Sun & New Moon in Aquarius 5-Card Tarot Spread

Posted on January 22, 2020
Updated on August 27, 2020

Sun in Aquarius and New Moon in Aquarius Tarot Spread shown with the Astrology Answers Master Tarot Deck.

With the Sun and New Moon both in Aquarius this coming January 24th, we have a double whammy of Aquarius energy which will undoubtedly be felt by all on some level or another. If Aquarius is a dominating sign in your chart or if you are a Tiger in the Chinese Zodiac (Aquarius is the Tiger’s corresponding Western sign) then you may feel it even more potently.

Firstly, what does Sun in Aquarius mean?

Aquarius is the sign of innovation and originality. It’s also about freeing ourselves from restriction. Freedom is a big theme with Aquarius and one thing we can be sure of is that, during this transit, our hunger for new experiences and knowledge shall be at its peak. So we may find ourselves feeling more adventurous, open to trying new things and also experience life on a transformational level as we attempt to break free of the bondage holding us back.

As for the New Moon in Aquarius, this type of New Moon has a powerful desire for emotional freedom. The Moon is linked to our emotions and subconscious and Aquarius brings a greater ability to connect with what is holding us back on an emotional level. We might find emotions rising to the surface which had previously been buried. New Moon in Aquarius also brings the benefit of freeing oneself of restrictive emotions while being in a group, which is why spending time with others in order to understand yourself better is recommended at this time.

So what kind of Tarot reading can we do with the Sun and New Moon both in Aquarius? New Moons are also powerful times for manifestation, so this is a period of action as well as analysis. Emotional release is hot on the agenda and so is breaking free from restrictions. Ideally, this is what we’d like to focus on with our Tarot reading.

Below is a reading designed to help you during this transit. This is a Tarot reading that centres around emotions, so bear in mind that each card will be interpreted on an emotional level, regardless of the suit it is in.

The Sun & New Moon in Aquarius 5-Card Tarot Spread

Question: What emotional issues do I need to deal with at this time?

  • Card 1: A situation that is holding me back
  • Card 2: The emotions I am struggling with
  • Card 3: What I need to nurture
  • Card 4: How I can improve my situation
  • Card 5: What will happen once I deal with what’s holding me back

Below is an example reading of the spread:

Card 1:The Emperor

The Emperor as a situation that is holding me back can indicate two things. Either there is a person in my life who has ‘Emperor’ qualities or I myself am being the Emperor – in the negative, the Emperor is overly-proud and controlling. If I am being too controlling or rigid, or if someone is being too controlling over me, then this card indicates I am being stunted emotionally somehow which is resulting in restriction.

Card 2: The Moon

This is a powerful card in the ‘emotions I am struggling with’ section. The Moon is a card of hidden subconsciousness and feelings. It also represents confusion and not knowing which way to turn. It would see that because of this particular aspect of control in my life, it has left me feeling lost and confused.

Card 3: Knight of Wands

The Knight of Wands is a card of great energy and drive - what’s more, the Knight of Wands is someone who never lets restrictions hold him back. In the ‘What I need to nurture’ position, it can indicate that, in order for me to deal with the feelings of confusion demonstrated by The Moon, I should nurture my own inner passions. The control aspect may even be zapping me of my passions and energy and it may be time to reconnect with the passionate side of my nature. If the control is coming from an external force, then nurturing my own passions can help me break free of that. If the control is internal, then my passions may be able to loosen the chains I have bound to myself. This card speaks strongly of pursuing creative pursuits, which is an excellent outlet for passion.

Card 4: The World

This is another card from the Major Arcana and I would interpret this simply as travel! The World is about expansion and fulfilment. I may need a holiday or to get away for a few days in order to improve my situation. A change of scenery may be necessary so I can break the stagnation that I am currently in.

Card 5: Queen of Wands

This is the outcome card and it is a positive one in this position. The Queen of Wands shows that if I choose to address this issue of control which is holding me back, that if I take the advice of the World and nurture my inner Knight of Wands, then the Queen of Wands awaits. The Queen of Wands indicates someone who is self-confident, bold and adventurous. This is someone who does not allow restrictions to hold her back, yet she knows when to place restrictions on her for her own benefit and in a healthy way.


Remember to keep an eye on our Instagram to check out a live reading using this Tarot spread to see how it works in action!

The Sun and New Moon in Aquarius provide us with the opportunities to break free from restrictive situations or emotions that are hindering us in our overall well-being and development. Use this Tarot card spread to help you gain greater insight into yourself. Enjoy the benefits that this Aquarius energy brings and enjoy the freedom that comes with being yourself!

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