Soulmate Miracle Stories: How to Know if You’ve Found Yours

Posted on December 09, 2014
Updated on October 17, 2020

Many people wonder, “Will I ever find my soul mate?” It is almost certain that you will, at some point, come across your soul mate in this lifetime. We have gone over what a soul mate is in previous articles, but until you have experienced this kind of connection with someone and realized this connection, it can leave you wondering what this whole soul mate thing is all about. Different people have different ideas of what a soul mate truly is, but nobody can deny the feeling you get when you know that someone is, in fact, your true soul mate. Here’s how to know if you’ve found your soul mate.

Lots of people seem to think that you can only have a soul mate connection with someone whom you are intimate with, or someone you find yourself in a relationship with. While this would be very convenient, to just find yourself in a relationship with the person you are connected to in a way that transcends any other relationship you’ve ever had, it is not all that often such an easy feat to wind up in a relationship with the one you call your soul mate.

Some believe that this is a part of the soul mate connection, like a tragic love story that never ends. You may follow one another through numerous lifetimes trying to achieve being with one another, and yet this never comes to fruition. Maybe it isn’t the right time for one or both of you, maybe there are other people involved who put a kink in things once you have found each other, or maybe you just don’t have a physical attraction to one another. Either way, you still know, without a shadow of a doubt, that there is something special about this person, something different.

A Lifetime of Love

There are countless tragic love stories throughout history, and the truth is, we love to hear these tales of star crossed lovers. Whether it is because we want that kind of love in our lives so badly ourselves that the stories make it all seem a little more possible, or we just love “love”, they are a part of our history, and forever will be. There is something exciting and satisfying about hearing of the incredible connection that these lovers through history have experienced. Rather than going into the tales we’ve all heard before, I’m going to share with you a story of two kids who found one another early in life and never let go.

The two people that created this story had a love at first sight kind of situation, and it was one that endured until the very end. When Ann was only fifteen or sixteen, she had to quit school to help her mother care for her seven younger siblings, as well as the people who came to their home, which was also kind of halfway house for those in need. Needless to say, she had her hands quite full, but this was her duty and she accepted it. One morning a young man named Joe came up to the house in search of a place to stay, and she knew that moment she would be with him. She just knew. How did she know? She couldn’t tell you, she just did.

Joe had gone through a pretty tragic experience in his young life, and was truthfully still just a kid himself. His mother had recently passed away, his father had remarried, and the woman who took his mother’s place just couldn’t seem to find room in their home for Joe to stay. A stubborn and very intelligent kind of guy, who by the way was a Scorpio, Joe left and set out on his own. Finding himself at this halfway house, Joe would tell you the same thing. When he saw Ann, who was very much a Capricorn, he knew he would have her as a partner.

It is easy to see how the two got together, neither of them really had a moments protest. The incredible part is the 72 years that followed. Having proposed one night at the theatre the two often frequented, they quickly were married and began a family together. As I said, Joe was quite the intelligent guy and in a relatively short period of time, he and Ann had built an empire in the small town where they lived. She inspired him, he exceeded expectations. Together they were an incredible team, and more than made things work.

The time came where Ann succumbed to illness and after months of sitting with her, never leaving her side in the hospital, the two were separated. This was the first time in 72 years that Joe had been without his partner, and it literally killed him. After returning to their home, and realizing that he could not stay in the house he built for her, he moved into a room in his office building. He was a touch eccentric, but it worked for him.

Ann would visit him regularly, in fact it got to the point that he was unsure if he was dreaming or if he was truly seeing her. After ignoring the visions of her, birds began to fly into his windows constantly, leaving him to believe that he was not imagining any of this, she was truly still there, waiting for him.

Not the kind of man who liked to have idle time, Joe continued on with his business until one day he stepped out of a truck and realized that he was standing right where he’d proposed to her. He stood there, thinking about the past and remembering the good times when he suddenly felt something changing inside of him. He didn’t know right then that he was having a heart attack, but he was ready, and for once in his life he didn’t put up a fight.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I find it more than a little coincidence that this occurred right where he asked her to be his life-long partner. He was never the same after she passed away, and she hung on to life as long as possible, defying the odds given by her doctors. This is a true love story of two people who had more than a romantic type of love. They were friends and partners, as well as husband and wife. They knew the moment they met that this would be their Fate, but how?

Different Kinds of Love

• There is no doubt that soul mates have a love for one another. It is not always the romantic kind, as with Ann and Joe, it can be someone who you tried a relationship with and it just didn’t work out. It can be a friend you just have a connection with unlike any other, or even someone you never really get to know that well, but who sticks in your mind. A true soul mate is someone whom you feel comfortable with, you sort of already feel as if you know them, and the feeling is almost always mutual from the very beginning.

• You’ll know when you have found your soul mate. How? You just will. Rest assured that once you have made the realization that you have met this person, it will be unlike other encounters you’ve had. Generally speaking, if you have to ask if someone is your true soul mate, they aren’t, and should you be separated in this lifetime, you can look forward to your next lifetime together and the next time around where maybe things will work out.

• Consider it an eternal game of cat and mouse. That may seem like too simplistic of a way to describe the intense, almost psychic, connection you can have with this special person, but if you take life too seriously things can become quite cumbersome.

Enjoy and embrace the special connections you find in life, trust your gut when it comes to people, and know that beyond the teenage feelings of being madly in love, if you feel it, you’ve probably found your soul mate. What is your soul mate story?

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