what you want to hear, they will show you what you need to see. The tarot will not let you down.

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